Dec 13

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Adam Talks to Lindsey-Divas, New Music, New Stuff

Lindsey recently interviewed Adam and as alway she asks him some good questions. First of course was what Madonna song was he going to sing at VH1 Divas and Adam responds

Not gonna tell her, it’s a sekrit. But she asks him about Queen doing shows in the U.S. and of course his touring which he says he’s doing some European shows. Um, wait, no talk of a real tour, and the biggest reveal for me was his talking of starting to work on new music and an urgency to get new stuff out there. OH?

I mean the talk of new music is great but, I guess they’re done with Trespassing. No new singles or any more vids from it I guess.

In the end, I understand the music biz has changed and you gotta keep relevant and obviously he wants radio hits so, back to the studio he goes. A big positive was he’s been talking to producers and network people so he has other things he’s exploring-more Adam on the t.v. please!


Ok, I’ve babbled enough and there’s lots more so here’s the interview:

A direct link to her blog here




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  1. sagitariusmoon6

    I,m so excited for him!! I hope the television programs gonna love him,and the demand for the AI judge gonna be still on the table for next year!!!! ……. I could imagine him to create his own record label,build a huge company,discover new talents I love the international success, it’s a flick on the nose for the producers and the managements in the US. They should stop punishing him for that kiss……. anyway,Adam and Tommy Joe Ratliff wrote their name in the history of entertainment forever.They are the first two man who kissed each other very sensually on live television.The immediate respond was so negative,but he didn’t give up.Hopefully because of us,who are stand up for him,supporting him,willing to spend money on him,demanding him to be heard and seen, insulting radio stations ,complaining to every media outlet for underestimate him, and bombarding every interviewer with questions and comments. I think,VH1 Divas gonna be one of the most watched program,so tune in,support Adam !!!!

  2. bud

    Adam is in a number of sociology texts already.
    His open self acceptance and refusal to apologize for actions woman have had in acts for years is key……….and no doubt it took an iron will to do hundreds of interviews on it,all with great grace and a smile.

    I think Adam is career smart and multi talented.
    I think he knows Trespassing is a brilliant album that missed its mark in the US.Maybe it was
    a bit before its time,as Adam often is. He is left of center regardless of his gender.

    I am glad he is going back to the studio and glad he is touring in the markets that appreciated Trespassing.

  3. sagitariusmoon6

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGtn2m1Zy-A&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. sagitariusmoon6

      This is a journey down on memory lane,when Adam was on American Idol Season 8. I think he was the pinnacle of the show,but he destroyed it too ( I have a feeling,the show was the most popular singing competition at Season 8 the most watched and the most vote submitted,………..is anybody have a comparison between the Seasons?)…… not gonna watch this season,but I’m sure gonna hear about it (counting on Chunkey!!!!!!!!!!) I think many,many people would tune in both nationally and internationally,if Adam would be a judge……..

  4. Jacki

    Great interview. Sad about Trespassing. That album deserved way more attention than it got but some bad single choices didn’t help him get it out there. At least in the US. Better luck overseas tho. Anyway – sexy boy is sexy with his adorable eyes, flicking tongue, pouty lips tantalizingly framed by his un-dyed face fuzz & his perfect lighting. Love it when he gets all HBIC

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