Feb 19

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LOL Oh Adam! You are waaaay too tall and full of self respect to ever be Ryan Seacrest! Watch Adam clown around on the set of Fuse Top 100 Sexy Beats

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  1. Aleeex

    I remember when i acted like that girl when I met Adam. But after that day, I realized he no longer makes me starstruck. I know because I didn’t act like it when I went to GNT. If I were her, I’d swing my arm around his shoulder and be like “Sup?” cos he feels like an old friend now. It’s so weird!

  2. Orange

    That girl was so adorable! >w<

  3. Lain

    (trying to think “jealousy is for losers, jealousy is for losers.” but i failed…)

    that girl is just so adorable..
    I was screaming like on ogre when I was in the audience for GNT (that’s not even count)

    I can’t fine the actual sexybeats vids on anywhere except for the “I’m hard” and him introducing JT and Madonna..

  4. Ebo

    I love when Adam acts so silly and goofs around. “I can be this, this could be me…” “I’m gesturing with my eyes!” And the ending…lmao. Adam, you’re adorable.

  5. Luna

    That girl is so adorable…with her braces…and HH towering over her. It’s all AWWWW….shucks!

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