Jul 11

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Blond!Dean welcomes to you to Season Hope-It-Won’t-Suck-As-Bad

AKA the Eradication of the Dead Squirrel on Jensen Ackles’ Face™

From director Guy Bee,

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  1. KBells

    LOL and here I was trying to hide my squee. What the hell!


  2. Meggin Lane

    Damn that man looks good furry or sleek! I’ve had the hiatus jonz for his features so bad, many thanks for this!

  3. angel64

    See? I KNEW he was blond! The lighting on SPN and the fact that he cuts his hair too damn short sometimes makes it look brown. Why can’t he grow it a little longer?
    Dying to see what his little princess looks like.
    The first spoilers for season 9 have come out, and of course, there’s NO mention of Dean. Not one. Like it pains Carver and Singer to even remember that the character exists. Dammit, he’d BETTER have an actual storyline of his own this season. I’m so tired of Dean being relegated to playing supporting role while everyone else and their mother gets a real storyline.

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