Aug 19

Adam Calls for #Glasshalffull Tweets-No BS In His Bag

I guess Adam’s just had it with fandom negativity, adommy cray, band drama, and who knows what else but he tweeted this out:

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But then he got this tweet in response:

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But he’s right, it’s important y’all

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He was also asked about info on the new single and as always:

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And this was me

Whenever he mentions issues with his label and logistics,,,I just instantly

But Adam wants only #Glasshalffull fandom *hard to do with a glass of wine but hai* so cheers!



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Aug 18


Great crowd!! Here’s a short perf vid and an interview.

And here is a radio interview. Interesting quotes about the “stuff” he has coming up in September. And nice giggling. MY IDOL CONSPIRACY HAT IS ON.

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Aug 16

Another Japanese Show With Adam And A Bunch Of People On Stage

Adam appeared on another Japanese show, albeit briefly at the end. I gotta say these shows are a clusterfuck of people on stage lol. Why so many people?

Then throw Adam in trying to follow along with his interpreter and it’s all kinda lulzy.

 This host has a Frank Sinatra-ish look and the stage set is Price is Right meets Candyland. Add to that, Adam’s interpeter carrying a sign board advertising Trespassing and it begins to look like a Vegas auction. But you know what? It’s fun, happy, and Adam’s on t.v. somewhere promoting his beautiful self-BRAVO!

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Aug 15

Season 2 of Husbands is finally here

Cheeks and Brady are back for Season 2 of Husbands, which premiered online today.

Episode 1 is called “Appropriate is Not the Word” and it features Joss Whedon in his acting debut. He plays Wes, Brady’s agent, and he wants Brady to make Cheeks less “gay” after the Cheeky one tweets a ‘scandalous’ picture of the two of them kissing. You can guess how well THAT goes over. The parallels to the real life controversy surrounding the pics of HH and Cheeks during Idol are interesting (check out Chunkey’s manifesto posted earlier today for more on what REALLY happened that year… hahahaha).

My fave line? “You’re a great actor. You’ve played everything from an elf to a… Christmas elf.” LOL

This Friday, August 17th, at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern), hang out with the writers, Jane Espensen and Cheeks (Brad Bell) in a live-streamed video chat / Q&A session on Google Play! Find out more at the official website and watch the series (with behind-the-scenes video) at

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Aug 15


I really am loving the hair. It goes really well with his skin tone and eyes and this color palette he is working here just is perfect. Oh and the tat is looking good too!

Oooh short news coverage of the concert! WOW THE JAPANESE ROCK AT SYNCHRONIZED ARM MOVEMENTS!!

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Aug 14



Adam is in a hilariously adorable Japanese interview with an adorable giggling girl and the most ridic shorts/boots combo I have ever seen. But he walks that walk like he don’t give a fuck and to that I say–BRAVO! llol

I love Japanese TV. No clue what is going on, why there are random floating heads onscreen, and why there’s 100 brightly colored graphics all over the place…..but it’s fab! I feel like I’m on drugs!!!

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Aug 14


Think the 2009~scandal about the votes for American Idol is over? WELL THINK AGAIN. For somewhere in the deep dark recesses of the internet–where just about anyone can write anything it seems–there still exist the small but vocal minority that still care, deeply it seems, about such controversy. THREE YEARS LATER.They care enough to suggest that maybe, maaaybe, there could have been some sort of ~conspiracy underfoot.


And I am here to announce that I AM ONE OF THE SMALL BUT VOCAL MINORITY.


Now you can choose to believe the above linked manifesto or believe MY super fun manifesto under the cut!!! YAYAYAY!

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Aug 14

Grabby Hands In Japan And Some Vids

Adam appeared on Sukkiri NTV today. I don’t really know a lot about Japanese television, but this show has a lot of hosts lol. One particular host was a little grabby handsy with Adam and ~9:00 you can see him grab his chest.


Honestly, I can’t fault the guy. If I had been standing next to this, I might have gone for the grab myself.

But still, getting your chest grabbed on t.v., I mean he’s not a piece of kobe steak. We’re not checking for freshness here lol. Man handling Adam is a 

Here’s the interview:

Here’s the performance of Trespassing

Vids via @es_v1

This is the second time he’s performed Trespassing and the radio station Tokyo FM also played it, so maybe the next single…



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Aug 13


OMFG I LOVE JAPANESE PROMO!! Srsly. It’s wacky enough as it is without the extra layer of having no effin clue what they are saying. Not really sure what is happening here, but it looks to be some sort of scream off or something and the man with the leopard print star shirt (lmfao now where did he find THAT?) who kind of looks like an Asian Constantine seems to be the winner.

IDK man, you may be enough of a mega fan to go buy the same shirt Adam has and everything but you are CLEARLY not a super mega fan if you didn’t buy the matching pants.

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Aug 12

Adam’s new tattoo

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

It says “MUSICA DELENIT BESTIAM FERAM” which is latin for “music soothes the savage beast”.

Interesting fact (for us English nerds)… the origin of the phrase is a play from William Congreve called “The mourning bride“, and the word used is actually breast:

“Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”

Perhaps the ‘beast’ is Adam’s moon sign, Aries.

The buzz on Twitter is that the rest of the band are getting tats in Japan as well. Ah, inky bonding. Except they’re not arriving for a couple of days, so… who knows.

Adam also had a Twitter party last night and said his new single is “fast” and from the light side of the album. Well that really narrows it down. LOL It’s probably Trespassing, but I’m still holding out hope for Cuckoo. And that Idol rumour got lost in translation, he says. But ya never know. He outright lied to us about other secrets (performing with Queen, for example) so, there’s hope.

Oh yeah, he also poked fun at words like “lurking” and “shipping“, saying it’s just “reading” and “fantasizing about a delusion“. I hope he’s not referring to harmless fantasizing like writing/reading fanfic (because, hello, if Adam is taking a dig at fantasy… well, pot, kettle. ya know.) I think he’s probably more concerned with actualfax ‘tinhatting’ and people who SHARE their delusions with him and others via social networking. Ugh. Sometimes I really miss that 4th wall.

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