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Today we learned the worst kept secret in all of fandom. Fortunately for the rest of the general public it was like this:



New York, NY (March 6, 2014) – Queen + Adam Lambert will reign over a highly anticipated North American summer tour starting at the United Center in Chicago on Thursday, June 19. Brian May, Roger Taylor + Adam Lambert will come together for the first time in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Dallas and more. The 19-date tour wraps Sunday, July 20 in Washington, DC at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, their only outdoor summer concert. The tour is presented by Live Nation.

Tickets will be on sale beginning Friday, March 14 through the Live Nation mobile app and at Livenation.com. American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Monday, March 10 at 10am local time in the USA and Tuesday March 11th at 10am local time in Canada.

Queen + Adam Lambert received glowing reviews for their performance together at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas last September, triggering a conversation between Adam, Roger and  Brian to take the show on the road.  Rolling Stone said, “Lambert astounded the audience on songs like ‘We Will Rock You’ and the closing ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.  It was the most anticipated act of the night.” Billboard claimed, “…Queen effectively stole the show, with timeless songs that music fans of all genres can sing along to” and the Hollywood Reporter exclaimed, “Adam Lambert, Queen bring down the iHeart house.  With the perfect mix of rock attitude mixed with style, theatricality, sex appeal and impressive vocal gymnastics, [Lambert] took the band’s music to new heights.”

The threesome first shared the stage during American Idol in May 2009 for a performance of “We Are The Champions”. They teamed up again in 2011 at the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast, Ireland for an electrifying eight-minute finale of “The Show Must Go On”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” and in the summer of 2012, Lambert performed a series of shows with Queen across Europe as well as dates in Russia, Ukraine and Poland.  They also performed three sold-out gigs at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

“Let’s ROCK those beautiful arenas JUST ONE MORE TIME!” said Brian May. “I’m completely in awe of the Queen phenomenon,” added Lambert. “The thought of sharing the stage for a full set in North America is so beautifully surreal. I’m honored to be able to pay my respects to Freddie’s memory; he’s a personal hero of mine, and I am deeply grateful for the chance to sing such powerful music for fans of this legendary band. I know this tour will be a huge milestone for me, and with the support of Brian, Roger and the rest of the band, I feel like magic will be on display.”

In a career spanning over 40 years Queen has amassed a staggering list of sales, awards, and hall of fame inductions that is second to none.  Record sales in the hundreds of millions of units, including an unprecedented string of number one albums and top-charting singles that continue to put Queen in the top ten of all-time iTunes sales, seven Ivor Novello Awards, an MTV Global Icon Award, two songs enshrined in the Grammy Hall of Fame –  “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” – which also remain the most played songs at sports events and arenas around the world, and, as if to qualify all of hyperbole, just last month Queen received the accolade of becoming the first artist ever to sell over six million copies of an album in the UK – beating out even the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper by close to a million copies – with their Greatest Hits album, which also achieved the record of over 1,422 weeks on the British album chart.  The statistics show a staggering one in three British households now own a copy of the iconic act’s original Greatest Hits collection.  Even with the tragic loss of their uniquely talented singer Freddie Mercury, Queen remain one of the most revered bands in rock and pop history, able to claim one of the most enduring song catalogues of all time. Just think: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Radio Ga Ga”, “Killer Queen”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “Bicycle Race”, songs that form the backdrop to the lives of generations of fans across all ages. With their sterling song craft, virtuoso musicality,  and colossal spectacle of their live performances, Queen – Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon – captured hearts and conquered charts like no other band in history, a legacy that continues to live through the ongoing work and concert performances by May and Taylor. Their musical We Will Rock You, co-created with writer Ben Elton, is approaching its 12th year on stage in London’s West End and is currently touring North America.

Adam Lambert’s stunning performances on the eighth season of American Idol are still widely regarded as some of the most riveting moments in the show’s history. His debut album For Your Entertainment earned him a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. His second album, Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. The subsequent tour took Lambert from Australia to South Africa, throughout Asia and Eastern Europe and culminated in a sold-out arena show in Helsinki, Finland. In 2013, Lambert appeared as a guest star on the hit TV series, GLEE. He is currently writing and recording for his third album, which will be released this year.



They started out their day with Adam on GMA pimping the ~super duper totally sekrit legendary secret of all secrets…



Then Dr. Bri and Roger joined him to talk about the awesome news and it was super adorable when Dr. Bri called him the ONLY one who can sing their songs. D’awwwww.

It was SOOOO adorable that we’re just gonna forget that the interviewer man did this:


After they dropped the news they headed over to Madison Square Garden for a press conference.



More pics HERE and HERE and THIS article talks about how Adam discovered Queen via Wayne’s World. Which I am sure a lot of people in my age range (aka his age range) did the same thing too. I know I did!

And we got THIS ROLLING STONE story which was awesome but this ROLLING STONE Q&A IS EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!


Just five years ago, Adam Lambert auditioned for American Idol by singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You.” In his wildest dreams, he couldn’t have imagined he was kickstarting a series of events that would make him the newest Queen frontman. The trio played together on the show and teamed up again for a small series of overseas gigs last year. Now, they’re launching a full American tour this summer. Rolling Stone sat down with Brian May, Roger Taylor and Lambert to talk about the the tour, future plans and their relationship with former Queen bassist John Deacon.

Brian May Talks New Queen Recordings, Freddie Mercury Biopic

Adam, how did Freddie Mercury inspire you as a young singer?
Adam Lambert: Freddie had so much power and intensity to his voice. I was always a loud singer, so I identified with the way he attacked things. He had such an amazing attack. On the flip side, he could give you something so lyrical and smooth. He had so many different colors, and I’m very inspired by that.

Tell me about seeing Adam sing for the first time. What struck you about him as a singer and performer?
Brian May: It was both at the same time. I always think that singing is a very physical thing. I’m now famous for attacking The Voice in Britain. I think it’s a stupid idea to put someone behind a screen or turn your back to them. A singer is full-on in every respect. It’s a physical thing. It’s the sound, the look, the animal magnetism. You don’t question it. When you see Adam, you see a performer. He’s performing from his heart. He’s interpreting the song. I never had any question that he’s the real thing. It’s a rare thing to find someone with that much talent and the instrument to put it forward.

Roger, how did you first see Adam? Was it on Youtube?
Roger Taylor: Yeah. A musician friend of mine in America was like, “You’ve gotta check out this guy on Idol.” So we Googled you. His voice was phenomenal. I was just like, “Wow.”

Adam: Thanks guys!

Taylor: I said you had this sort of slight Elvis look going on. I just thought, “Wow, what a voice! Those octaves!” That was my first impression. It was just like anybody else hearing about someone with an extraordinary talent.

At the press conference you said he was a “diva in the best possible way.” Can you elaborate on that?
Taylor: To me, diva means an extraordinary, outrageously theatrical, brilliant performer.

May: [Sarcastically] But he is really difficult.

Lambert: You ain’t seen nothing yet! You should see my rider.

Adam, have you taken a crash course in the Queen catalog. Do you know every song by this point?
Lambert: When we did our run overseas in Europe, we had about ten days to rehearse. I’m very familiar with a big handful of the hits. That’s what I grew up hearing. There were definitely some songs I wasn’t familiar with. It was a bit of pressure to know I knew them and to learn them. That pressure and that intensity of the process gives it a lot of power. I like pressure.

There’s a lot of younger fans that never got the chance to see Queen live. This won’t be nostalgia for them, but a new experience.
May: We were very conscious of that in making this decision. This is the closest that you’ll ever get to see Queen as it was in our golden days, but it’s not a reproduction. It’s not an imitation. We’re here live and real and we have a great singer. They’ll be a lot of newness about this. I think that’s very exciting. It’ll be loud and dangerous and all the things that people used to look for in us.

Lambert: I think the thing that’s really special is that this is the real deal. This is live. In today’s music world, you go to a concert and you’re getting a lot of playbacks. There’s click tracks. It is what it is. I’m not hating on it. But this is the real deal. This is pure. We’re not playing to a click. We’re not playing to tracks. This is all live instruments. I’m singing all the vocals with these guys on vocals. It’s purely organic. I think in today’s day and age, it’s very exciting for an audience to see something that has that much heart.

I know you’ve played a bunch of gigs with them overseas, but it still must be surreal to be standing onstage with these guys.
Lambert: It’s beautiful. It is surreal. I feel honored. I feel inspired by it. It’s also one of those things where you’re going to sink or swim, especially when we were onstage for for the first time in the Ukraine in front of 300,000 people. I was like, “Well, it’s now or never. You gotta run with it.” It’s similar to be in camera with Idol. You go for it.

Are you thinking much about plans behind this tour? Maybe doing more overseas gigs?
May: Not specifically, no. There is a possible… We might take this a little bit further. There’s some good proposals coming our way, but for now we’re just concentrating on this.

Are you open to the idea of cutting new material with Adam?
May: I’m open to anything.

Taylor: It would be nice. We’ll see what happens on tour. I think we’re going to make sure we enjoy it first.

Lambert: I think the thing that’s special about this is that it is a limited thing. It’s this special engagement. It’s not like, “Now we’re to the grind.” It’s a once-in-a-lifetime tour.

Adam, you’re still going to focus on your solo career, right? This is just a side project for now?
Lambert: This is a side-by-side project. As a creative artist, I do a lot of different things. If I’m not busy, I get bored and restless. Earlier this year, I did a stint on Glee. I was in Sweden this last month working on solo material. I’m actually going back to Sweden on Saturday to continue working on that. I like doing a lot of different things. The beauty of that is that something like this is completely inspiring. I’m learning a lot from these two gentlemen. I’m learning from the audience. I think that will help inform and make my material stronger.


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  1. Charbar

    OMG!!!!! This is joy, this is happiness!!!!!!!! I hope they come close to my area for this little GlamQueen will defiantly be there!!!!!

    Thank you Queenbert Gods!! Thank you Freddie!!!!

  2. ladycaid

    I must see them!!!

  3. Lain

    the Threesome. I like that word. slightly wrong but in a good way. lol
    I am so happy for you guys in the US!!!!
    and plz remember, my chance to see Queenbert in Asia is up to you guys
    Make it successful!!!
    actually I don’t even think that it wouldn’t be. lol

  4. sagitariusmoon6

    http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/canada.gifHe is coming to Edmonton!!!http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/canada.gifHe is coming to Edmonton!!! I’m so fuckin’ exctited!!!! HE IS COMING TO EDMONTON!!!!!!! ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY!!!!! I saw Queen back in 1985 at their Budapest concert!!!! Full circle moment OMG!!!!http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/HappyRun.gif I AM SOOOOO EXCITED,I CAN KISS EVERYBODY!!!!!!! EEEEEE!!!!!!!

    1. sagitariusmoon6


  5. sagitariusmoon6

    May the Glam Gods bless us with great footages, Suz,Talcs,I hope you’ll be there and give us great presents to look at over and over again!!!

  6. Ladycaid

    I have tickets for Detroit. Squeeeeee!!

  7. Sher

    Pasta Baby’s sign made it to the outside shot of peeps on GMA…can always count on her!

  8. sagitariusmoon6

    I have tickets!!! The first day of sale on march 14 almost all of the upper seats were sold,( it’s at Rexall place,Edmonton—-usually a fave hockey ring—-) My seat is far,that’s all I can afford,but I wanted to buy ticket on a first day,because I know it’s gonna sell out!!! I hope there will be big screens……no matter what,I will be there,the opportunity of a life time…..http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif I hope Adam gonna have a well received welcome,so maybe he and his management gonna consider Edmonton with his 3rd album tour!!!!!http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif I saw him tweet about the new music!!! http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gifI mean the concert tour witn Queen is pretty respectable and looks good on a resume,but,but…..I can’t help and wish to see his own music and work. I wouldn’t mind to see a 15 minutes documentary about behind a scenes on his 3rd album.Why he part ways with RCA and who is his new record label.(And when is he gonna create his own…????Just a thought)

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