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Supernatural 7.23: The One Where Sera Gamble Says “See ya later, suckas!”

Are you ready for this one guys? Will the Sledgehammer be silenced or live on in head-smashing infamy? Will Sera Gamble, in her finale episode, give me the Impala car-sex that she promised me (silently) two seasons ago? Will anyone exercise naked? What will the ratio of dick to rape jokes be? Will a dog …

Supernatural 7.22: Kind of, but not really

You know what we have a lot of this week? Wacky Dean Winchester facial expression gifs. YAY!

Supernatural 7.21: Then that one thing happened, and then something else, and then I feel asleep

Well, at least no one looked into the camera, right?

SPN 7.20: The only thing that could make this episode better is Katee Sackhoff as Charlie’s girlfriend

No really–my thoughts on this episode are in the title. I LOVED THIS EPISODE. It was my favorite since the glorious promise of the first two episodes of the year, and the most fun we’ve had since the Krak-chesters and the glitterjizz. Were there problems in it? Sure, when is there not?? BUT CHARLIE, GUYS, …

Supernatural 7.19: But what would the ghost of Susan Lucci do?

Hello, my lovelies! Did you miss me while I was off frolicking in the rainforest and shit? Did you even notice I was gone? No? Well then, fuck all y’all, see if I recap for you bitches ever again. *stomps off* ….oh I can’t be mad at you guys! Here have a video I took …

Supernatural 7.18: Dean Winchester and the Flask of Manly Tears

Here we are in the home stretch and…well, we’ll see how it turns out lol. I have an open mind, people! I mean, the fact that the entire preview of this episode contained clips of the Episode That Shall Not Be Named shouldn’t deter me from giving it a fair review, right? RIGHT! Forget all …

Supernatural 7.17: One Flew Over the Doom Chop

I’d like to first apologize for the lack of a recap last week. We had server issues on the site and that, combined with my complete apathy for the last episode (seriously guys, the recap was turning out SO BORING–the server going down as I was writing it saved you all the bandwidth lol). HOWEVER, …

Supernatural 7.15: Demons I get–people are crazy

Didn’t I tell you guys last week that the storm was coming? Well, the waves are lapping at the shore, so batten down the hatches (holy shit, my weather disaster metaphors are…a disaster). No unicorns in this one, but we do have a sass talking Satan, so that’s close enough, right?

Supernatural 7.14: Who knew that all it took to break my boyfriend was a rainbow-farting unicorn?

There comes a time in the life of a SPN recapper when you have to tell yourself to forget what came before a certain episode. You have to say, “Hallucinations? Lucifer? What was that, you say?” and “Dean’s an alco-what now?” and just embrace the rainbow. Yes, the unicorn farting rainbow. The calm before the …

Supernatural 7.13: Number 48 on the list of things that would have been more awesome with mpreg

If the last episode was Jensen Ackles Objectification Week then this week is….Jensen Ackles Objectification Week Part Two: This Time Without Clothing. WAIT, NO! But, really though, this episode is where we learn the consequences of being so hot that Amazon warrior chicks want to steal your sperm for nefarious purposes.

Supernatural 7.12: Jensen Ackles is prettier than you

Hello everyone! So sorry this soooo late, but I had important things to do on the holiday weekend, like reading porn watching the “I Have a Dream” speech on youtube in my pajamas. And then I sprained my shoulder….sliding out of my chair when Kat sent me the gifs that she made. No, that totally …

Supernatural 7.11: Round and round in circles we go

Hello out there! Did you guys survive hellatus? Was it too long? Not long enough? Lets all tap into our own special zen place and pour one out for our last Capslocked hero.

Supernatural 7.10: In My Time of Rufus

And then there was…Sam and Dean.

Supernatural 7.9: Not right now world, the Boss Kraken has to return some videotapes

With a Ben Edlund episode, you always know you’re going to get three things: explicit gore, pop culture-y banter, and at least ten Sparks mentions. The only question is if you’re going to get awesome Thigh-Holster-Renegade-I-Lost-My-Shoe-Edlund or Please-Sparks-Don’t-Look-In-The-Camera-Nooooooooo-Edlund. What did we get this time? I think a little bit of both. There was really no …

Supernatural 7.8: So much fail it’s like Mannequin mated with…nah, too easy

So this is how summed up this episode: That should have been 10 minutes long: Dean and the stripper, Crowley, and them driving away But, as you and I both know, episodes that fail massively usually make for the most interesting recaps. On we go, my brave little soldiers! (Reminder: if you are a newbie …

Supernatural 7.7: We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make up

Goddamit, not even one episode and they’ve already ruined my brand new “don’t watch the last 3 minutes of an episode if you want to stay Zen” rule! How dare they contradict me with an ending that doesn’t make me want to commit hara-kiri?? Of course, as usual, there are plenty of things to raaaaaaaaage …

Supernatural 7.6: The Krak-chesters take St. Louis–can we keep them??

So, guys! I have a new technique to help me stay in my Zen Place and enjoy season seven without qualms. It’s really simple and it goes something like this: don’t watch the last three minutes of the episode. No, really, it’s that easy! When you look at the clock and you know they only …

Supernatural 7.5: I knew Don Novak. Don Novak was my friend. Spike, you are no Don Novak.

OK so I totally loved this episode LOL. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy this damn show, and I decided that’s what I was going to do for this one. Oh and let’s get this straight before we even hit the jump: Don’t be fooled! And if you don’t know what I’m …

Supernatural 7.4: The State vs. Jensen Ackles’ face–Spoiler: he wins

OK look: Jensen Ackles is beautiful. I could probably end my recap right there and be done with it, because SERIOUSLY, DID YOU WATCH THIS EPISODE. *Cough* Oh well, I guess there was other stuff happening too, so clickity-click the jump and all that… (for newbies, check out this post that explains my recap lingo …

Supernatural 7.3: Amanda Tapping Doesn’t Eat Brains

OK, well we knew it couldn’t last LOL! I didn’t love this episode, but I didn’t hate it either. I will say that there was some extreme SERA SLEDGEHAMMER action going on, but what can you expect from the two guys who wrote The Thowing Away of the Samulet, “I’ma hee-roh!,” and the infamous so-stupid-even-J2-and-Misha-questioned-it …

Supernatural 7.2: I Love Luci

Could it be? Two episodes in a row that I actually loved? I must be having a hellucination of my own because this is crazycakes! Edlund takes the wheel tonight so expect gore, excessive amounts of blood, and eye-fucking. Dimples sitting sadly in the corner is optional. Any newbies to these recaps can click HERE …

Supernatural 7.1: Now with a 48% greater chance of tentacles!

FIrst things first: WELCOME TO SEASON SEVEN! I don’t think anyone expected this show to get this far, but here we are and I’m totally gleeful about it (even if my weekend social calender is not. If I had a weekend social calender, that is). Before we begin, look up at the new-and-improved banner my …

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  1. Annaliese

    I have only discovered your website this season (7 of Supernatural) but I live for your reviews almost as much as I live for the shows! Keep it up!

  2. sarahk_3

    Finally, someone who enjoys taking the *mickey* out of SPN episodes as much as I do.

    Your review/point of view is refreshing in it’s honesty and just because we are poking fun at some of the things on SPN – that doesn’t mean we aren’t still HUGE fans of the show and the actors (and yes, Virginia you can be both).

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