Feb 22

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Sorry but I am totally tired from running around after work trying to get my passport shit sorted out, so I am not in the mood to create a great title for this post. Guh. Here’s some stuff to enjoy:

Here is Adam on Fuse giving the normal soundbites (take a shot!)

Here he is being interviewed by some woman who I see people are calling “embarrassing” and frankly I haven’t watched so judge for yourself:

Here is some Finnish interview YAY (In Finland he is regarded as a God and they all tremble before his presence dontcha know?):

And here is Roger and Brian at a press conference talking about the show/Adam:

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  1. Caro

    Embarrassing woman wasn’t as embarrassing as I thought she would be. LOL bit here and there but nothing we haven’t heard before.

    What really set me off into giggles though was in the Finnish interview the way he walks into that room to determined and looks out the window. He’s such a good actor…And the Oscar goes to…Bet he only needed about 7 takes for that one.

    And if doesn’t stop dissing my food he’s gonna have a srs problemo with mio!! srsly!

    1. Rain

      LoL I laughed so hard when I saw that part. Adam trying to be all serious and gazing at some ugly barren Swedish trees.

      He talked about the German food very stereotypically. In that same sense, we could also say the food in the USA is mainly greasy, unhealthy fast food (burgers, pies, peanut butter, poptarts, KFC, McDonalds, etc) and healhy, real food is impossible to find there. Which of course isn’t true, but Adam should know that’s the stereotype we’ve got about HIS country. :D

      1. Caro

        I honestls never knew that unhealthy food was a stereotype of Germany. =(

        1. Jae

          I haven’t been to Germany really but when I was in Austria and the Czech republic, really eating was for survival. It was all sausage, potatoes and Schnitzel. Not a lot of fresh veggies. We were dying for greens while over there. I am talking about the normal little pubs and such a that we ate at. We didn’t do any fine dining while we were there. We found a place that had salad on the menue and were were ecstatic.

  2. Lain

    actually the embarrassing woman was kinda cute..lolol
    there were some bits that I would go
    “oh dear let’s keep those to ourselves gurl!! Don’t let our boy know abt things what we discuss!!”
    but.. I can understand her….cuz If I was there, I would go exactly like that…

    and yes I LOLed on that look-out-the-window Adam, too lolol

  3. sagitariusmoon6

    Expend your horizon!!! Look at ugly trees and find them philosophical and beautiful!!!! And make a decision!!! I’ll visit Finland on mid summer night!!! ( I think it’s the shortest night of the year or something?? July 21???—well…. if we want to be Shakespearean) Regardless,I do want to see Adam in movies—preferably someone theatrical who would break down to be honest an vulnerable at the critical moment.And I think he would be excellent to play emotions with his eyes and face behind that theatrical facade. ( in that *embarrassing lady* interview I saw him became irritated for a tiny second,when he said he like someone’s pants and the lady said;-maybe she can take it off right now for you-)the man has a patient of a saint

  4. Luna

    Passport?! CHUNKEY– are you really going to see HH and QUEEN? If this is so– I am sooooooo happy/excited for you!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

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