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Dictionary of JC’s Ramblings

I’ve decided to create a cheat sheet for all of the new people just joining my recapping hijinks, as well as some of the old guard that get confused by shadows sometimes. It happens, guys–NO BIG!

Instead of you reading my recaps and being like this:


You’ll be like this:


First things first, a little about me:

My name is JC, and I’m a gifaholic.

This is my mother: . She’s an inappropriate hippie who cares more about rescuing neglected and abused  hellhounds than “those gay brothers of yours.” She does appreciate a good drunk angel, however.

This is my boyfriend: . He is the person that got me into SPN and, by default, the reason that you are even reading this right now. The only two things you need to know about him: he would leave me in a heartbeat for Jensen Ackles and he hates poor Sam Winchester. Luckily, he does both those things in a humorous way that makes for good recaps.

 I love nicknames. It’s a sickness. Some are obvious, and some are not, so let’s run through those (for characters dead and alive) that I might reference:


1) Sam Winchester = Dimples

  • Obvious reason is obvious.


 2) Dean Winchester = Freckles

  • Those bastard make-up people try to fight it, but it’s no use!

3) Castiel = Sparks

  • Because he has an interesting effect on light fixtures
  • See also: Sparkles (Sparks/Freckles)

  • See also: Toddstiel


4) Bobby Singer & Rufus Turner = BOBBY & RUFUS = OLD CAPS

  • Because only capslock will suffice
  • See also: Ellen Harvelle = ELLEN


5) John Winchester = Sir aka JDM-Get-In-Mah-Pants

  • No, really, my pants are just sitting here waiting
  • See also: Matt Cohen’s Thighs

6) Crowley = Fergus

  • Also known as: Captain Stubing’s father and Demon!Romo Lampkin
  • See also: Spergus (Sparks/Fergus)

7) Balthazar = Bicycle

  • Because everyone gets a ride

8) Lisa Braeden = Orange Crush

  • Because someone needs to stop cashing in those Mystic Tan coupons

9) Ben Braeden = Personalityless Emo Pre-Teen aka PEPT

  • I would explain this but I just watched a Ben scene and fell asleep

10) Sheriff Jody Mills = Sheriff Sassy

  • Because anyone that can not only fight her own zombie son but also escape the Curse of the Dead Vagina is alright in my book

11) Meg Masters =   My Demon Queen

  • Isn’t this obvious?

12) Samuel Campell & Family = G-Skinny (Grandpa Skinner) & the C-Unit

  • Including Cousin STFU, Cousin GTFO, and Cousin Mute

13) Raphael = Sassy Gay Archangel

  • I’ll just leave these here:

14) Jo Harvelle = Kewpie Doll

  • Look at this picture and tell me you see any differences:

15) Casey = My Beautiful Demon Princess

  • My favorite one-off character and my forever girl

16) Death = Death

  • Because Death don’t need no fucking nickname

17) Eve = Teen Mom

  • And her red wine spritzer

18) Adam Milligan = Previously known as Fug(lier than J2), but currently The True King of Hell

18) The Impala = The Most Important Object in the Universe

  • Obviously.

19) Dick Roman and the Leviathans =  Boss Bale and the Krakens

  • Because, like Patrick Bateman before him, Dick Roman has to return some videotapes

20) Kevin Tran = The God Whisperer

  • See also: Mama Whisperer

21) Amelia = Dr. Arwen

  • And she lives in her treehouse in Keebler Village, Texas

b758b7dca5a1f13c4-122) Benny = RuPeen

  • Because he’s Ruby with a penis
  • See also: Don Alberto Salvatierra and his Telemundo Vampirico Amore

23) Jeremy Carver = Prince Carverling

  • Because in the Fairytale that is life, the Prince will always disappoint you

Those we lost too soon: ALL THE BLACK MEN.

Pouring one out for you Dr. Matt

Random Shit You Should Probably Know To Not Be Lost:

1) Who is DON?

  • The greatest mystery of Season Six for us around here was the identity of the  mysterious DON in Freckles’ contact list. Every recap we make guesses and spot potential suspects.

EDIT: They have attempted to give us a few Faux-Dons to keep OG!Don’s identity a secret. We will not be fooled!

2) Bacon Is Hilarious

  • At least the Crushes seem to think so

3) Epic Salt Zoom

  • Nothing says excitement like dramatically zooming in on boxes of table salt

4) Sera’s Sledgehammer

  • The tendency in Season Six to bash us over the head with things that would benefit with subtlety

5) My War With Dimples’ Hair

  • Mutton Chops of Doom. Ducktail. RIP BANGS. Will it never end, Sam Winchester??

6) They cast random Stargate & BSG people just to fuck with me *looks around paranoid*

  • Because the only two guest stars I want are the only two that I’ll never have:

EDIT: THEY FINALLY GAVE ME MY AMANDA!!!!!….and then they killed her off. Carver, you bitch.

(I swear Sera is saving her to play Girl!Dean in the genderswap episode of my dreams)


7) Truck Stop Mouth (TSM)

  • The way to make a living when times are hard


  • Robo!Sam’s life motto that soon turned into the writers’ (and ours!) as well


9) Pedo Dog

  • I think this is pretty self-explanatory

SupernaturalS06E08AllDogsGotoHeavenHDTVXviD-FQM61-500x28210) LOL CANON

  • Thank you, Jeremy Carver

Finally, to wrap this sucker up so you can go read the damn recaps already, you should be aware that these recaps will be shippy as fuck, because that’s how I (and the show) roll. To give you a handy guideline to what you might see, here is my list of my Top 10 OTPs (and yes, I know that’s an oxymoron, you SHUSH!)

1) Me/JDM
2) Salt/Bacon
4) Robo!Sam/DON DP-ing AU!Jensen
5) Kripke/Meglomania
6) Freckles/Wall
7) Gen/Misha/Padalpaca from “The French Mistake”
8) Sera/Sledgehammer
9) Carver/Disappointment
10) Dimples/Freckles



What are you still doing here??







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  1. Vee

    Love it! Entertaining as your recaps!

  2. loghorea

    WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! the recaps are back!!!!!!

    the boys are back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it makes me wanna do things to this post, like

    I just hope that after the premier that’s not how we’re all going to look like tomorrow morning

  3. Giacinta

    Thank you for your” Ramblings” as ( apart from being awesome ) they cleared up a few points that I hadn’t caught on to like PEPT and TSM, but now I am completely up to date!
    Can’t wait to read your recap!
    Looking forward to lots and lots of Freckles and Dimples gifs!

  4. tiptoe39

    Dude. There’s an angel named Don in one of the SPN books. I’m halfway through reading it right now. Apparently he’s actually Abaddon who is the guardian of Luci’s cage or something. DID I JUST RUIN YOUR SACRED MYSTERY? You can start working on who Dave is instead? XD

  5. MJ

    James Marster’s character name in 7×04 is Don. That will be an interesting recap. :P

  6. Jennifer

    OMG, I got sent here by a rec and I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. HILARIOUS. #6 especially – you are so DEAD-ON about the genderswap possibilities here.

  7. Jude Delmar

    Where the fuck have I been and how did I miss your stuf? Lhttp://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.giflaughing so hard I choked on my Shiraz! Luv the show with all its mushed up combo of hotness, flashes of brilliance (esp in the comedy) intertwined with the moments that have me face planting so much that my forehead has lost all its nerve endings. Keep up the great work,


  8. Rammygrrl

    Just stumbled onto these recaps and love them, but so many are missing their pics and gifs that it’s hard to read them. Maybe check and fix the broken links? Or maybe this site is dead? I don’t know, because I don’t see season 9 recaps either. Oh well, I’ll read the ones where the pics and gifs still work…

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