May 11

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Adam On “Retail” and Chelsea Lately

Adam took to twitter to clarify some things from his upcoming Rolling Stone interview-his most personal yet he says.

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I guess some fans had felt slighted by some comments he made about the radio grind.


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Aww, we get it Adam-that whole radio tour grind of shmoozing and hoping it pays off. 

He also had an appearance on Chelsea Lately-I think she posts on her own site so an HD quality one will probably show up. This one is from NeonLimelight.

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  1. Lain

    YAY for the gayest show ever!!! lolol

    1. loha



      1. jacki

        I love that pic of Adam and Elton. Something so sweet about it

        1. Brenda

          Love it too. One of my favorite pictures. My past meeting my present.. Two of my very favorite people….ever!

      2. Janice Dodd

        That is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen of two high
        powered celebs. I just love it. I am so glad that Adam has made another friend from the top echelon of music. He is an Icon, as is
        Queen. He is going to be one also so it is so fitting…

  2. Caro

    colours I would never combine with eachother: black, blue and brown!
    But Adam just rocks it.

    1. Lain

      and also the patterns I would never ever combine with each other: leopard and stars.
      but he rocks is as well..lolol
      as long as he does not wear them with that hat that ugly hat. from the beach

      1. Caro

        I’m not really sure if that was even his own hat or if he just bought it for that occasion or something. Seemed very out of style =D
        But even if he’d combine it with that outfit, he could do it. As he likes to say, everyone can pull anything off if they want to.

        1. Jacki

          I think the hat was supposed to be a disguise LMAO

  3. marmom07

    yay for Adam tweets….that’s exactly what I thought he was trying to say. He’s clearly way too much of a people person to not enjoy meeting fans (well I’m sure there are a few a little too cray and there are days where he gets tired).

    As a fan I’m tired of radio stations who make fans jump through hoops to get music played, 500 fb likes, more twitter followers etc and then they will add or play or maybe play more than once a day. Maybe it’s because I’m no longer a teen that I dislike the blatant manipulation just to hear some music.

    Yay for interview, articulate Adam is soo sexy but Cheslea why so much gay talk. love how Adam manages to bring it back to music. Next album we will see songs about interviews that don’t talk about music and “fucked up retail”. LOL

    1. Diana

      First of all, I don’t think Adam should have to clarify every single thing that comes out of his mouth because of some touchy fans who want to read between the lines. I hate what some of those radio people put their guests through. In many cases, it’s demeaning, and the RS interview was just touching on that.

      Secondly, I thought the same thing about Chelsea. She did the same thing the first time he as on there, and this is exactly something Adam mentioned in the RS interview. It’s been three years. We all know he’s gay. Let move on and get to more important things. Of course, nothing Chelsea says surprises me in the least. I’ve never seen her as a positive person in comedy or otherwise. In fact, most of her show is fairly vulgar and negative. She spent over 50% of this recent interview dwelling on the fact Adam is gay. That’s how she started the interview. WAs there nothing else to talk about?

      1. marmom07

        I wasn’t trying to imply that Adam needed to clarify his statements, I’m just happy when he does tweet things.

        Only recently have I realized that actually everything the radio stations do is promo FOR the station and they are really only using the artist to get station attention.

        I know there are still people *gasp* who actually don’t know who Adam is so I try to have some patience but really really over the gay gay gay talk. Fortunately/Unfortunately it’s a national conversation right now so I don’t see it ending for Adam any time soon.

        1. Diana

          Oh, I wasn’t meaning that you said that. I was just thinking out loud about my impressions of him having to do damage control any time he speaks freely. I actually just meant to reply to your comments about the constant gay talk instead of so many other things that could be discussed.

  4. Carolina

    Adam is an interviewers dream guest. He is so articulate, funny, and sooo easy on the eyes. He looked fabulous, and very happy! (Thank you, Sauli)

  5. Luna

    hi guys!

  6. Luna


    1. Caro

      wut u testin?

  7. Luna

    test 2

    1. Sher

      Is it Positive or Negative? Plus 1 or Plus 2?

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