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Dictionary of JC’s Ramblings

I’ve decided to create a cheat sheet for all of the new people just joining my recapping hijinks, as well as some of the old guard that get confused by shadows sometimes. It happens, guys–NO BIG! Instead of you reading my recaps and being like this: You’ll be like this: First things first, a little …

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The Road So Far: The Family Business ┬áDean: [pulls out John’s journal] This is why. This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession. Everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, …

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Supernatural 5.22: Whatever else I write below…thanks Krip Well shit, guys. This is it. Not quite sure how I’m going to last until September (or January, dear God no). So as usual I have lots of ~feelings about this episode. When it first ended my gut reaction was to jump up and nearly leave the …

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Supernatural 6.22: And on the seventh day…he went batshit crazy Season six has been an interesting (and at times bumpy) ride but Jensen’s face is still symmetrical, Dimples’ hair is still at war with me, Misha’s lips remain chapped, and all the black guys are still dead so it’s like nothing has changed at all! …

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  Supernatural 7.23: The One Where Sera Gamble Says “See ya later, suckas!” Are you ready for this one guys? Will the Sledgehammer be silenced or live on in head-smashing infamy? Will Sera Gamble, in her finale episode, give me the Impala car-sex that she promised me (silently) two seasons ago? Will anyone exercise naked? …

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Supernatural 8.23: Well played, my arch nemesis. Well played. Supernatural 8.21: Canon is what you make of it, my friends Supernatural 8.20: The Red-Headed Calm Before the Storm I think we found the theme of the season: Supernatural 8.19: LOL CANON Lets do this. Supernatural 8.18: The Super-Doo Gang and the Sledgehammered Tale of the …

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  1. glamskitters

    Can’t wait for this week’s recap. I mean…Jensen…servicing :) :)

  2. KiraV

    But the old recaps are forever gone? D:

  3. Kat

    No, JC is saving the recaps. WE NEED OUR RECAPS! They’ll be posted here soon.

  4. Hollowdoll

    If only JC actually did have the time to go back and recap starting from the Pilot. Hope springs eternal!

  5. MJ

    JC should totally start recaping previous eps! Who needs a life? YOURFANSNEEDYOU.

    1. JC

      LMAOOOO I did a top 10 (really 12) episode post. That counts right?? LOL

      1. MJ

        OF COURSE NOT!!

        1. JC

          Soooooooo I’m contemplating doing mini recaps and/or lulzy picspams of old episodes during hellatus.

          That is so close to what you want, right?!?!?!

          1. MJ

            Hmmm… okay, I can live with that!!

  6. monsterfan


    Srsly, in two weeks you have become one of my absolute favorite sites.

    Need MOAR.

  7. ZeeZee

    So I finally get some time for a little JC recapicness, and GOSSIPCANDY/CANDYGLAM IS GONE. D: but then I found this and was happy again. And as for the pilot thing, I know that would take away any semblance of a life that you would ever have, but if you would, pretty please with cherries and sprinkles?

    1. JC

      Yay Zee-Squared, you made it! I’m recapping the current epi as we speak. Should be up later tomorrow if I can get my ass in groove lol.

      Anyway, I’m planning lots of epic goodness during hiatus, so don’t fear! I’ll announce all the fun next week….

      1. ZeeZee

        random chicken is random? Yeah, so I just read the newest recap… lawls, its about a week after it was put up, and now I have to go on tvdex and catch up on tonights epi (I was out until midnight decorating my high school for our medieval themed Christmas *yes I live in a part of America that still uses Christmas as a word* dinner theater.) I seriously thought about sneaking into one of the classrooms and watching spn there, but they track what you do and I would probably get caught, suspended and lose my laptop priv… so, here I am typing tired run-on sentences… ugh. gonna go…

  8. MJ

    And OMG Alec Wallpaper!!!!!!!! ILUSM!

  9. angelscratches

    JC your recaps have officially saved my life! I’m in merry old england and we haven’t got season 6 yet (tres merde!) but have been watching them online anyways GO TO HELL TV PEOPLE! Anyways, episode 11 hasnt been posted properly so I haven’t been able to watch it :O
    So thankyou J.C for your *ahem* very vivid recap. I am particularly grateful to you for highlighting every time jensen looked pretty and giving me a lovely gif so I didn’t miss out.
    Happy 2001 baby woop!

  10. Arlinda

    hello, that is a cool report! it gave me exactly the information i was looking for!!

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