Jun 22

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Adam Performing NCOE On Graham Norton

I should probably write something here but instead I’m just gonna post the vid lol. He looked and sounded amazing, enjoy!


And here is the performance and his time on the couch, which was kind of taken up by the crude funny old chick but whatever lol.

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  1. Diana

    I’ve decided that those gray pants were recycled from the gray suit he had on AI. Can’t remember what song he sang…maybe If I Can’t Have You. Anyway, the jacket must be new; the white shoes may also have been from Idol…Feeling Good. He looks great, but then he almost always does, give or take a poncho or two and a couple ugly boots.

  2. Ellen C.

    Whilst keeping my eyes on Adam the entire time! I’d also like someone to tell me what in hell Will.I.Am said to raunchy older lady to make him crack up so much – Replayed it and still couldn’t hear clearly!

    1. tf

      He said the guy like said he would like make it rain. OK, without the likes.

  3. Sher

    Am I the only one that thought Adam was invited to the party & then completely ignored? Shame what they did to his song….never saw anything like that before….then asked a question or two, abused him with crappy humor & continued talking about a fake story about wacking off? How is this considered a plus for Adam in the UK?

    1. loha

      um, i don’t think he was ignored-GN is a popular UK show and the exposure will be a win win for adam. He may not have sung the whole version of the song but enough for people to hear it and decide if they like it. Plus he sounded amazing which got new listeners to recognize his vocals. NCOE seems to be getting lots of play on Capital so that’s good. Unlike US talk shows, GN has his guests sit together and it’s a chat show with music at the end.They’re also a little raunchier than US shows with the things they say-so maybe you’re not used to that. I saw the scissor sisters a couple of weeks ago and it was the same for them-actually Jake didn’t say anything when seated on the couch after singing. He’s not a star in the UK, to expect him to be given lots of time is naive, he’s just breaking in there.

    2. bud

      Trespassing sped up UK amazon and is on top of movers and shakers and best sellers there. Thats what Graham
      Norton’s show did for Adam.

      1. loha



  4. Meagan

    The woman, I believe, was the maid on the movie 101 Dalmatians..

    1. Meagan

      Live action version, that is of course

  5. Lain

    ..I actually didn’t know who this Graham guy was..
    but I think I recognize him from that movie….another gay movie..
    (yes I have a bad taste)

  6. Lain

    and btw
    this is the snippet for MAP the bonus track will be added to the British edt..
    this is so dreamy..

  7. Mel

    I love Graham Norton’s show. There is a reason why it is the most popular chat show in the UK. Adam did great, it was so funny to see that he couldn’t believe how much you can talk about on Europen TV :D Also it was great to hear NCOE in the original key. Great job all around.

  8. AdamFann

    I didn’t like this performance at all. Please give HH his original band. Also, not a fan of that lady at all. Adam looked nervous.

    1. loha

      which original band lol-there have been different keyboard players, drummers, lead guitarist, and bass players-the band sounded fine to me, NCOE rocked-it’s not exactly a pelvic thrusting, peen stroking kind of song lol

    2. loha

      i’m not attacking you personally, but the bandbert mentality that adam is nothing without tommy (lets call a spade a spade here ’cause there is no original band) is beyond insulting to adam and his talent as a performer. i don’t think real fans of adam care who plays behind him-and the people who do are professional musicians AS professional as the US crew. He’s been performing on a stage since he was 10 yrs old and his performances on AI did not have the “band” behind him-it was ALL him.

    3. Caro

      So I’m not the only one that thought he was nervous…esp when he says “I’ll probably feel offended” in that voice…lol. cute.

    4. Lain

      I thought that he looked nervous, too!!
      but ya know.. he always gets nervous on national TV. IDK why but he does
      (remember all the performance on Idol? he’s cheek all tensed up.lol)

  9. Caro

    wasn’t mega into the perf but can’t really tell why….I didn’t really listen that closely LOL. I am not a fan of those pants LOL.
    I thought the weird lady was rather funny…the show would have been a bit dull w/o her I think. Although I have no idea who she or the other guy was. Will.I.am seemed a bit out of it…all in all it’s kinda what I expected.
    The singers usually don’t get a lot of talking time and he seemed veeeerry nervous or maybe it was the adrenalin of being on tv, so it mightned be a bad thing he didn’t get so much time. Also they won’t broadcast him mixing up Scotland and Northern Ireland…was quite thankful for that!

  10. Diana

    He may have been nervous because he had barely said anything when the old lady admonished him for saying “shit.” Seemed kind of random to me given the story she told. Also, someone here said he didn’t do the whole song. In the first video there was only the song, and it seemed as if he sang the whole thing. Am I wrong?

    1. Brenda

      She wasn’t admonishing him for saying ‘shit’. It was ‘like’. If you watch the entire show she talked about how she’s tired of people saying the word ‘like’ all the time. So when Adam said it the audience started laughing. The show was great! I love the mix of guests. The musical performers don’t usually get much couch time so Adam’s time on the couch was normal. I’m definitely going to be watching this show on a more regular basis.

      1. Diana

        But then Adam said after she told her little story about the guy in the tree, “And I get in trouble for saying “shit.” What was that about? She said something about some day him learning to use a different word.

        1. Brenda

          I’m not sure Adam knew it was the word ‘like’ they were talking about since he wasn’t out there for that discussion. He may have assumed it was ‘shit’.

  11. jim

    Recap on Atop by someone in the audience:

    Am I now going to tell you things everyone already knows? Oh well….

    Adam was great, of course. He looked far better than even these photos show – he was glowing and shiny and looked very classy. He sang (NCOE) at the end and then joined Will-I-Am, Miriam Margolies and Greg ?(comedian) on the sofa. Graham made clear that his album was No1 and that he was working with Queen. I suspect his part will be cut down to a couple of mins and this will be the content – but great content and Adam spoke very well.
    Adam was very composed and dignified.
    He got great cheers though most people were there to see Will-I-Am but I’m sure he has done himself a power of good. No talk of ‘gay’, except from Miriam, who is gay and who also told Will that she had never talked to a ‘black man’ before which drew audible gasps (she is definitely NOT my cup of tea – possibly the crudest person ever though amusing enough with a bit of editing, I’m sure).
    Graham Norton was amazing – he was so relaxed and assured and everything went quickly and smoothly. Didn’t think to time it but I imagine they will edit about 20 mins out in total. I hope most of that is Miriam’s stories of giving bj’s to total strangers and getting builders to feel her boobs. (If you don’t hear those stories – good).

    Hard to say how many Adam ‘supporters’ in the audience but they did him proud with their enthusiasm. I think Graham liked Adam – he nipped across once, while Adam was getting ready to sing, to see if he was ok – of course, Adam was. I noticed that at one stage the floor manager gave Adam a hug.

    It seems he was whisked away pretty quickly afterwards while the others stayed to party a bit – but I’m sure Brian and Roger would appreciate that!

  12. sparkly cougar

    This is the woman from the Harry Potter movies who played Professer Sprout. Maybe Adam was a bit of a Potter fan?

  13. sagitariusmoon6

    This is Tommy’s interview with Pressparty.Check it out.I noticed the expression of ”work his ass off” . Adam use the same expression over and over again…… http://www.pressparty.com/pg/newsdesk/londonnewsdesk/view/49213/

    1. sagitariusmoon6

      I think Adam’s UK band is great of course,but….. Adam seemed to be out of his real element. He couldn’t talk more,because of that lady… Besides,all of us needs family and friends sometimes….. we all know,Adam brings his mom, his boy,his dancers or his US band to most of his performances……

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