May 17

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SPN moves to Wednesdays–J2 remain hot

Mark Pedowitz, CW President and SPN fanboy, has finally banished the shadow of Dawn Ostroff from our lives and moved their second-best rated show to one of the shinier weeknight slots. It’s being teamed up with “Smallville Part Deux: Tom Welling Never Had These Abs” otherwise known as “Arrow”

Basically this means that when I get my recaps up on Fridays (d’oh!), it will actually be “fast” and “efficient” instead of “JC, you lazy ass procrastinator”. Speaking of my lack of a social life, Pedowitz has this to say about the future of SPN:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/EricIGN/status/203156592596750336″]

Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles looks like THIS:

More pics HERE and HERE


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  1. Sher

    So those knuckleheads finally figured out that SN doesn’t belong on Friday’s….when most of their fans would be out….or not…depends on the fan I suppose….

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