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The Road So Far: The Family Business

┬áDean: [pulls out John’s journal] This is why. This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession. Everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business. …

The Road So Far: Angels vs. Demons

Everyone knows that SPN does the Monster of the Week better than almost any show, but the expansion of the mytharc was what put the show over the top. Love it or hate it, opening up the universe they were working in to encompass both heaven and hell gave the writers more material then they …

The Road So Far: The Ladies of Supernatural

SPN gets a lot of flack about their treatment of women (rightly so–most of the time) but people forget just how many amazing and epic female characters have graced the show over the years. The one-off characters, in particular, are some of the most fleshed out that we’ve had. In celebration of the things the …

The Road So Far: Salute to Sir

As anyone that has ever read my recaps knows, I am a blatant and unrepentant Sir!Girl. I love him fiercely and anyone that disparages him (I’m looking at you Kripke) can go take a seat in that fiery corner with Alastair. And let’s be honest, between the magnificence that is JDM and Matt Cohen’s Thighs, …

The Road So Far: Sparks!

In anticipation of the ACTUAL TRUFAX premiere of the new SPN episode this Friday, I’m indulging all of you who demanded “MOAR SPARKS!!1!1” in my picspams. Well, you greedy little minxes, prepare for a feast! The road so far for our lovely angel, from his introduction until now. ENJOY!

Bev Beware: SPN Spoilerfest

This *was* supposed to be a fabulous post to get everyone excited about the new episode TOMORROW but the CW continues it’s long standing goal of FAILING AT EVERY TURN and postponed the premiere to next week Friday. Well we SPN fans are used to bouts of rage and indignation, so we shouldn’t be surprised. …

Goodbye Naked Exercise: A Farewell to Robo!Sam

Let’s leave aside our feelings for Real!Dimples for a moment and celebrate the eleven episode life of the sociopath lovingly called Robo!Sam. I know I was harsh on the poor shell of a man, but goddayum was that shell smoking hot. Pouring one out for ya homey, after the jump!

Happy Birthday Dean Winchester i.e. any excuse for a gifspam!

Back in the glory days of the forum (before I knew what the Js in J2 stood for; before I spent 12 hours a week on recaps; when I still cared whether that night contained Elvis or Emo Hair) I was the Queen of the Dean-gif. I guarantee that if I tallied the number of …

SPN Minicap 3.3: Bad Day at Black Rock


SPN Picfic: 2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

You know you want to CLICK

SPN Minicap 2.14: Born Under a Bad Sign

So do you guys even need to ask why I want to minicap this episode? I mean: BEST.SAM.EVER. Oh Dandy!Sammifer, don’t be jealous!

A Very Supernatural Christmas Clusterfuck

Sooooooo I don’t have time to do a full minicap of the Christmas episode, but I figured I needed to celebrate it in some way. To me, it’s a perfect episode and represents everything I love about the show wrapped up into 42 minutes. And goddamn, the boys never, ever, ever look more beautiful. God …

SPN Minicap: The Pilot

(another gorgeous banner from my darling Heather!) Welcome to Hellatus, friends! You voted 46% for THE PILOT to be the first of my minicaps. Although I have to say, I was almost enticed by someone’s write-in suggestion of “WRITE A CHUNKEY/KNITWEAR OTP KINK FIC WITH SHARKTOPUS GUEST APPEARANCE.” Maybe next week Chunkey whoever you are! …

JC’s Special “oh no there’s no new episode this week!” SPN post


JC’s Top Ten All-Time SPN Episodes

In anticipation of the season six premiere of Supernatural ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, I thought I would give my marathon-recapping skills a workout by posting my Top 10 All-Time Favorite episodes (plus bonus goodies and random tangents…of course!) If you think this is going to just be a simple list then…you’ve never read my recaps …

Supernatural VanCon 2010: JC & Kat embrace their inner fangirl

Yes, I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. Did you guys miss me while I was gone? I know Adam Lambert themed cat videos and How-to-Do-Your-Makeup-Like-Gibbler seminars are super enticing, but I return bearing gifts of such wonderment and delight they might even turn Candy straight! So, yes, Kat and I put aside our secondhand embarrassment squick and decided to …

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