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Supernatural 8.23: Well played, my arch nemesis. Well played.

Supernatural 8.21: Canon is what you make of it, my friends

Supernatural 8.20: The Red-Headed Calm Before the Storm

I think we found the theme of the season:

Supernatural 8.19: LOL CANON

Lets do this.

Supernatural 8.18: The Super-Doo Gang and the Sledgehammered Tale of the Woobie Vamps

You guys know I will go to any lengths to insert Adam Glass’ Greatest Creation Pedo Dog (Mr. Fizzles is like “Whatchu talkin’ bout, JC??”) into a recap of one of his gloriously mediocre episodes. You know, some of my best work has come from a Glass episode. Hell, The Legend of Don was borne …

Supernatural 8.17: The Rufus and Victor show in my mind gets its female lead

I have discovered the key to enjoying SPN season 8:

Supernatural 8.16: And this is why they call it hiatus

So here’s the thing y’all: I officially have bronchitis, this episode was boring and regressive, I don’t trust Jeremy Carver, and fandom is annoying me this year week. What does that mean? Basically that my inspiration to recap this week’s episode is running on zero lol. BUT! My beautiful Kat still made some awesome gifs …

Supernatural 8.15: Pedo Dog Part Deux: This Time It’s (Really Freaking) Personal

Oh, Jeremy Carver.

Supernatural 8.14: In which Jeremy Carver attempts to get rid of my restraining order

Guys. GUYS.

Supernatural 8.13: It was Sam Winchester, in the library, with Dean’s candlestick

Hey guys, look! The third episode in a row that didn’t make me want to bash myself in the face with a brick! Also the third episode in a row that did not have a side trip to Keebler Village or the Canadian Bayou. Coincidence? Or absolute 100% science? I’ll let you be the judge.

Supernatural 8.12: So when did the multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent start molting?

Supernatural 8.11: A handmaiden, a time traveller, a hero, and her fairy walk into a tent…

Thank fucking God for Charlie Bradbury.

Supernatural 8.10: Poor fucking Don

Yo, Not-Casper Van Dien! I have a love tip for you. There’s this place called “Michigan” and it’s, like, super close to Texas. We’re talking a 4 minute drive, tops. In Michigan there is this really hot chick named Lisa Braeden. She gets a little too happy with the Mystic Tan, but she’s loyal, looks …

Supernatural 8.9: 500 MILES IN 5 MINUTES


Supernatural 8.8: Oh, well, we almost had a romantic ending

So from the previews of this episode I figured that we were going to get 42 minutes of Bees-worthy Sparks. We didn’t get that (only like 12 minutes worth) but in hindsight I would prefer that to the exhausting amount of time we spent in Keebler Village. But remember, folks! In an effort to make …

Supernatural 8.7: AMANDA TAPPING

  Really, kids. Did you think there could be any other title to this recap?

Supernatural 8.6: Sam and Dean Winchester, and the Validity of Disappointment

Hey guys! Are you all hanging in there? Have you fallen victim to the carefully-crafted and rather diabolical versus wank that Carver has created? Come on in and lets talk.

Supernatural 8.5: There once was a show called True–I mean Vampi–I mean Being Human

Look, I gotta be honest with you, guys. There was a moment there in the middle of this episode when and I just started laughing. Like, literally looking at each other and cracking up. And it felt good, you know? Like, why am I taking this show so seriously? I mean, RuPeen’s unintelligible accent isn’t taking it seriously. …

Supernatural 8.3: Somewhere in the roadhouse in the sky, Jessica Moore is crying into her beer

  Oh hello, everyone! Sorry about that disaster of a recap last week, but today is another day, and I have reached my zen place. Which means that I have managed to push the brunt of my rage and bitter despair way down deep into my chakra and enabled me to write these recaps without …

Supernatural 8.2: No big!

So I was out of town this entire weekend (a social life?!!? WHAT’S THAT??) and I’m super busy at work this week, so the recap for this week is going to be a more condensed version than usual. I promise to try and get back to normal this Friday, unless this week’s episode inspires me …

Supernatural 8.1: One more time, with way less feeling

Sam Winchester: People don’t just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking for them.

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  1. joannie

    have recently stumbled upon your reviews….you’re taking time away from other things i could be doing with my life. cease and desist -or at the very least go back and do seasons 1-4 (and i LOVED season 4 despite your seeming unhappiness with it!) that is all for now. i’ll be back. (and maybe use caps next time for other than emphasis.)

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