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We are the refugees from a now-defunct fansite whose name is lost to the ravages of time (or something like that). Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry, your huddled masses yearning to be free to post YouTube cat videos and TV recaps. Any posts are the opinion (or imagination) of the author and do not necessarily reflect a) reality, b) good taste or c) the opinions of the other people who visit or contribute to this site. This site is intended for entertainment purposes only.



Cynical New Yorker, Gif Fairy, teeth-gnashing liberal, opera buff, gossip whore, expert bitch, Crack Dealer, High Priestess in the Cult of Jolie, Royal Scribe, one half of Jokey, and–contrary to popular beliefnot a gay man. My brain holds more details about Supernatural than is either necessary or healthy, but it makes my recaps longer better. Remember: if I confuse reality with porn it’s only because porn is better written.


Canadian, bleeding heart liberal Pisces with a love for horrible old action movies (Yay, Ninjas!) and procedural crime shows. Diehard Samgirl (with Dean proclivities). Just enough tech knowledge to be dangerous.


Canadian, Libra, Tommybert. This is me: the occasional psychic. I’m a fanfic lover, and will ship Adam with pretty much anyone except the duck.  I prefer J2 to Wincest, and Jokey to Tokey. Kat is my hero, I call Chunkey “Monk” and last but not least… Jeather Forever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, none of it really matters. And if you do, then we’ve probably already met. ;)


Just a gal from the mystical land of OHIO where no sports team ever wins anything. Part time poster on the old site of random bits of silliness and somehow ended up posting more than anyone and now my fingers hurt. Virgo, 80’s aficionado, computer induced rage-a-holic, my only political view is ‘If I want to give my fat child a Happy Meal then so be it and if my fat child is gay and wants to marry their partner then let them do it”.

I only pray to God to win the lottery. I am apparently a green alien who wears a David Hasselhoff disguise (aka meatsuit) because JC said so. Ace macro maker, song parody extraordinaire, American Idol recapper, gif enthusiast, plagued by embed codes, master of bad photoshop, Queen of cat videos and peen posts even though I don’t know why I started posting cat vids in the first place and while I appreciate the engineering involved I generally don’t oogle the penis. But mostly I believe that Ryan knows who Lynne is…….and it’s him.



Hello my name is Meg. I have very large boobs. You know what else I have? A very large sense of indignation that these stupid bitches *still* won’t let me post on the goddamn website. Like, what is their problem?? I’m over my emo boys kissing with their penises out phase. Ok, maybe phases like that never really go away, but just because I might stare at those pictures on my computer while I’m supposed to be doing important things like working or raising my children, doesn’t mean that I’m going to post them all over some dumb website that is totally unimportant to me although it really really is important but don’t tell those stupid bitches above me that.

In conclusion: BOOBS.

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  1. LuvMeSumKradam

    WOOOO WOOOOO for Home Planet! Let the Games Begin !

  2. Miaaaaa.

    and R.I.P Candyglam :(

  3. Hollowdoll

    Aaaahhh home sweet home. I’m gonna take my shoes off and stay awhile. This is the perfect place for a gay man wrapped inside a lesbian. There is only one other site that equals this one.
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  4. AnirakSparklechild

    Wow, two hailing from the land of hockey and maple syrup.

  5. steelbluelily

    former riverotter says:
    I love it that you all have refused to let this community and this craziness die. The interweb would be a lonelier and less loony place without a fjord and what fun is that?

  6. chunkeymonkey81


  7. sugarandspice

    Glad I found this place but what happened to Candy?

  8. chunkeymonkey81

    sugar—she was having personal issues and decided it was better for her to give up the site, so me and the girls scrambled to create this place. She is still around but she is not in fandom anymore and does not wish to be associated with this site.

    but you have us!!! aren’t we enough? WHATAYA WANT FROM US??


    Ha-ha, just noticed that the icon on my favorites bar for your site is a purple peen…you gals ROCK! Keep up the awesomeness.

  10. dilok

    Oh hey I’m from the mystical land of Ohio too!

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