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Dec 30


2013 was a hell of a busy time for Adam Lambert considering he was between albums and wasn’t touring extensively. So many great things happened this year, and on the eve of 2014 let’s relive these moments and hand out some awards for the TOP 50 MOMENTS OF EXCELLENCE IN 2013! Here’s a spoiler alert: …

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Aug 20

Copper Pants Makes The World Go ‘Round & Other Things

  Oh yes, those copper Hugo Boss pants are fiiiine! I mean this whole outfit is A++, pretty much this is my reaction to this look But at times it needed a little adjusting, gotta get it just right ya know TALC was there to capture this epicness and his performance with NIle and Chic– …

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May 14

SPN: Next Stop – Magic Mike 2?

There is no recap of episode 8.22 this week due to real life happening (though you can still find my gifs on LJ), so instead have this hilarious video from this past weekend’s Jus In Bello con in Italy. Jensen and Misha were in rare form, so expect the unexpected!

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Jul 18

Best Beyonce Imitation By Fierce Snuggie Wearing Kid

If you thought all you could do in your snuggie was veg out on the couch watching t.v.-guess again lol!  

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May 15

Adam’s Interview At Google

When Adam was out on that month long promo “tour” of radio stations, one of his stops was the Google headquarters. Mixed in with the interview is Adam playing some Dance Dance Revolution (actually it’s just shots of his Rick Owen’s tennis shoe boots but hai…) Enjoy!

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Feb 05

Needs moar gladiators!

Check out Madonna’s halftime show from the Superbowl! Gladiators, Cee-Lo, LMFAO and lip-synching, oh my! Parts were awesome, parts were facepalmy. What did you think? We know what Suze Orman and Kathy Griffin thought!    

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Dec 01

Somebody’s been hitting the eggnog!

Kris and his mustache wish you a happy #DUBSTEPCHRISTMAS

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Nov 21

Some Pap Vids of Adam From Last Night

These are always fun. I especially like the one vid that captures Sauli’s dance moves. Oh, and Adam, werk that gum bb-ICU Caro wanting to be the gum lol.

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May 23

Dancing With the Stars – Final Performance Show – May 23, 2011

I know I’ve been slack with the DWTS recaps of late, but hopefully a few of you are still watching/reading, and since this is finale week, I wanted to at least wrap up season 12 on a high note! I’m sad that the Karate Kid went home, but I’m really, really hoping that he will …

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May 08

Not a Single Raspberry Beret In Sight? I am disappoint!

[blackbirdpie id=”67180530541658112″] Here’s video!    

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