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Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf 3.03 Recap: Who Let the Wolves Out?

Previously on Teen Wolf: Scott got rejected by an extra, Stiles missed an opportunity to use his XXL condom, and Derek expressed his love for Peter. Allison got a new ammonia-based perfume, Lydia had the Dustin Diamond sex dream, and Jackson won an award for his latest adult film. Also, the alpha pack owns a …

Teen Wolf 3.02 Recap: Itching For a Fisting

Better late than never, right? (Right?) Previously on Teen Wolf: Scott learned a new word, Stiles had to be dragged to school, and Derek went a little far with scratching a back. Allison and Lydia got shown up by a deer, Isaac was rescued by Wonder Woman, and Jackson debated signing an exclusivity contract with …

Teen Wolf 3.01 Recap: When Animals Attack (Or Ram Through Windows)

Welcome back, peeps! Season three promises to be darker, creepier, and more clothing-resistant than the past two seasons put together, so let’s dive in! Previously on Teen Wolf: Scott killed his girlfriend’s grandpa, Stiles got beat up, and Derek perfected the four-legged running technique. Allison went psycho hunter on Boyd and Erica, Lydia cured her …

Teen Wolf 1.07 Recap: Episode VII: The Weregorilla Strikes Back

Previously on Teen Wolf: Scott did not stay away from Allison, Stiles flung some balls, and Derek died. Allison researched her family history, Lydia couldn’t care less, and Jackson got reverse-fisted in the mouth. Also, Scott and Stiles are trapped in the school by a very angry alpha weregorilla.

Teen Wolf 1.06 Recap: Rotting Never Looked So Good

Apologies for the missed weeks. I wish I could say that it was because they needed somebody to spray naked bodies with water over at Teen Wolf, but sadly that was not the case. Anyway! A quick note: Teen Wolf’s third season will be kicking off on June 3rd – yay! As there’s no way …

Teen Wolf 1.02 Recap: “But I Wanna be First Line!!”

Previously on Teen Wolf: I made far too many stick-and-balls jokes, Scott got bit and got shirtless a lot (mostly in that order), Stiles got excited by halves of dead girls, and Derek showed off his runway walk. Meanwhile, Allison hit a dog, Lydia made a new friend, and Jackson really wanted apple juice. Also, …

Teen Wolf 1.01 Recap: Hungry Like the Wolf

Greetings, all! I’m Travis and I’m the new recapper for Teen Wolf. I’m also new in general, at least to The Home Planet, but I’m hoping I can bring my own special in(s)anity into the mix. I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners of poutine and Dr. Pepper, and if I had it …

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