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Teen Wolf 1.01 Recap: Hungry Like the Wolf

Greetings, all! I’m Travis and I’m the new recapper for Teen Wolf. I’m also new in general, at least to The Home Planet, but I’m hoping I can bring my own special in(s)anity into the mix. I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners of poutine and Dr. Pepper, and if I had it my way I’d be going through my twentieth divorce as I make my way through half of Hollywood.

Though the season three premiere is (quite sadly) still months away, I thought it might be fun to get a couple of practice episodes in. And, to be honest, I’m always looking for an excuse to rewatch things. (It’s a problem.) And what better way to introduce ME than with the introduction to Teen Wolf – its pilot?

So without further ado, I bring you the first edition of…

We open on a crime scene with footage that seems lifted straight from CSI. Cops and police dogs search a forest, and for the first time ever on television, this forest is not in Vancouver. (It’s also not in California, either, but that’s just a minor issue.)

And just like CSI, some trendy music plays (this is MTV, after all) and we… get to witness a half-naked Scott McCall? I’m a little thrown, but I’m not complaining. We get to watch Scott do all the normal stuff you do while half-naked: grip a stick and slap some balls against it. He stops playing with his balls long enough to treat us with a pretty pointless (but yet VERY intriguing) five seconds of him doing pull-ups:

Screencaps courtesy of homeofthenutty.

As he brushes his teeth, Scott hears creaking. He’s clearly startled, and it’s probably because it cut out the catchy music that was playing. Our brave hero then ventures outside (sadly clothed!) holding a baseball bat near his groin.

I like what this is implying.

Scott goes to look over his porch when suddenly Stiles Stilinski, klutz extraordinaire, falls from his roof and dangles helplessly by his feet. They both scream like they’re in second grade again.

“Why do you have a bat?!” Stiles demands.
“Why did you put a shirt on?!” I demand.

Stiles provides some necessary exposition (all while still hanging upside down) – every officer of the Beacon Hills department, and even state police (!!!) are headed into the woods because two joggers found a body.

“A dead body?” Scott asks.
“No, a body of water,” Stiles replies. “Yes, dumbass. A dead body.”
“You mean like murdered?” Scott asks.

Oh, Scott. He does bring up a good point: if they found the body, why the hell is there a small army of officers in the woods. Stiles lights up at the question – that’s the best part! Only half of the body was found. With that revelation, Stiles announces that they’re going, because why sit at home and watch a movie when you can find the other half of a dead chick?

They ride off to Beacon Hills Preserve, though Scott’s a little hesitant. Stiles admits he doesn’t know what half of the body they’re looking for, and Scott suggests with a smile that maybe the person who killed the body is still out there. (One guy gets excited at bisected bodies, the other delights in the prospect of meeting a killer. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.)

Poor Scott gets tired walking up a hill as he’s severely asthmatic, but Stiles doesn’t appear to care as he bolts at the sight of the police force. He doesn’t get far, because he runs into a growling dog and worse–his father, who also happens to be sheriff.

Sheriff Stilinski questions Scott’s whereabouts, and Stiles lies and says that Scott’s home, sleeping. Because when your best friend is struggling for breath and separated from you in a forest where a killer might be lurking, it’s always best to pretend they’re snuggled in bed.

Stiles’ dad half-drags him away, and poor Scott is left alone in the woods. I WONDER WHERE THIS IS GOING. Scott looks around and sees something in the distance, when suddenly an entire herd of deer rush at him, knocking him to the ground and knocking his inhaler far away.

Miraculously, Scott is NOT trampled to death (this is Teen Wolf after all, not Teen Roadkill.) He struggles to stand and uses his phone as a flashlight, searching for his inhaler. He doesn’t find it, but he does find that half of girl Stiles’ was jonesing to find. He reacts appropriately: he screams and tumbles back, and rolls down a hill.

Bet you’re wishing you had stayed home with your stick and balls now, huh?

He once again struggles to his feet, and he’s rewarded by a low growl. He turns and OH MY GOD IT’S A GORILLA!

It might also be a frail Chewbacca.

The weregorilla pounces on Scott, and by the sounds of tearing flesh and Scott’s screams, it appears to be eating Scott in a decidedly unsexy way. Fortunately, Scott manages to get free and hightails it the fuck out of the woods, falling another dozen times on his way.

He makes it to the road and almost gets run over by a car (it appears this will be a recurring theme) and lifts up his shirt to reveal this:

Well, that bites.

We have a slow pan out while Scott just breathes and stands in the middle of the road, waiting for another car to run him down.

Cut to the next day, and more catchy music plays. This clearly means that Scott did not die last night, despite his utter ambivalence of getting the hell out of dodge.

Sure enough, one Scott McCall comes into the school parking lot, grinning like he’s just won the lottery. Or, you know, got left alone in a creepy woods with a wolf. He parks his bike as Jackson Whittemore drives up in his car. Jackson opens the door and it smacks Scott’s ass.

Trying to be subtle about how much he wants to tap dat ass.

He gets out of the car and breathes out more fog during a Californian September than I do during a Canadian February.

“Dude,” Jackson says. “Watch the paint job.”
“Dude,” Scott doesn’t say. “Watch the ass.”

Jackson stalks off like the pompous rich kid he’s supposed to be, but he can’t resist turning around and flashing a sultry gaze at Scott:

Scott returns it:

Stiles shows up and asks to see ‘it.’ ‘It’ turns out to be Scott’s bite, which is covered by a bandage, and not any kind of ‘it’ I wanted to see. Scott tells him that he got bit by a wolf, but Stiles states that it’s impossible because California doesn’t have wolves.

Well, okay, but does it have gorillas?

Scott informs Stiles that apart from getting bitten by a not-wolf-maybe-gorilla he also found the other half of the body. Stiles almost jizzes in his pants. He says it’ll be the best thing to happen to the town since the birth of Lydia Martin, who just happens to be walking by.

Because comparing your crush’s birth to finding a dead body is the epitome of romance.

Stiles and Scott make jokes and they laugh, and apparently neither of them actually care that Scott has a huge bite on his hip. The jokes end when Scott, sitting in class, hears a phone ring. He looks around, but nobody else seems to hear it. He looks outside, where Allison Argent is talking on the phone with her mother. Scott keeps watching her, which is actually a great introduction to their relationship.

Through some voiceover we learn that Allison’s new to Beacon Hills, and also that she forgot a pen. Which provides the perfect meet-cute for them, as she takes a seat behind Scott and he gives her a pen. Except she kind of just looks disturbed:

But Scott’s just like, yeeeeeah I got this.

Later, Lydia corners Allison and immediately becomes her best friend because Allison is wearing a nice jacket. And you thought it was hard to befriend the popular crowd! Random Girl We Will Never See Again asks Stiles and Scott how Allison managed to click with Lydia so quickly. Stiles suggests that beautiful people flock together. They’re just like every other species of animal, I suppose.

Jackson brags about the fact that his lacrosse team’s won State Championship for the past three years. Lydia suggests that it’s due to the team captain, and I have to agree: Scott’s a mere amateur at handling sticks and balls compared to Jackson. They invite Allison to watch lacrosse practice, and there’s finally a song I know as Weezer’s earworm “I Want You To” kicks in. Scott’s delighted to see Allison there, until Coach Finstock puts him in as goalie because he wants the team to stay confident (because, well, Scott sucks). Finstock leaves him with a few words of wisdom: “Try not to take any in the face.”

And, really? These jokes are just too easy.

Allison and Lydia discuss Scott while I bob my head along to the music, until it suddenly cuts out and ringing fills Scott’s ears. It distracts him enough that he ends up taking a ball to the head.

Think of it as practice for when you begin experimenting in college.

It’s enough to get Scott into the game, and he catches everybody’s balls like that one creepy uncle. Well, so much for inspiring confidence in the team.

Cut to Scott and Stiles trekking through the woods – seriously, if I went through half the shit Scott did in the first five minutes of this episode, I would break down and sob looking at a bonsai – where Scott informs Stiles of his changes: he’s got awesome hearing and can sniff out the mint mojito gum that’s in Stiles’ pocket.

Stiles deadpans and suggests that Scott is suffering from lycanthropy, which Scott freaks out about – “Is it bad?!” Stiles cracks up and continues to make jokes about Scott being a werewolf, and casually mentions Friday is the full moon. Scott ignores him and stops, saying he’s sure this is where he found the body. Apparently aside from the heightened sense of hearing and smell, he’s also developed awesome navigational skills in the dark.

Scott bemoans his lack of inhaler, but Stiles is more put off by the random dude who seemingly popped out of nowhere. How’s that hearing now, Scott?


Like he’s walking the runway at New York Fashion Week, tall, pale and leather-clad strides up to the duo and demands to know what they’re doing on the private property. They fail to explain, and with a glare he tosses Scott’s inhaler. PHEW! Those are like eighty bucks!

We get some more exposition from Stiles: that was Derek Hale, whose entire family burned to death in a fire ten years ago. Scott ponders what he’s doing back in Beacon Hills. I’m gonna go ahead and guess he couldn’t get his modeling career going.

Later, Scott is at the animal clinic looking for a rabies shot, and lifts up his shirt to reveal one fine looking tummy.

Oh, and also the bite’s gone.

Things get weirder for him when he goes to bring some litter into the cat clinic, as the cats answer his “Hey, kitties!” with hissing and meowing and general freaking out. See, this is why I’m a dog person.

Allison bangs on the door suddenly, soaking wet and crying, and this is apparently suspenseful enough to warrant a commercial break.

Anyway, Allison has hit a dog, and Scott goes to her car to check on it. The dog immediately starts growling – okay, maybe dogs suck, too – until Scott gives her a look, at which point she begins to whimper.

And she’s not the only one.

The poor dog’s leg is broken and Scott says he can put it in a splint and give her some painkillers. At which point the dog is ignored in favor of Scott wanting to give Allison a dry shirt, which she takes and then undresses in plain sight.

The dog lifts its head to look at Scott like this:

And Scott says he can’t see anything, so it’s cool. Allison comes in, wearing his shirt, and she bemoans the fact that she freaked out like a “girly girl” when she’s totally tough. In an effort to make her feel better, Scott says that if it were him, he probably would’ve cried.

It’s all pretty cute, until Scott uses the word ‘litigious’ and I spend the rest of the scene wondering where the he heard that from.

More music plays, making this the most music on MTV in the last ten years combined, and Allison agrees to go with Scott to the party Friday night. Which also happens to be the night of the full moon, but that’s okay because Scott is totally not a werewolf OR a weregorilla.

We then get this really lovely image of a happy, upside-down Scott:

And then he rolls over, and suddenly he’s in the forest again. With an equally lovely image:

I believe I’ve had this dream before.

It’s morning (I think; it’s so foggy it’s hard to tell) and Scott spots the weregorilla and gives chase, chasing it over a fence and into a swimming pool. He doesn’t catch it, but he does get wet, which is more satisfying to me.

Once he’s dried off and sent to school, Scott gets pressed by Jackson who demands to know where he’s getting his juice. I’m at a loss as to what’s funnier: Jackson’s delivery, or Scott’s answer: “My mom does all the grocery shopping.”

“OH you mean steroids!”

Jackson presses further (and farther, as he shoves Scott against a locker) which causes Scott to freak out and list off all the weird things happening to him. Jackson doesn’t really want to discuss his feelings, so he bangs the locker and leaves.

Cut to lacrosse tryouts, where Stiles rushes up to tell Scott that he overheard his dad on the phone (seriously, how’s he sheriff if he can’t even keep classified information from his son?). Turns out there were animal hairs on the body. But not just any animal, a gori- wolf.

Finstock herds the team together for tryouts, where he gives a pep talk that ends with him comparing good things to cream cheese. I don’t disagree with him, but it’s not the first thing I think of when I hear good things.

During tryouts, Jackson does everything in his power to undermine Scott, and it works until Scott manages to do a stellar flip in the air and toss the ball into the net.

It’s that trick that puts him on first line, and while he’s thrilled, Stiles is a little disturbed.

Cue the montage of Stiles as he searches the web for information on werewolves, silver bullets, and where he can download free porn. Scott arrives and asks how much Adderall Stiles has had today, not knowing the consequences his question will have on fanfic evermore.

Stiles tells Scott that the police are still questioning people, including Derek Hale, and just in case you’ve forgotten who that is, Scott explains: “Oh, the guy in the woods we saw the other day.” Stiles breaks the news to Scott that he’s a big, hairy werewolf, who reacts in about the way you’d expect.

“Are you seriously wasting my time with this?”

Stiles doesn’t back down, though, and continues to point out all the impossible things he’s been able to do lately: go without his inhaler, make that awesome shot, and walk and chew gum at the same time.

Because Scott won’t listen to reason, Stiles decides he’s going to cancel Scott and Allison’s date. That also goes about as well as you’d think:

Scott’s shocked at his burst of anger and leaves, but not before apologizing to Stiles. Stiles probably should also apologize for leaving Scott alone and breathless in the woods, but he just bangs his head against the wall.

Scott gets ready for his date with Allison with a shower, which means more semi-naked teenager with a precariously positioned towel.

And with that, Teen Wolf has now beaten out the Summer Olympics for showing off the most bare bodies in a single viewing.

Scott comes out and is shocked by his mother, Melissa McCall, who gives him the keys to her car before taking them back when Scott misinterprets ‘the talk’ as ‘the talk.’ She just wanted you to fill the tank up, ya perv! She apparently gives them back, though, because Scott pulls up to Allison’s house in a car and not his bicycle.

They head to Lydia’s, and while Lydia may not have a good taste in jackets, she can throw a heck of a party, as a throng of teenagers bust a move by the pool. There is one guy not having a great time, however: Derek’s sulking by the fire pit, watching Scott.

This symbolism hurts a little.

Scott and Derek eyefuck for a moment before Allison distracts him, and when he looks back Derek’s gone and a maybe-weregorilla is jumping onto Lydia’s roof. That doesn’t matter, though, because then Scott and Allison dance, which is great fun.

Except for the fact that Lydia is looking at Scott like he’s the juiciest steak she’s ever seen, all while Jackson is doing his best to satisfy her.

In all fairness, Jackson’s probably thinking about Scott, too.

Scott stops watching the exhibitionist couple and turns back to Allison, and immediately feels the onset of his wolf urges. Or maybe it’s just a boner – I’m not really sure.

“Are you okay?” Allison asks, which naturally means Scott needs to get away from her and wander through Lydia’s house like he’s on a bad trip. Scott takes off in his car, which is obviously the smart thing to do, and leaves poor Allison alone. But not to worry, somebody shows up and explains that he’s a friend of Scott’s.

“But not in a gay way. Okay, maybe a little in a gay way.”

Poor strung-out Scott goes home and gets in the tub, and at this point we all know what his chest looks like but I don’t care:

He continues to spasm in pain in the bathtub, and then he grows claws, and fangs. Stiles arrives, and Scott tells him that he thinks Derek was the one who bit him. This is troubling, as Allison got a drive home with him. Damnit, this girl is like catnip for werewolves.

Scott freaks out and jumps out of his window, thankfully still shirtless, and we’re treated to the stupidest, most hilarious slow-mo ever as he jumps off the roof and lands near a puddle. He begins to wolf out and with that facial hair, he can possibly pass for Jared Padalecki.

Scott runs off into the woods, while Stiles drives to Allison’s, where he’s shocked to discover that she’s alive and well, and not split in half and scattered around Beacon Hills Preserve.

“But it would’ve been so exciting!”

Scott, meanwhile, finds Allison’s jacket hanging from a tree branch, and then Derek attacks him. They roll around in the leaves like a bad porno, until they stop long enough for Derek to feel Scott’s chest.

“It’s so firm!”

Derek says they need to be quiet, but it’s too late because ‘they’re already here.’ Derek runs off and advises Scott to do the same, just as a flaming arrow hits the trunk of the tree. It’s too late for Scott, however, as another arrow pierces his arm. He looks on as some cool looking dudes emerge, the leader commanding them to take him.

Derek doesn’t like this, because if anybody is going to take Scott, it’s gonna be him, damnit! He makes quick work of the hunters and rescues his princess wolf, and they get the hell out of there.

Scott takes their newfound safety as a chance to yell at Derek for biting him. Derek asks if it’s really so bad to be able to see, hear, and smell better, and move faster, than normal. Well, sure, all that’s great, but have you SEEN those sideburns?

Derek proclaims them brothers and leaves, and Scott crumbles to the ground.

Yep, he’s still shirtless.

Stiles manages to find Scott the next morning, and picks him up.

“You know what worries me the most?” Scott says.
“If you say Allison I’m going to punch you in the head,” Stiles replies.

You and me both, Stiles. But of course, that is what worries him the most, because he has seen that bare back and he’s fallen into the deep end.

Stiles assures Scott that no matter happens, they’re going to get through this. He even offers to chain Scott up on the nights of the full moon and feed him live mice. Aww.

Bros for life.

At school, Allison is pretty pissed at Scott for ditching her, which is natural. Of course, he flashes her a small smirk and all is forgiven, and she’s gonna give him a second chance. Which is good, because after that entire forty minutes I’m super invested in their relationship.

Allison’s dad arrives to pick her up, and Scott is shocked to find out that her daddy is the man who stuck an arrow in him just the night before.

That’s gonna make for some awkward Thanksgivings.

Scott waves to Allison blankly as the screen (and the chances of their relationship working out) fades to black.


Like with anything, there are some very important aspects a show must hit to be, well, a hit. And I think for Teen Wolf, these aspects can be summed up in three things: plot, skin, and slashiness. (Sure, this rating system is 2/3rds objectification, but nobody watches anything for plot! …Do they?)

Plot: The pilot episode suffers like most pilot episodes, with a whole lot of exposition and telling. However, it does lay a hell of a lot of ground work, so all in all it gets a nice 7.

Skin: With Scott spending more time without a shirt than with (and a special bonus for some closeups AND wet bodies), and the brief glimpse of Allison’s bare back, this episode definitely deserves a 10.

Slashiness: Scott’s pushed against things by both Derek and Jackson, Scott and Jackson basically ooze UST in every scene, and there’s more than enough subtext throughout to reward this a very good 9.

Factoring these into the mix, I give this episode a solid 8 and a half moons.

Hopefully you enjoyed this recap enough to join me next week as Teen Wolf and I tackle hard-hitting questions like: Will Derek’s dream of becoming a model ever become reality? Do weregorillas really exist? And is there a biological reason why Scott’s allergic to t-shirts?

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  1. shinyslasher


    WOOHOO!!! GO TRAV! <3

    1. Trav


  2. Pinkwood

    YAY! Excellent first recap, Trav. I approve muchly of your rating system. Priorities are everything.

    Also, I have just noticed that the dog Allison hit looks a lot like Riot. COINCIDENCE?


    1. Trav

      Yay, thank you! :D I figure that a solid episode might come in very low if there’s not a lot of skin being shown, but then again – is there an episode without? (Actually a good question. I’ll be keeping an eye on that!)

      Maybe it’s a type-casting thing for dogs. Some dogs are born to play Cujo, some are born to get hit by cars.

  3. JC

    You guys never told me there were weregorillas in this show

    1. Trav

      The show’s title is VERY misleading. There’s actually no wolves to be seen. (Or actual teenagers, for that matter.)

  4. Caro

    Hi Trav! Welcome!http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif

    1. Trav

      Heyy! Thank you. :D

      1. Caro

        Guess I gotta start watching Teen Wolf now, huh?
        Perrrrfect, I was just starting to panic cos I watches all my shows to the end this week. YAY.

        1. Trav

          \o/ I love when things work themselves out. ;) One of the good things about having shows all year round is that I never have time to miss when one’s gone on hiatus!

  5. milen748

    omg perfect

    something great to wait for the third seasonnnnn

    trav you are perfect and i loled at everything

    weregorilla *dies*

    1. Trav

      Awesome! I’m glad I could amuse you. ;) It’s actually a blast reliving the episodes, and trying to write from a perspective of, I DON’T KNOW WHAT’LL HAPPEN NEXT!

  6. sagitariusmoon6

    (looks around,make sure no witnesses,’cause damn—guilty pleasure—open arms, grab Trav, and sentimentally stuck him on the so called female chest) Where were you ’till now?????????http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/HappyRun.gif This is excellent,I look forwards for many morehttp://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/kissbutt.gif ( came across the Sterek fan-fiction universe–insane!!!!)

    1. Trav

      In all honesty, I was probably hiding from such insanity. ;) So glad you liked – hopefully there WILL be many more!

      1. sagitariusmoon6

        Ah, this is just theatrical,so you remember my avi and namehttp://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gifI honestly like your recaphttp://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gifhttp://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif

        1. Trav

          Oh, I meant the insanity that certain fans can bring, not you! I’m very happy to hear that people like it – definitely motivates me to write more! :D

  7. chunkeymonkey81


    1. Trav

      Heeeeyyy thank you! :D

  8. irina

    i realized i had no shame when i watched the first ep of teen wolf and my thoughts were – oh good, lets watch some more. so the fact that i am now enjoying reading your recap does not surprise me at all. more !!!!
    ps – yeah, ok, i’m lying, i realized i had no shame many, many, many spn fanfics back http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_whistle3.gif

    1. Trav

      Hey, whadya know, there’s another one being posted in a few hours. ;)

      Having no shame just makes things BETTER, in my humble opinion. Let loose and enjoy the naked men and all they choose to offer you!

      1. irina

        your life philosophy seems to have good foundations and be rooted on solid ground of naked men. me like !

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