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Supernatural 8.13: It was Sam Winchester, in the library, with Dean’s candlestick


Hey guys, look! The third episode in a row that didn’t make me want to bash myself in the face with a brick! Also the third episode in a row that did not have a side trip to Keebler Village or the Canadian Bayou. Coincidence? Or absolute 100% science? I’ll let you be the judge.


We open up in a Quentin Tarantino movie in 1944. Everything is stylized and there are Nazis and Canadians speaking bad German, but no sightings of Brad Pitt and his tiny moustache as of yet. Christoph Waltz is there though, and doing some spellwork–I bet he wishes he had a couple ANGEL FEATHERS, amirite??

Luckily, Hulk comes in to Hulk Smash some Nazis (was Captain America busy?) but not before Christoph manages to magic himself away.



We head over to real time, where the boys are driving up to what I shall hereby dub the Fortress of Solitude and not the Bat Cave, because we all know it’s really about the gigantic key (lock!)


Seriously people.




 Reboot, baby!


They head inside and find lots of Timey-Wimey stuff left over my Grandpa Timey-Wimey’s Illuminati friends. Freckles goes to hit the power breaker and when he does, Dimples is so shocked that he accidentally steals his brother’s dialogue.



What he’s staring at is the Timey Wimey library, which is, like, so much more special-er than BOBBY’s Magical Library (still in the trunk of Sheriff Sassy’s car) or the one at the C-Unit Compound with Grandpa Skinner. I mean, duh, Illuminati.


Next morning comes, and….oh boy, the Timey Wimey music is playing. You know what that means–date night attempt #2! Freckles comes strolling out of the shower in a sassy bathrobe and slippers and he must be feeling good because Freckles/Shower is second only to Freckles/Wall on my list of OTPs. Hopefully no Illuminati ghosts were creeping on him while he was taking it because, awkward.


Freckles is so ready for date night. I mean, timey wimey music, showered up, pre-lubed. He’s ready to go, Dimples, take your man! But nooooooo, Research!Sammy needs to look at the “books” and totally turns into MISTER PRISSYFACE FANCYPANTS NO FUN again.



Luckily for everyone involved, Freckles is easily distracted by shiny objects.

AwesomeWhile Freckles enjoys the toys, he is not too impressed with the rest of it.



Dimples is like “were you dropped on your head as an infant?”


Freckles is like “Yes, only twice, but Dad did the best he could, alright??”



Lets just stop so I can say “Jensen Ackles, I love you and your dumb face, jerk”

But then poor Dimples is like, “I had this terrible dream that I was shrunk to the size of a Elven prince and woke up in a treehouse covered in dog hair and lime juice. I walked outside and got jumped by Casper Van Dien, and I have no idea what it means, Dean, but I think I really need a break and I just really like books, so let me be for a few hours and then you can re-lube and we can get on with it.”


With one stipulation though:


Freckles is like “we can just lift the back up…”


We head 7 minutes away to Pennsylvania, where Barney Miller and his at-least-it’s-better-than-RuPeen’s-accent are in the library checking out the old book that Christoph Waltz was writing in during the Tarantino movie at the top of the hour.


He tells off the rather prickly librarian in Hebrew before snatching the book and heading out.


He heads to the local pub, because that’s where any normal person would go when he just stole a book from a time-traveling Nazi. He’s being watched, however, by Dark Angel Era Jensen Ackles


Barney Miller calls someone with info about the book, but then does a little fist shake at Nazi Jensen watching him before recreating Brunnhilde’s Immolation scene from Gotterdamerung.


Two weeks later, where it seems that Freckles has been off checking on Mr. Fizzles’ Houseboat of Rockin’ Love, while Dimples stayed at the Fortress reading books and being boring.

I do love how they installed a mini-fridge for their beer lol. Although I do wonder how they are getting such good wi-fi in an underground bunker, but hey.


Freckles tells Dimples that Dobby says hi, and this is how much Dimples cares:


Then Freckles asks if he’s heard from Sparks, because of that whole “bleeding from the eyes last month” thing. Dimples is like “who?”

SPN813HD_0690 (1)


Freckles is like “you know, trenchcoat, chapped lips, likes to molt all over the back seat?”


 Dimples is like “nope, not ringing any bells.”



Freckles is like “this help?”



Dimples is like “Stop trying to distract me, I have important book learning to do.”


Freckles is like “fine, fiiiine” and Dimples starts filling him on the case of Barney Miller and the Immolation. Turns out he was part of a group of magical ninja rabbis or something 


That’s what I said, bro. Good thing you’re pretty.



Dimples is like, “c’mon, it’ll take us at least 7 minutes to drive there, lets go”



Seven minutes later, we’re at the library, where Dimples has raided the closet of Jensen Ackles, Literature Professor from last season. He heads inside and gleefully pretends to actually be Research!Sammy to get info about what Barney Miller was searching for.


Freckles is, of course, over at the pub interviewing the hot co-ed witnesses, who tell him Barney thought he was being stalked by “Nazi necromancers”, which is as likely as Wi-Fi in an underground Illuminati bunker, so lets just go with it.


Dimples, meanwhile, is continuing to get his sweater vest on.


Back to Freckles, who suddenly spots a guy who looks suspiciously like my ginger-Jew-from-Queens brother-in-law giving him the shocker.



Freckles is a little confused why my brother-in-law would think a guy who looks just like Jensen Ackles would hook up with him, so Freckles goes over to assess the scene. My brother-in-law, however, is confident that his hipster appeal, classic vinyl collection, and ability to bake a mean organic raspberry pie will win out in the end.


Freckles is like “wait, did you say pie?”

A-Thing2But then he remembers date night, and tries to let the guy down easy by telling him that he has to get back to his incestuous relationship with his brother and his gigantic human penis in an underground bunker built by the Illuminati and given to them through their time-traveling grandfather and his special key (lock!)

My brother-in-law is sudddenly aroused.


Freckles, not used to people being so open about his incestuous relationship with his brother’s gigantic human penis, and thinking that this guy probably wants a threesome, stumbles out awkwardly. He does consider it for a moment, if only for the pie.

AwkwardHe heads out and calls Dimples and his gigantic human penis. Freckles asks him if he’d be willing to have a threesome if there was pie involved but Dimples is boring and refuses because he prefers Keebler birthday cake.


Then he’s like “you need a hand?” and I’m going to sit back because this shit just writes itself lol.

Dimples uses their secret code (awww) to tell him he’s being followed and they plan to meet in 30mins…when it’s suddenly night (day!)

Dimples does the “pretend fumble with the keys” thing while Freckles finds out who is following him. Turns out to be Hulk. Ruh-roh!



I love how Freckles tries to use the intimidating Batman voice on him and Hulk is just like “LOL NO” before Hulk-Smashing him across the parking lot (which doesn’t even leave a scratch, much less break all the bones in his body like it should–hey, free Wi-Fi!)


 Dimples is like “ho shit” and gets out his machete, which does absolutely nothing except give us one of Jared’s amazing “I’ma rabbit!” faces


 My brother-in-law shows up just in time to stop my other OTP, Sam/Suffocation


 Jared is just stunned that they managed to find someone taller than him.

WTHThey head back to my brother-in-law’s crib and, hey, why have a threesome when you can have a foursome, you know what I’m sayin’?

Turns out, however, that my brother-in-law is really Barney’s hipster grandson instead and not only is there no threesome or foursome, but there is no pie involved either. Freckles is devastated.



Turns out that Hulk is really a Golem, which I think has something to do with the claymation California Raisins being controlled by Rabbi Ninjas. But I could be wrong.

HuhFreckles is like “hey Sammy, you like raisins!” 


But Honey Badger Hulk don’t care.



Dimples makes an attempt, and tells Hulk that Grandpa Timey-Wimey was Illuminati. Hulk confirms that the Rabbi Ninjas totally dug the Illuminati, so the boys are totally kosher.

Meanwhile, Nazi Jensen watches from outside



My brother-in-law tells them that, unlike them, he wasn’t raised with the supernatural. Instead, he did awesome hipster things like grow elderberries on his balcony and make Bon Iver mixtapes. Hulk is completely unamused by his shenanigans, especially because everyone knows Bon Iver is totally 2011.

My brother-in-law does protest one part, and gives us what should be, quite frankly,  the motto of these recaps:



I mean, how can you argue with that?



My brother-in-law does manage to tell them about yet another secret society that the Rabbi Ninjas were fighting, this one full of Nazi Zombies. Because we have moved from angels and demons to All Secret Societies, All the Time.


Jensen Ackles pauses, so we can remember what his Face™ looks like:

SPN813HD_1319Hulk remains utterly unimpressed by his glistening emerald orbs.


 Turns out that Barney called his grandson before his Immolation Scene, and gave him a funky number. Stanford!Sam busts out of pre-series fanfics and figures out that the number is a call number for the college library. 

My brother-in-law is like “I’ve totally read this fic, where’s Jess??”



Freckles is like “cheating on me with another threesome already? At least give me the pie”



They head over to the library and does anyone notice that they somehow STOPPED TO CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES? 

SPN813HD_1401Now I’m just picturing them trying to change in the backseat of the Impala and getting chicken angel feathers stuck to their ass

Speaking of asses, Freckles likes to watch Dimples as he runs up the stairs.


 While he’s looking for the book, Dimples is totally dart-gunned by Nazi Jensen

dartThis is not even the first time poor Dimples has been dart gunned! He’s like the wild game of SPN



Nazi Jensen and his totally-as-bad-as-RuPeen-accent comes to grab the book and Dimples is like “I’ma rabbit!” for the second time this episode



He slams Nazi Jensen with the book before bumbling down the stairs. Freckles is like “ebola!” 

813-hurt-sammy (1)


Nazi Jensen then dart-guns my brother-in-law too, right through his hipster sweater. Freckles isn’t stupid, and sends Hulk up to go deal with the Nazi Zombie while he sits there and tenderly fondles his brother’s giant ebola hickey.



Nazi Jensen tries to dart-gun Hulk, but you can’t dart-gun a California Raisin, silly! Hulk proceeds to Hulk Smash through the ornithology section.



He then proceeds to not only break his glasses, but his neck as well. With that and a little Herpexia, Dimples clears right up!

HerpexiaThey head out to bury the Nazi Zombie’s body and discuss how they can gank Hulk if need be.

Mr.-BillThen they proceed to warm their hands over the Nazi corpse and my brother-in-law says what we’ve all been thinking for 8 years


 Back to the house, it’s the next day and they figure out what the book is about. Turns out Christoph Waltz was actually the magical version of Dr. Mengele and was doing experiments on people. Hulk tells how he was originally born and how he took out the guys in the Tarantino movie in the beginning. 

Freckles has literally nothing to add to this sad tale so he just stays really still and poses.



Hulk says that my brother-in-law should know how to use him properly, but it turns out that he totally smoked the instructions that summer when he first discovered clover cigarettes and Neko Case.


Hulk is reaaaaaaaaaally pissed off about this. I’m actually liking the idea of a monster that wants/needs to be controlled. It’s interesting and very Frankenstein-ish.


 Dimples’ terrified face is hilarious


ComfortingHulk goes to take a time-out, and Dimples goes back into exposition mode and tells everyone that the book has a list of all the Nazi Zombies and how to kill them –head shot and then burning the body within 12 hours so they don’t re-animate.


Over to the library, where Christoph Waltz, his villainous turtleneck, and his not-quite-as-bad-as-RuPeen-accent figures out that Hulk smashed Nazi Jensen and got the book.

Back to the house, where we get yet another Dobby mention and SERIOUSLY, ENOUGH. We didn’t even get BOBBY mentioned this much, and he was actually important.

Freckles gets comfortable as Research!Sammy fills him in one various lore about how to stop Hulk if they have to.



My brother-in-law comes in, and is not happy about the guys thinking they have the right to gank his California Raisin


You’re such a dick, Dean Winchester lol

Luckily, the party is broken up by Chrisoph Waltz and his Nazi Zombie henchmen!

SPN813HD_2015Hulk gets ready to Smash, but Christoph Waltz starts humming “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” and it stops Hulk in his claymation tracks. Hulk then throws up a scroll that is how you control him (shouldn’t have smoked the paper!) and my brother-in-law is like “my bad!”

Christoph Waltz starts his supervillain Nazi monologues and the boys are not impressed.


Christoph Waltz goes for the joke instead



…but it’s a tough room


And my brother-in-law manages to knock his ass out just long enough to distract them so Freckles can shoot through his jacket. Because, why not?

tumblr_mhv7d6yEa01rt90fho2_500Then he and Dimples get the head shot and bye-bye Dr. Don’t Feel Too Good


 Later on, after the pyschopaths have burned a few more Nazi corpses, the boys offer to take Hulk back to the Fortress of Solitude (or Dobby’s houseboat, they don’t really specify lol). My brother-in-law says that he needs to take responsibility and re-start the Ninja Rabbi Secret Society so that he and Hulk can come back on in a later episode when Jeremy Carver gets bored again and starts recycling.

813-boys-staringHe then totally googles how to write his name in Hebrew, so he can write it on the scroll and then shove it down Hulk’s throat. Kat named this gif “Swallow, don’t spit” because Kat is the best human being.


 These two are working my size kink, NGL



My brother-in-law is looking a little starry eyed, although that could just be his giant eyeballs.

SPN813HD_2353Back to the Fortress of Solitude, where the Timey Wimey music is back on because Freckles will get his date night if it kills him. Sadly, it probably won’t be tonight, because Dimples is too busy card cataloging.

Freckles asks him if this means that Dimples is going full Illuminati and Dimples doesn’t answer. Freckles goes to get the beers out of the mini-fridge, but thinks better of it and gets them Timey Wimey’s good scotch. 


Thoughtful-samThen we get the warm-and-fuzziest Winchester ending of the season, if not since the adorable slinky-and-glitter-jizz episode. I love that Dimples starts the mini-toast.



This was one of those episodes that was actually better upon rewatch. The first time around it was slightly boring, but the second time the details and nuance came out a bit, especially the parallel between Aaron and respecting his family history and the brother’s recent family reveals. It was a solid episode, although I do believe Edlund’s best days on this show are behind him.

I’m still tentatively liking the direction the show is going. I like that it feels like Sam has found a way to finally identify with his family legacy, especially since that has been the main source of strife for him since the beginning. He’s finally found a way to reconcile hunting with scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge, and I think it’s a welcome niche for him. Plus, the bunker as homebase likely grounds him in a way that “normal life” would. I do find it quite telling that this episode is the first one where it looked like Sam felt comfortable in his skin. He never quite got that  in his life with Amelia, and that to me was always the sign that it was never going to last.

If Sam looked comfortable for the first time in a while, then Dean looked–dare I say it?–happy. I think there is always going to be an innate part of Dean that thrives on Sam’s contentedness. It’s a natural instinct in him, part of what I always considered his maternal side. For all of Dean’s macho posturing (and there is a lot of it and it’s valid), Dean is also a nurturer, and I think that side of him is inspired by his relationship with Sam. It’s both the best and worst part of Dean, but I really liked seeing it in that final moment, especially when he’s been trying so hard lately to let Sam be his own man.

The thing that makes me wary is the possibility that they will make this Brawn vs. Brain thing quite literal and give one title to each brother. I do think each gravitate to one end of the spectrum, but the important thing about the combination of the Campbell and Winchester lines was to create a mixture of the two. That’s what Sam and Dean are –a perfect mixture of both. I would hate for them to, say, dumb Dean down, or stick Sam in the library for a series of episodes. It’s a balancing act, and I hope that Carver manages to navigate it.

That ending, however, was exactly what we needed at this moment in the show. SPN lives and dies by the relationship of the brothers, and even with all the angst and conflict (and I’m sure there will be much more to come), we have to feel that they mean something to each other and because of each other. The thing that has been missing this season is a sense of comfort between them, and the feeling that they actually like each other, and not just need each other. That little toast at the end felt like that, a moment of shared history in a place, a possible home, that represents a whole new version of it.



Episode Calculations:

True Blood Drawl Scale: Bad German accents -300,000

Purgatory Monster Gank-o-Meter: HULK SMASH +100,000

Tarzan!Sam Hair Watch: luxurious like a French model +50,000

Wincestosity: So good that I better not jinx it +/- zero (but secretly +1trillion)

Gifs by [info]fiercelynormal   cha   and tumblr

Screencaps by gallica.com

 Banner by Heather

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  1. giacinta

    Your recap is as great and as insightful as usual.:)
    I am undecided about this episode. I like it and dislike it at the same time!
    I love the brother moments. Despite any and all guest stars they throw at us, the relationship between Sam and Dean is what drives the show.
    I like them having a home together but I am wary about these writers and i don’t trust them.
    They gave us ten very poor episodes which seem to have no bearing on this new direction. What it seems to me is that they saw that the first ‘soapernatura’l episodes didn’t get received all that well and that the Sam/ Amelia thing was just so unbelievable and boring that they changed idea mid-season!
    I’m not and never have been a great fan of Edlund and I found this episode have maybe too much exposition.
    However I’ll wait and see how things go on from here.
    I too don’t want the boys divided into brawn and brain.
    Both are highly intelligent and both are great hunters and I hope they don’t relegate Sammy to the home base and sent Dean out with any of his ‘alternate brothers’ to hunt. That would be a tragedy and the end of the show as we know it!
    The ratings were great this week and I’m sure that’s because the viewers love the boys on-screen together being the stars of the episodes as they should be.
    Still waiting for an explanation as to why Sam didn’t look for Dean; it’s such a terrible slur on his character and is spoiling the whole season for me.
    Anyway thanks for the great recaps you put up; terrific work!

  2. etoile_etiolee

    Your thoughts about the episode resume exactly what I think. Thanks for making me laugh -again- through your recap, although I have an admission to make: I kind of like Dobby (there, it’s said. Hi, my name is Etoile and I like Dobby/Garth) and although he doesn’t replace Bobby in any way, I’m looking forward to see him again. *hides face into hands in shame*

    Also, about date night in the fortress of solitude, I just claimed a prompt about it that will be seriously dirty. Watch out for it.


  3. Anna

    Loved the recap, as usual! Thanks for writing them, they really are the delicious icing on the cake that is Supernatural, and lately it’s been all icing, no cake tbh. Or the cake has been kind of icky. Whatever, you get my point.

    This episode finally felt like a turning point though, and I loved it! Not because I necessarily love the direction the show is taking, but because it’s taking *a* direction, any direction. The first half of the season to me was a random, nonsensical mess, so I’m happy there is finally a hint of this fancy *plot* thing that Carver suddenly seems to have realized some shows have. The only remaining question is why it took him so damn long to get there, both Benny’s and Amelia’s existance in the show’s universe is a big WTF to me.

    Now however, it’s finally understandable why Carver’s been going on and on about “Raiders” as a source of inspiration (nazis, check, now let’s hope that the Samulet is the holy grail). I think it could be interesting, but either way I like the idea of giving them a home base. It feels like Carver’s taking the story forward rather than trying to cling to the greatness of seasons past (which Sera did, unsuccessfully). I too think it will be good for Sam to have a home and a buttload of books to play with, and let’s hope that’s true because I may be a die hard Samgirl but let’s face it, he’s been more boring than drying paint lately.

    Oh whatever, I’m just really, really looking forward to all the Fortress-fic. http://www.thehomeplanet.org/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_mail.gif

  4. Alex

    I read your recaps/follow you on twitter for a number of reasons, but this exemplifies it in one perfect comment…”Turns out that Hulk is really a Golem, which I think has something to do with the claymation California Raisins being controlled by Rabbi Ninjas. But I could be wrong.” LOL thank you! Watching a Supernatural episode is made better when it’s followed by your recap! :)

  5. alysha

    Loved the recap. There sure was a lot of gayness going on in this episode, knew you’d record it for us in these recaps. I feel like you, no more hitting myself in the head like a brick. It’ll be interesting if Carver can combine the Men of Letters with the search for the tablets so that it all ties up intelligently like it should.

  6. char

    i want to play a game where we dart Sam heheheheheh :D I’m going to work on my aim just in case the opportunity arises anytime in the near future.

    IF they go brain versus brawn can we dart THEM?

  7. Risti

    To me, this episode was the most satisfying in that it proved that last week’s episode wasn’t just an anomaly, but the start of something. Like, last week was exciting and fast-paced and awesome, but the show has teased us with this sort of thing in the past and then just… dropped it. This episode was like ‘no really. We’re not going to forget about Henry Winchester the way we forgot about Adam.” Since, you know, last weeks episode basically took the series on a 180 turn from where it had been headed since the last half of season 7, it’s going to take awhile for the show to settle itself.

    Basically, if last week was the pilot, this week was Wendigo (or maybe Dead in the Water).

    So I’m cautiously optimistic. Although every time we get a scene in the Batcave, I’m picturing the whole thing going up in flames after it’s been invaded by a swarm of demons and/or monsters, with one brother crouched over the broken body of the other in the middle of that large room, with broken furniture and charred books scattered around them. Because this show has apparently conditioned me to believe that the Winchesters can never keep a good thing for long.

  8. woostersgirl

    i love your recaps! I have been reading them since last year but only now just commenting cause i just have to tell you how lol funny and spot on they are. I am slowly going through all the seasons of recaps that you have and i die laughing every time. Thanks for being you and i like how you get your whole family involved too. This latest recap is awesome.

  9. Pinkwood

    LOVED this episode. Loved it. It felt old skool and the boys were in their element and they seemed kind of happy. I honestly think Carver deliberately made the first half of the season deliberately painful so we’d be pathetically grateful for some brotherly love. It’s like I’m in an abusive relationship. I adored the dressing up and Smart!Sammy and awkward Dean and them shooting together in perfect synchronicity (HAHAHA) and DEAN/SHOWERWITHGOODWATERPRESSURE! The OTP to rule all other OTPs. I like the idea that they have somewhere to call home and that they can sit around in bathrobes listening to records and drinking good scotch.
    Tell your brother-in-law I really liked him too :D And the golem was ace. And the phrase ‘magic Jew’ made me laugh for about an hour. And they were concerned about Cas. And OMFG they looked SO pretty. Yes. I am pleased.

    “My brother-in-law tells them that, unlike them, he wasn’t raised with the supernatural. Instead, he did awesome hipster things like grow elderberries on his balcony and make Bon Iver mixtapes”

    I LOLed. <3

  10. sarahk

    Loved your recap.

    Before Supernatural, I was a huge fan of Angel.

    Ben Edlund also wrote several episodes for that series. I have no idea why I mentioned that (sorry *brain fart*).

    Loved your recap (this comment was bought to you by: heavy duty painkillers)

    totally irrelevant information: *have abcess on my tooth, not completely co-herent today, that’s my excuse & I’m sticking with it, would probably help though, if I watched the episode first?

  11. Sowell

    I already loved your recaps, but now you’ve made a Wagner reference and made me love them that much more. I think my favorite gif is Sam taking the stairs two at a time, because mmmm….big boy.

    Also, please never let the key (lock!) joke die, because it makes me giggle every time.

  12. PrivateBozz

    After I’ve seen an episode I can’t wait for you to post the recap. I’m happy that you are currently enjoying the show. This episode doesn’t get the best ratings, and I admit that I found it somewhat dragging from time to time, with too long dialogue, but it brings so much beautiful stuff to the show. Imo it’s a significant episode because it seems to set the course.

    They’ve made the Men of Letters part of the mytharc now. I had suspected it might just be a cool backround for their meeting with Henry Winchester, but they are going somewhere with it.

    And of course the introduction of the Fortress of Solitude! Man, isn’t it awesome how they gave the Winchesters a fancy, quirky home from another time and managed to fit it into the show like it belonged there? And how comfortably they sat their in their new luxurious environment, like they totally belonged there? Dean loves it…

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on the brain vs brawn thing, the boys shouldn’t be pushed too far into the complementary directions. Like you say, they were always so good and special because they are a mixture of both. I would love for them both to move a bit into the Winchester legacy direction, because we all know how awesome they’re doing on the Campbells’ side.

    The thing that has been missing this season is a sense of comfort between them, and the feeling that they actually like each other, and not just need each other. That little toast at the end felt like that, a moment of shared history in a place, a possible home, that represents a whole new version of it.
    That thing has been missing since S3/4 if you ask me. The ending was perfect, an easy and comfortable moment. I hope they’ll keep that place for a while..

    Thanks for making these recaps.

    Btw, wasn’t the psychopaths warming their hands over a burning body one of the best pictures EVER?

  13. Meggin Lane

    Sorry, I’m late to the party- that little storm named Nemo really should have been called Moby coz I just got my power back- brrrrr!

    I’m loving how you make us laugh with the first half of your recap and make us deal with our ‘feels’ in your summation at the end. I agreed with your fear that the writers might take the easy way out and have the brothers divided into brainandbrawn instead of the complex lovable duo of SamandDean. Dimples has always had his book strength but Freckles is wiley, who else would think to end TheMotherOfAll by having a chaser of Phoenix after his beer-Amaright?

    OMG- that Superman image with the giant key! Where did you dig that up it’s perfect!!! THIS is why you, Kat, Chunky, Heather ( why is her name so normal?) and Loha Rock the world of Recaps!

    As soon as “your brother-in-law” the claymationist said “Bacon!” I knew it was a secret message from Carver to you- not subtle but couldn’t be missed- hehe.

    BTW I want the job of research assistant/maid in the Fortress. I can catalog like nobodies business and hem Freckle’s dead guy’s robe up to mid thigh length for the convenience of all of us (LOL) Eh- a gal can dream right?

  14. DontForgetThePie

    Great recap!
    The whole episode was entertaining and there was nothing that bothered me or made me want to send out a search team for the continuity dept. I loved the way it ended! I agree with you that Sam actually looked content and at ease in that scholarly bunker, deep in research. Dean was happy because he sensed Sam was finally comfortable. Sweet.
    Season 9! CHEERS!!

  15. Annaliese


    Here’s my two cents worth (no, really – I’m sure it’s only worth two cents):

    “They head over to the library and does anyone notice that they somehow STOPPED TO CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES?”
    – I never noticed but laughed so hard at the thought of it. We can’t have Sam and Dean going in to a fight wearing suits now can we?! LOL

    “Back to the house, where we get yet another Dobby mention and SERIOUSLY, ENOUGH. We didn’t even get BOBBY mentioned this much, and he was actually important.”
    – I was quite literally complaining about this on Facebook yesterday.

    “I think there is always going to be an innate part of Dean that thrives on Sam’s contentedness.”
    – How Dean was happy because Sam was happy? Perfection.

    3 good episodes in a row… does that mean this week’s is going to suck? Eeek!

  16. irina

    so for me this season only existed until episode 11, for the purposes of being made fun of in recaps. but my trauma might be so great that i might choose to ignore the existence of eps 1 to 10 all together.

    i have absolutely nothing to add except yeyyy recap !

  17. Viv

    Great episode & great recap! I love when Sam is a bunny.

  18. Lori

    “They head over to the library and does anyone notice that they somehow STOPPED TO CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES?” – LOL I know. I saw

    Plus lots and lots of Jensen
    You’re awesome

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