Aug 19

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Adam Calls for #Glasshalffull Tweets-No BS In His Bag

I guess Adam’s just had it with fandom negativity, adommy cray, band drama, and who knows what else but he tweeted this out:

[blackbirdpie id=”237080646902771712″]

But then he got this tweet in response:

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But he’s right, it’s important y’all

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He was also asked about info on the new single and as always:

[blackbirdpie id=”237087786858053632″]

And this was me

Whenever he mentions issues with his label and logistics,,,I just instantly

But Adam wants only #Glasshalffull fandom *hard to do with a glass of wine but hai* so cheers!



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  1. Caro

    great gifage, Loha. Wonder what brought this on. Love it when our boss sets rules.

    1. Jae

      That is what I was going to ask. I’m confused…

    2. Heather

      After he tweeted about Tommy’s guitar solo last night, some people were sending him negative comments about TJ’s playing, so that might have been part of it. I’m sure there’s been some Fwink negativity too. Personally I think it’s stupid to tweet *anything* negative to Adam, considering how awesomely positive he is, but that’s just me. LOL

  2. sagitariusmoon6

    Head Bitch In Charge I think he got really pissed. Not sure ,but couple of tweets down he complimented Tommy……maybe they sent some shitty comments about Sauli…….and the band……..it’s his choice and his show.He called them Glamberts,so probably they commented about the band.There are some harsh criticism on You Tube about the back-up singers,about Tommy,and how is the members of the band is not important really…. It’s important to him!!!! He said on the Fantasy Spring concert —-I would be nothing without them!!!—– and many time after, he mentioned how much is his band is important to him. Just sayin’

    1. sagitariusmoon6

      sorry about the blah-blah,little tipsy on cheap red wine–cheers

  3. Luna

    Yeah– what is going on? Like I said– don’t usually visit his Twiiter anymore. What are people being negative a bout? Glamberts usually think he walks on organic vitamin water…

    1. Kelly-Anne

      hehehe…..organic vitamin water, huh? I like that.

      1. Luna


  4. Sher

    What I think…God knows everyone is waiting for me to put my 2 cents in….Is that after seeing Adam sing with Queen & the English backup band (male singers) that comparisons are being made…Some are being half empty…Sauli on the other hand might be new fans who want a little bit of of what he’s been getting….

    1. Luna

      I didn’t watch the Queen vids– do folks think the English band/singers are better? …and TJ is a fantastic guitar player…don’t know what people are talking about– if that is what the complaints are.

      1. sagitariusmoon6

        LUUUUNAAA!!! Hi babe!! Yeah,Adam had a back up band and a couple of performances just before he went on tour with Queen. They were quite good actually!!! So fans expressed;he don’t have to keep Tommy and Isaac or the back-up singers,he can change it up anytime ’cause he is the show and the main attraction. Plus ,if he get rid of Tommy,it could be an excellent solution for the Adommy cray………well…….he seems to not give a shit,he does what he want,and he promote his band members all the time. I think it’s admirable,he is as loyal to them as they are loyal to him. I really,really like this He need true friends to work with,and I think Sauli is perfectly understands.

        1. Luna

          OY VEY!!! THE DRAMA!!!!!! As I said…peeps think he’s Glam Jesus…and that’s an awful lot of pressure for a boy from Indiana with just a voice and a dream…lol! Wuzz up with the “all or nothing” biz– why can’t he have his English band and his American band? They are two separate things. People be cray-zeeeeee!!

          …and you speak English very well– espcially since we are not really speaking pure English here– but the dialect of Icelandia, that is a mixture of American, English and Australian slang with a few purposefully misspelled words, completely made up words…and phrases that only Icelandian Glamberts understand I’d say you are light years ahead of my Hungarian.

          1. sagitariusmoon6

            Awww!!!! You actually remember that my native language is Hungarian ( but just a few people speak it compering how many of us living on this planet….so English and Icelandia slang is pretty awesome)

        2. Jacki

          There were hate messages coming from everywhere on to Adam’s feed, against Sauli, the VJJs, Tommy even Adam himself. Maybe he just had enough of all of it. I think he was travelling on the Bullet at the time so he probably checked his feed while he had some spare time. Poor bloke. Also, to be fair, a lot of those comments on youtube were in reaction to Tommy stans calling the English band rubbish, saying “it just wasn’t any good without Tommy” and constantly asking “where is tommy” over and over on every video. The band he had in England & his US band are great but I don’t really care about “the band” or who is or isn’t in it. Adam appreciates musicians who work with him and is always brilliant at giving them their due. Doesn’t mean he’s joined at the hip to any of them tho and doesn’t mean he REALLY would be nothing without them (tho some adommy crays are saying that’s what adam meant – ie he’d be nothing without Tommy – cause “band” = Tommy of course).

    2. sagitariusmoon6

      Actually @Sher9(oh,hi!!!) I usually read every single comment,even if I don’t put my 2 cent in. I love to come here,not just for Adam,but for the different opinions.It’s interesting and a lot’s of fun!!! ( English is my second language,I didn’t take any lessons or classes tho.So I’m damn proud of myself to participate and sometimes respond to!!!!) And I too want some of THAT what Sauli getting…hehe dreamz……..(…teamsher#)

      1. Sher

        Sag, you doing just great…bet you’re surprised sometimes what the strange little phrases actually mean….


        1. sagitariusmoon6

          yeah,pretty educational actually……for example I didn’t know,peen actually means carrot in Holland dutch ……among some funny thing ()hehe

  5. mm

    It’s about time he put the hammer down on all the negative Nelly’s out there!

    Last night some girl tweeted Adam telling him to get Sauli off his ass and get a job so Adam could focus on his music. Soon afterwards she was all apologetic sending Sauli and Adam tweets apologizing for what she had said.

    She is a big Tommy fan and was tired of everyone coming down on T, so she took it out on Adam and Sauli. At least she was mature enough to own up to what she did.

    1. Caro

      OMG rly? how stupid can one be?
      As if Adam would do anything that someone on twitter tells him to…LOL….gawd I’d be so embarrassed for interfering in sth so private. It’s different if you tweet him that you’d like your fave song on the album to be the next single but that…
      So it’s for the best that he blocks those peeps now.

    2. loha

      it sounds like mental illness/bi polar & i’m not making light of that (worked with someone who was bi-polar) and sadly that’s what some of these people are and they are vulnerable and easily swayed by others who have nefarious intentions, like some adommy trolls. People can see a “weakness” in adam’s fandom so they exploit it. Of course that brings out the over protective “mom” fan and then all hell breaks loose lol. Sadly, the people the tweet was meant for will be unfazed (again mentally ill or trolls) but it probably felt good for him to let off some steam on the matter so


      P.S. adommy are not tommy fans to me & they like to stir up that pot too

  6. Secret sinner

    It just cracks me up when people ‘tell’ Adam what to do. Really? Reality check anyone? Last time I checked Adam was running his own show and, just for the record, he already has a mother, who probably is pretty ok with what Adam is doing with his life, how he is doing it and whom he is doing it with. Let’s all just relax, take a few chill pills, wash them down with a bottle of wine and watch Adam have a grand old time being himself. Oy, the drama.

    1. Caro

      What the blue alien said!

    2. sagitariusmoon6

    3. musicfan


      On another note, that broken vault gif made me laugh out loud!

  7. Nancy

    Hard to image how many cray tweets he gets every day!! There needs to be something like an AA step program for cray, cray Glamberts!!!!

    1. secret sinner

      now THAT would be a 50 step program instead of the regular 12. And lots of counselors to talk the crays down off of the ceiling when he changes his hair color again.

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