May 25

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Last night the worlds of relevant and irrelevant collided in an epic explosion of sass and freckles as the feud between two of the worlds favorite gay gingers began to heat up once again . Adam Lambert, (30 year old, unicorn from plant fierce) came to blows on national television with Clay Aiken, (age indeterminable due to possessing a completely new face, Trump ex-employee) when asked his opinions on the season 2 Idol crooner. Well, I imagine “came to blows” is a bit of an exaggeration, although I suspect that despite his protestations Clay would like to come from Adam’s blows if ya know what I mean.

On the Bravo talk show “Watch What Happens Live” Adam was participating in a segment called “Plead the Fifth” when he was asked to mention 3 nice things about Clay Aiken, or Crayken for short. Instead of pleading the fifth he chose to give a measured and restrained “I can’t think of any.” while his eyebrows were much more brutal in their assessment….

And his pursed lips were downright ruthless, possessing an almost raspberry-ian quality…

The “feud” between the genetically gifted and the surgically re-gifted began over three years ago when Adam was a mere contestant on Idol and Crayken was, uhh….doing something somewhere I guess….who had his singing dismissed by Crayken as nothing but shrieking that hurt his ears. Thus began a bitter feud that would pit the two stars against each other for years to come, but in Crayken’s defense I can’t blame him for his initial comments. Have you SEEN his ears?!?!

Those things are like giant vacuums of sound!!! I bet a feather landing on a pile of cotton balls would sound unpleasant to him!

Crayken has yet to comment on Lambert’s slam since his surgically altered mega jaw prevents him from speaking. His rep did release a statement however that reads:

“I work for Clay Aiken. Help me!”


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  1. annehedonia

    Oh dear… “Cray” looks like a barn owl swallowing a field mouse in that gif. Or what I imagine that looks like. And the bj reference is JUST.NO! Bad visuals!

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