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Dancing With the Stars – Performance Show – April 25, 2011

It’s time for indulgence! Grab the junk food and pull the shades because it’s “Guilty Pleasures” night!

Dancing With the Stars – Performance Show – April 18, 2011

We are down to 8 couples doing ballroom battle on this Patriots’ Day, 2011! Tom announces, “Last week, we said goodbye to Sugar Ray Leonard; this week, we pledge allegiance to the mirror ball and pay tribute to America! Tonight is a celebration of the red, white and blue. So let’s bring out our stars… …

Dancing With the Stars RESULTS – April 12, 2011

Well, it was a bittersweet results show tonight; the week that Sugar Ray Leonard turned into the Sugar Plum Fairy (according to Len Goodman), he leaves with his head held high. The boxer says, “That’s life. I put up a good fight. I will cherish this moment – great friends, great life, great show.” Aw. …

Dancing with the Stars RECAP – April 11, 2011

It’s “Classical” week on DWTS; the orchestra has doubled in size from 23 to 46 musicians and will deliver a symphonic performance. Tom tells us that it’s going to be the kind of week legends are made of. Wow, way to build it up! Sadly, these episodes never quite live up to the hype. Unless …

Dancing With the Stars recap – April 4, 2011

We’re three weeks in, and I haven’t thrown any heavy objects at the TV yet, so I’d say things are good! LOL I’m actually really liking more couples than I thought I would, and surprised at the votes some of them are getting (or not getting, to be more accurate). Support the pairs you love, …

Dancing with the Stars RESULTS – March 29, 2011

I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m not a big fan of results shows. Frankly, I think they could cut to the chase a lot sooner, instead of dragging things out and putting the celebs through a lot of nail-biting. That said, they usually throw in some decent entertainment, with professional performances and lots of quips from …

Dancing with the Stars – March 28, 2011

We’re back again, this week with the Quickstep and the Jive. These are both pretty peppy dances, and very challenging IMO – especially for the second week of competition! The dancers will be scored out of 30 again tonight, and then the two totals (last week’s and this week’s) will be added together for a …

Dancing with the Stars – March 21, 2011

Following in the footsteps of my crazy Home Planet co-horts who bring us the dirty deets on SPN and Idol, I’ve decided to do some recaps of my own!

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