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Supernatural 7.13: Number 48 on the list of things that would have been more awesome with mpreg

If the last episode was Jensen Ackles Objectification Week then this week is….Jensen Ackles Objectification Week Part Two: This Time Without Clothing. WAIT, NO! But, really though, this episode is where we learn the consequences of being so hot that Amazon warrior chicks want to steal your sperm for nefarious purposes.

 We open up on a douchey-looking guy in an apartment that would probably cost $4300 a month if it was in Manhattan, and the unlocked door suddenly opens. I’m crying foul right here, because no one with a TV this large would keep their doors unlocked.

The intruder comes in and ganks the dude, giving us some pretty impressive Edlundian Gore Splatter. Nice job, intruder! Best part is that (after chopping off the hands and feet of douchey guy) the killer carves a symbol in his chest that looks close enough to a TENTACLE PENIS for me to count it in my calculations at the end of the recap.YAY ME!

Off to the NotPala 2.0, and the world must be backwards because Dimples is driving. I think Freckles is so disgusted by the lack of The Most Important Object in the Universe at this point, that he’s just boycotting.

Freckles is asleep but Dimples gives him incentive to wake up:

Freckles whips out BOBBY’s flask, because he loves the smell of whiskey and old people. Dimples is mad that Freckles seems to have stopped using the flask that he gave him for Freckles’ last birthday that had “Here you go, you miserable drunk bastard, stop drinking out of a paper bag like a fucking hobo. Jerk. xoxo Sammy” engraved on it.

Dimples is momentarily distracted by his brother’s sucking technique:

Off to the morgue to check out dead douchey guy, and we get this totally random up-nostril shot.

The medical examiner dude, who has an adorable little Clark Kent curl going on, tells them that douchey guy took a chunk out of Awesome Tentacle Intruder and the DNA was…..not human. DUN! You would think this would make Freckles stop being an asshole about the case being supernatural, but he continues to bitch. WHY?

Freckles decides to take off to a bar and we get a hilarious progression of Sam-faces in response.

But what about me?? Pellegrino drank all the beer last time

Oh, I get it. This is where you go off and pretend you don’t love with me, isn’t it?

Well, fine then. Go off. See if I care.

Wow, he actually left. Well, at least Luci loves me for me.

Freckles heads off to an utterly cheesy lounge that Dean Winchester would never willingly walk into. He hooks up with some chick from the Vampire Diaries, which is vaguely depressing.Why didn’t they use Amanda Tapping’s Daughter for this episode instead of wasting her on that lame bartender role? BLAH!

I can’t really concentrate on much that is happening because the director is doing weird cross-cut close-ups on their eyes and mouths and it’s terribly distracting. Although I do appreciate a little eye crinkle action:

As I was watching this, I thought she was hypnotizing him or something. I don’t know if that was the intention, but that’s what I got out of the camera shots, sooooo.

One random note: Freckles says that he speaks enough Japanese to get by…HUH? Was this a shout-out to “Changing Channels” where he somehow knew how to answer the Japanese game show question in Japanese? Of course, that never made any sense anyway, but I’m thinking too hard about this, I suspect lol.

She’s working a Crazy Eyed Sid expression right here lol:

And then they go back and have sex, cross-cut with some other douchey guy getting ganked in the most bloody of ways. I know you horny bitches don’t care about any of that, so check out the edit of the ~important stuff done by the lovely and talented maichan808

I know exactly what you guys look like right now at this point in the recap:

One again we learn, as Cassie and Titanic Angel Sex and Orange-Crush-Soft-Focus-Vanilla will attest to, that Dean Winchester is the bottomiest bottom who ever bottomed lol. Dimples is off somewhere a) writhing in jealousy and b) nodding his head snarkily and going “told you so”

Can we talk about how trim Jensen’s gotten? He’s practically back to what he looked like on Dark Angel:

Best part of this entire thing is what Kat labeled “Eeek boobs!” LOLOL

What Jensen Ackles looks like when he’s getting a blowjob:

You know what I’m mean?

On to the morning after, where Freckles look even more bowlegged than usual. AND I’M NOT SAYING ANYTHING.

Freckles brags a bit about his adventures, while Dimples stares off into space and mutters “don’t hurt me, Luci, please don’t hurt me…gummi worms??”

Back to case talk and Freckles so tactfully points out that their expert is dead. But his Magical Library lives on, guys!

 I’m conflicted by Dimples’ hair in this episode. I mean, on one hand–it’s Dimples’ hair aka my Arch Nemesis. On the other hand, the Doom Chops seem trimmed a bit and it looks clean. Baby steps!

They head inside to check out the crime scene of the dude that got jacked while Freckles was having bottomy sex.

Gratuitous Lulzy Screencap:

Dimples goes over to interview the neighbor, who tells him that dead guy had a one night stand recently that his wife wasn’t too thrilled about. Put the pieces together, Tarzan!

Freckles realizes that he left the smelly old person flask over at toppy chick’s house. Dimples mocks him like a “little brother” to hide his rage and longing.

So he calls her and she blows him off utterly and completely and it’s hilarious. She also has amazing lip gloss, so kudos to her

Then she hangs up on him. LMAO.

Dimples! Hee.

Then we pan down and see that she’s….PREGNANT! And also staring with evil glee out the window.

Soooo, remember that little discussion we had a few weeks ago about all the possible STDs that Freckles has? So if something got through to make a baby…praying for  you now, gurl! Maybe Sparks healed him of all the bad shit while he fixed The Perfect Face™ up at the end of season five, hmm? Until confirmation of that, and for the purposes of this recap, we shall dub her ChlaLydia.

Oh yeah, did I mention she’s pregnant?

We skip to the next scene, where she is already giving birth. I mean, the continuity department on this show sucks–you know, how they forget they skipped a year and shit–but this is some wacky stuff guys.

The worst part is that there are a bunch of hippy chicks surrounding her with candles and stuff, and you know they didn’t give her an epidural. I’d be yelling “give me drugs, you hippies!” at the top of my lungs, but that’s just me.

New TSM applicant:

Back to the boys, who need to find another expert since it seems Sheriff Sassy is not currently driving around in the rain with a trunk full of magical library books. They head to the local university and show a picture of the Tentacle Penis to a conveniently knowledgeable anthro professor played by the Mayor from Buffy.

Freckles tries to sweet talk him for info, but the Mayor wants cash. 

Suddenly, they notice the Mayor’s disturbing ginger eyebrows:

The boys are confused.

The Mayor asks for a green card for his maid, and that’s about when the boys get out of there lol. Freckles is acting all whiny because BOBBY is dead, you know, and Dimples gets all srs biz on him in the hallway. More importantly, Jared is sucking on the…cherry lollipops again.

Freckles ignores him and starts worrying about the old person flask again and Dimples gets snotty about ChlaLydia. He’s not teasing as much anymore though *pets Dimples*

Freckles heads over to her house and then we get….


LOL this is giving me flashbacks to Orange Crush’s first episode, where dumbass Freckles shows up at her door all nonchalant like “sup, one night stand?” And, lo and behold, said one night stand also has a mystery kid. Redundancy–you’re doing it right!

Creepy Monster Baby totally reminds me of that creepy model with the abnormally big eyes. Eek!

Whoa, dudes, look at this cap:

This little girl is the epitome of the SPN Evol Kid. Ruuuuuuuuuun Freckles, ruuuuuuuuuuuun!

Freckles’ phone rings and it is pretty adorable that he excuses himself from Creepy Monster Baby to go take the call. It’s Dimples’ of course, who is still not terribly happy with Freckles’ wasting time at ChlaLydia’s house.

Suddenly, Freckles overhears Creepy Monster Baby talking to her mother and hangs up on Dimples to spy a bit. Dimples takes off in a huff to head to the morgue to talk to Faux-Clark Kent and some detective check who will surely be ~evil because this is the Evol Womyns episode. She blows him off and Dimples is like “mmmkay”

Dimples tries the puppy eyes on Clark:

And is confused to find it doesn’t work.

In the meantime, however, he does find a receipt for the cheesy lounge that Freckles picked up ChlaLydia in. Turns out the other victim also picked up a woman there right before he died. Dimples slowly starts to figure it out…or it could just be gas. Not sure.

He calls Freckles, is who being a creeper and staking out ChlaLydia’s house. Dimples is NOT happy to find him still hanging out there and even is like “jeaaaaaalouuuuuuuuuussssss”.

Freckles is like:

LOL NO. I just wanted an excuse to use that gif somehow, somewhere. He was really like:

……which is an even dumber line. But this is the show that gave us these gems:

Dimples starts to tell Freckles about how the victims picked up girls in the cheesy lounge, but then the Evol Womyns come out of ChlaLydia’s house carrying this awesome hot pink suitcase that I desperately need:

…and Freckles is entranced.

Seething-with-jealousy Dimples is not as impressed.

Suddenly, Creepy Monster Baby–who is now Creepy Monster Child–comes out and is handed over to the Evol Womyns as ChlaLydia looks stoically on and Freckles is like “buzzah?”


Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles still looks like this:

He follows them (in such an unsubtle manner that I LOL’ed) to some abandoned building looking place. The Evol Womyns–who you know are evol because they are all wearing pantsuits–take the in-need-of-a-hair-brush Creepy Monster Child inside, and Freckles takes off back to the motel.

Freckles is trying to convince Dimples that the sudden appearance of Creepy Monster Baby-Child is suspicious.

Exactly. Never trust anyone with lots of RUBBER DUCKS around them.

And now Dimples is fighting the ~weirdness. WHY? I didn’t understand it with Freckles on the case in the beginning, and really, they have seen some hinky shit, why would Monster Baby be that odd? And technically Freckles was Personalityless Emo Pre-Teen’s quasi-dad for a year (and helped out with Orange Crush’s baby neice) so he’s not totally clueless about children at this point.

Meanwhile, THIS is happening:

Freckles tries to put it in layman’s terms:

Dimples is like “really, Dean?”

Over to the Evol Pantsuits, who are holding some creepy cannibal ceremony for a line of Creepy All-White Children. Creepy Monster Child has seemingly grown a few years in the past five minutes, and is now doing her best impersonation of Blonde bb!Lilith:

Alas–there can be only one.

Over to the Mayor’s office, where a huge projection of the Tentacle Penis is on a screen. He’s pointing a big stick at the Tentacle Penis and I giggle because I’m just like that.

The Mayor tells them the symbol is a representation of an ancient goddess named Harmonia or some shit and she spawned Amazons and Freckles is like “WONDER WOMAN??” and now I’m picturing little bbFreckles, secretly watching Lynda Carter and pretending he has a golden lasso and hiding in the locked motel bathroom and just hoping that Sir won’t walk in when he’s trying to spin and turn into her.

….or something. Cough.

The Mayor says the Amazons thought the mens totes sucked and were only good for their baby-making and then after the Evol Womyns got the sperm, they ganked the mens. OH NOES!

Yeah, I don’t know either, Jensen.

Over to the lady detective, who of course turns out to be evol. We already knew this though, because she’s wearing a PANTSUIT.

Turns out that the Evol Pantsuits figured out who the guys are thanks to the exploits of the Krakchesters:

LOL, let’s take a closer look at these mugshots, because they are horrible. Especially stoned!Sam, although 1million bonus points for the bangs:

Back at the motel, where they’ve spread the entirety of the Magical Library out on the bed. All I can think about is a quick shot of the bathroom behind Freckles, which is so dirty that I might burst into tears right here and now.

Dimples finds all the info they need on this obscure site called “Google” and they discover that the Evol Amazon Womyns would steal sperm and then procreate super fast. You know, like being pregnant after a one night stand in a cheesy lounge.

Ah, look at them go, putting those pieces together!

Dimples makes “sad eyebrows” in response.

Then Dimples chastises him for not using a condom (thank you, Sam) but then Freckles is like:

This obviously means that ChlaLydia’s Evol Vagina Juice melted the latex. Poor Trojan Man!

The Evol Pantsuit Leader cackles in evol glee:

and then brands Creepy Monster Child–who is now Creepy Monster Teen–with the Tentacle Penis. Kink Bingo, holla!

Back to the motel, where Dimples is wondering why ChlaLydia would go with Freckles. Um, dude, have you SEEN him? OK, so maybe she thought he was a rich, investment banker, but if I need some quick sperm, I’d be all about Jensen Ackles, if you know what I’m saying (that sounded better in my head)

Suddenly one of the papers move and they bust out the EMF meter to check it. Dimples finds the window open and blames the wind, but in-denial Freckles suggests GHOST BOBBY.

Dimples’ reaction is basically mine:

and then he gets all emotional and comes over and gets in Freckles’ face and Dimples is just so big and yummy and Freckles has to tip his head back to talk to him and stare at his mouth the whole time

So, anyway, they check out the paper that the wind/ghost moved and it turns out to be something in Greek. Dudes, I live in Astoria, I can walk outside my apartment and get that translated for you. Dimples decides to go show it to the Mayor and tells Freckles to stay there. ARE THEY STUPID? (don’t answer that) What part of the case–where men alone at home get their hands and feet cut off by their monster daughters–makes you think that Freckles NOT going with Dimples is the best course of action?

Dimples heads over and barges into the Mayor’s (and his sweater vest’s) office, demanding he translate.

Back at the hotel Freckles is watching Tentacle porn (I kid, I kid…I think). He hears a knock and (stupidly) answers the door to Creepy Monster Teen, who is all:

First of all: they cast this perfectly, because those lips are totally a mix between ChlaLydia’s and Freckles’.

I do have to say that it’s also fantastic that Creepy Monster Teen Winchester is being played by Missy Bender, one of the original Evol SPN Kids!

Ah, damn, now I’m thinking about Deputy Kathleen and how amazing she would be as an awesome hunting partner for Sheriff Sassy, and how hot they would be together. YUM.

Creepy Monster Teen starts in on her sob story about how the Evol Pantsuits are trying to brainwash her and branded her with a Tentacle Penis. She utilizes her Uncle Sammy’s best shiny puppy eyes and Freckles wobbles pitifully.

Then she shows off the real family resemblance:

She is already ten times better than Personalityless Emo Pre-Teen so I’m ready to say lets just keep her already.

Oh, I’m kidding, shut up.

He lets her into the motel room, and I think it’s due solely to the awesome hot pink suitcase. She gives him the “I just wanna be normal speech” and damn, she’s good! Hit the man right where it hurts.

“Close your mouth, dear, you’re gonna catch flies”

Back to the Mayor, who translates the Greek and tells Dimples what we already know–that the Creepy All-White Monster Children need to kill their cheesy-lounge-going fathers. Dimples runs to go call Freckles, but is attacked by Detective Evol Pantsuit instead.

And then tossed like a ragdoll (which is always hot) before shooting her. I’m not sure if it’s just convenient or lucky that a random gunshot will kill these particular monsters.

Of course, the ragdoll-tossing busted up his phone and he can’t call Freckles to warn him (gee, I guess they should have stuck together!)

Back to the motel, where Freckles stupidly turns his back on Creepy Monster Teen. It’s alright though, because it allows us to get this gif, which Kat titled “Dat Ass” (and what nice popping phallus imagery we have there!)

He’s not really an idiot (he just plays one on TV), so he whips around and has his gun ready to go.

We get cross-cuts of Dimples rushing frantically back to the motel (it would have been kind of hilarious if he got there and Freckles really was just chillin’ there watching Tentacle porn) and Creepy Monster Teen taunting daddy dearest as he looks all woobie and gorgeous.

Dimples is outside the door and overhears Freckles telling her to walk away since she hasn’t killed anyone yet. Creepy Monster Teen is like “LOL NO” and she really is super pretty.

Dimples is over this shit, so he busts in and ganks her. I gotta admit I LOL’ed that Kat named this gif “Bad Uncle Sam”

Then the boys look at each other all angsty and shit.

And Kat named this gif “Dom Sam” and I’m cracking up for some reason and I don’t even know why. It’s like Dimples is like “that’s right, I’ma shoot your monster kid, yo! Just take it! WHIP!”

They head off to find the Evol Pantsuits and…did they just leave Creepy Monster Teen’s body there? Or did they hide it with the corpses of Crazy Eyed Sid and Dr. Matt?

Regardless, the Evol Pantsuits are gone, free to steal sperm another day.

Back in the NotPala and fortunately for us, Freckles doesn’t seem that beat up about the Monster kid dying thing. Dimples however, is pissed because he thinks that Freckles was going to let Creepy Monster Teen go but ganked ol’ Dr. Foxy (sledgehammer alert!). Then he tries to tell Freckles that the kid wasn’t really his, but Freckles is all “of course she was–did you see those lips?”

Dimples is all “you suck, woobie!” and Freckles is all “Oh yeah? How’s Luci doing?”

Let’s be honest though, Dimples is just a needy mass of adorable co-dependency at this point, so when he says this:

…he really means “Dean please don’t leave me, I love you soooooooooo much, sob!”

Or something like that.

Freckles is like “yeah, whatever, no big.”


Well, that was rather pointless, right? I mean, I know we are supposed to take the ending as some reverse version of the (terribly boring at this point) Dr. Foxy storyline, but they aren’t really comparable. And what is the point of it? What does it tell us about these characters right now, at this point in the timeline? The only thing that I can think of is that we are supposed to get that Sam doesn’t trust Dean. I sense a serious breakdown coming for Sam soon, and considering the fact that his “stone number one” (sob) doesn’t seem to be very sturdy anymore, it makes sense that it’ll come sooner rather than later.

I was kind of annoyed that Sam’s speech at the end was just a mild variation on the “boo hoo, suck it” mantra that we’ve seen thrown at Dean all season. It’s always “I don’t care how you deal, just deal” instead of “how can I help you figure out how to deal?” This isn’t a one-sided thing here, because obviously Sam is dealing with more than his own shit and Dean isn’t helping matters. I’m just longing for what the second episode promised–that there was going to be way for them to finally help each other, well, deal.

GHOST BOBBY? Seriously, Sera Gamble, just stop that.

Most important thing that happened this week:


Episode Calculations:

90-Proof Scale of Drunkenness: Old person flask +10,000

Ackles Aging-Like-Fine-Wine Hotness Scale: So hot that ancient beings stole his sperm +500,000

Releasing the Kraken Tentacle Watch: TENTACLE PENIS +10million

Wincestosity: Jealous!Dimples +100,000

Gifs by [info]fiercelynormal and tumblr

Screencaps by Home of the Nutty

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  1. Pinkwood

    Thur she is! Agree x a bajillionty with everything, bb and Kat’s gif-naming is definitely the best thing to come out of the episode LOL!

    But let’s be positive.

    1. Jeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllous Sammeh & shirtless Dean complete with re-twinked boddeh <3 This is all I saw.
    2. DON! I laughed so hard at that and then I got legit paranoid :/ And then I laughed again.
    3. This episode did not give me French Mistake levels of epic rage because he wore a rubber. Phew. I'm choosing to believe it was sabotaged or magicked somehow, but he wore one, so…there's that at least.
    5. Extra LULZ because @Malformd pointed out that Cobalt is in fact DC's premiere gay bar – quote "I suspect Emma is the first baby ever to result from a Cobalt hook-up" LOLOLOLOL!

    And you GUISE – I'm really excited for the next few. Seriously.

    The only other thing to add is that the Jensen BJ gif and Jared lip-licking gif are the finest pairing I've seen since – well, no, they're the finest pairing BAR NONE. *STARES FOREVER*

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  2. dug


    It’s inappropriate how many times I wanna watch the sex scene gif, but I’m at work, le sigh.

    This had the best mix of Jensen appreciation and show mockery.

  3. Mel

    About the bottom!Dean: Here is Freckles answer to that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDZZTevUbDE
    Hehe.. Me thinks the gentleman does protest to much ;-)

  4. Kat

    Is it just me or does the Dom Sam gif just cry out for fic?

    Awesome recap, darling!

  5. MJ


    That is all.

    1. MJ


      (Yes, I’m posting this as I go along. Alec does things to me.)

      1. MJ

        You should have ALL ALEC DARK ANGEL RECAPS.

        I’ll… be in my bunk.

        1. fic_obsessed

          ^^^ OMG THIS!! Yes. PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE do DA S2 recaps sometime!! Maybe during hiatus??

  6. auroramama

    So delighted to see this up!

    Possibly my favorite line: the scorned gift flask from Sam engraved,
    “Here you go, you miserable drunk bastard, stop drinking out of a paper bag like a fucking hobo. Jerk. xoxo Sammy”

    I used to get gifts like that from my Mom. It’s the thought that counts!

  7. megginLane

    This Episode was crying out for your recap! I love that it was resplendent with Freckles shirtless in three variations, Dark shadows twink, nipple tweek and the newly buff version. And that gif of Freckles being the most bottomly bottom of them all was proof that JA had been working out in prep for that- sooo method of him (YUM!)

    But the story line was a blow by huh? Why after all these years would Dimples doubt his randy brother’s radar about weird sex driven fugly behavior? Or that OLDCAPS could find a way to say “idjits” one more time? Why would the dramazons use Krackchester behavior to school Deanspawn only to have her pull the ‘save me I only noes 36 hours of life’ to make Freckles all woobly? ( she was one of the creepiest child monsters yet IMO)

    And after she’s ganked right in front of him, Freckles is all ‘it’s no biggie” to Dimples in the car? I tell ya it made my head hurt ( maybe that was the sledgehammer (LOL)

    One thing’s for sure Freckles being sexed is beautiful and Dimples is now so codependent on him that his jealousy for his attention is bitchface clear.

    Thank you for all the pretty!!!!

  8. Easy O

    The recap is up! And it’s glooooooooorious!
    At this point, I’m basically just a sap for the adorable co-dependency, so I was loving Sam being all jealous and choking back tears while saying “Don’t die!” but I agree that the “What’s the point?” question still applies.
    Tomorrow is unicorns and clowns!

  9. Alexa

    I wanted to keep monster daughter too! Or at least let her live to kill another day. I mean she’d have to be a monster to survive being Dean’s daughter. Imagine all the people who want to get to her. What if she staged her own death . . . What if shooting them in the heart doesn’t really kill them?

    I want EMMA back!!!!

    Thank you for livening up my night!

  10. Kamidiox

    HAHAHAHA OMG I Love your recaps!

    About the “How can I help you” part… well, Sam actually tried, in the Wizards ep, he even told Dean he was there when Dean needs to “discharge” but Dean was all “Not Big” so… I can’t blame Sam for giving up.

  11. Annaliese

    “Ah, damn, now I’m thinking about Deputy Kathleen and how amazing she would be as an awesome hunting partner for Sheriff Sassy, and how hot they would be together. YUM.”

    Three words: Spin Off. Yes.

  12. Lia

    *tears* wait let me catch my breath

    You know, I have that suitcase (even though I loathe pink) and it’s awesomely easy to spot at baggage claim at the airport. That’s one practical monster kid.

    “Dean Winchester is the bottomiest bottom who ever bottomed” — indeed he is.

  13. Lia

    *tears* wait let me catch my breath

    You know, I have that suitcase (even though I loathe pink) and it’s awesomely easy to spot at baggage claim at the airport. That’s one practical monster kid.

    “Dean Winchester is the bottomiest bottom who ever bottomed” — indeed he is.

    What the hell is wrong with this form? It keeps telling me I already made this comment.

    1. Lia


  14. Charles

    “now I’m picturing little bbFreckles, secretly watching Lynda Carter and pretending he has a golden lasso and hiding in the locked motel bathroom and just hoping that Sir won’t walk in when he’s trying to spin and turn into her.”

    your mind is brilliant xD

  15. Jae

    LOVED the re cap. And love those lasts giff with Dean and the kitten. I will admit, though I knew the kid was going to be evil, I had a little hope that they wouldn’t go that direction. I think the idea of Dean being daddy to a monster could have taken him into some interesting directions as well as see what a half-monster half hunter trained person could have turned out to be. She could have been hunter extraordinaire. But of course it ended as it did. I liked this episode.

  16. loghorea

    oh my! I laughed like a deranged hyena reading this fabulosity! *SMOCHES BB* and *sneaky gropes* :)

  17. CC

    what if dean has really been don all along!!!!!???? O_O O_O and that name in his phone was just to confuse us and throw us off his trail O_O O_O oooohhhhh shhhiiiiitt!!!!! O_O

    oh dearl lord, that gif of dean and the kitten may just be the best thing to happen to me in just about forever XDD

  18. nothingtoadd

    hey, JC. I might not be commenting as much, but I still read your recaps religiously. Is it me or did anybody else notice that Dean is missing Cas’s hand print?

  19. Angie

    Well I’ve been reading through all your recaps kind of obsessively since I found them recently. As a die-hard Sam!girl you and your boyfriend make me weep sometimes being so harsh on him and his lovey hair!!!!!!! :C But that aside, I really love these recaps; they’re pretty hilarious and so i appreciate you doing them. Thanks! <3

    The reason i wanted to comment on this one in particular is because you left out "You're 10 lbs of sad in a 5 lb bag" in your collage of hilariously dumb lines! That's all, lol. I will go back to reading the rest of the recaps now!

  20. fic_obsessed

    Lovely recap is lovely. And funny. And the GIFS!!! Mmmm.

    But but but has anyone noticed that during that lovely sexy scene, NOT ONCE did we get a glimpse of Dean’s belly button or below??? :”( I happen to be a fan of the happy trail, and was LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, especially cuz like, in Season 6 with the shirtless soulless!Sam sexercising, we saw so much happy trail and his pants were riding so low I’m surprised there wasn’t a pubes warning in the age classification, so SURELY we’d get to see some Jensen!trail, BUT NO!! Dunno if it was a conspiracy of the Camera Guyses Against Fangirls, or if Jensen was feeling self conscious that day, which is just silly, because hello! Jensen YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS, GET WITH THE PROGRAM ALREADY AND SHOW ME HAPPY TRAILZ! /rant

    Anyway, two Jensen Ackles Objectification Weeks in a row?? Yay! :D

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