Jan 20

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One with another San Fran station and one with some chick that I don’t know at all. LOL.


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  1. Me

    Adam, the superlative of COOL, POSITIVE thinking, FUN, SUPER SEXY, BEAUTY and GOOD FEELING! Have I mention how many times I kissed my computer screen during these interviews? Besides kissing the screen, bla bla…… I not going to talk about extras. However, feels sooooooooooooo DAMN goooooooood to see Adam.

    1. sagitariusmoon6

      LOL you are so cute,and yes,HE IS BACK!!!!

    2. glammgurl

      @ME – love your comment. Yes, sooooooo cute!

  2. Jacki

    He’s going MAD with interviews. :D

    Love it – still worried he’s sounding like his stage show is going to be less crazy mad sexy norty Adam tho…..

    And enough about juicing and vegetables already – sorry Adam….. really not into it. UNLESS you give us the secret recipe to whatever it is you’re doing to make you look that good – and i mean EXACTLY what you’re doing…..

  3. Heather

    Her name and Twitter account are at the end of the interview, written on the screen. You must be soooooo lazy (forever lazy!!!) not to copy them down. LOL

  4. Caro

    I love this new invasion of interviews. Good that you guys only post the good ones =D

  5. dilok

    Why does she keep saying that Trespassing is only a few days from being released? isnt it in March? And why didn’t he correct her? hmmmm….

  6. Eargasm

    I am enjoying all the Adam interviews… I would not worry about Adam not being able to deliver on the “fast and dirty” songs he described on Ellen, when he sings those dance songs he is going to dance his ass off and we know how he can move!!! He’s just holding back as a bit of foreplay for the moment … it’s coming !!!

  7. loha

    i’m saying this in my sweetest indoor voice: i find this interview with this chick an incredible waste of time. outside of fandom passing it around it does nothing to promote him-who are these peeps? i understand radio stations-which i hope in the end play his song ’cause that’s not always the case. i say stick to interviews with major mags and well known interviewers-obviously Ellen…. i don’t even care that he talks about juicing or his bf, just say it to someone who has thousands of eyeballs tuning in. Did LMFAO have to do the radio rounds or Foster the People for their first songs to get played? Do all artists have to do this radio stuff?


    1. Caro

      In my expierience most acts except the really really big ones do the radio thingys and it does help get their stuff out there!
      most people do listen to radio, me excluded, and they have a lot of power. He should do as many radio interviews as he can!

      1. loha

        ok, i guess ’cause i don’t pay attention to radio i don’t really know if other acts have to pander to dj’s also-it just seems like adam is having to be voted on for everything by stations whereas other acts music just gets played

        1. Caro

          Well maybe behind the scenes fans of those acts do request their songs and you just don’t hear it. I don’t know how that works. Also ppl like Gaga, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and so on will be played cos that’s what people know and want to hear. Adam hasn’t been on the scene for them since before he went on tour. for us of course he’s been there all the time. But he was maybe forgotten by others who don’t follow him. He’s not mainstream yet and so he has to come into people minds before they can hear his stuff and start to like him.

  8. pattihum

    Yes, all artists do the radio rounds, even Gaga and Katy Perry!

  9. glammgurl

    I’ve been wondering about this too.

  10. Cafwen

    I WANTS ADAM INTERVIEW HERE IN SOUTH AFRICA TOO! Dammit. (The SouthAfriGlams, haha, may have started a twittion… lol)

    Anyways, Life is a Tunic. Mysteries of the Universe explained.

  11. Lain

    are we still doing that bingo thingy for the interviews? lol
    cuz I so far I’ve heard abt Queen.. that finland incident. Pharrell,. His relation ship.. Trespassing..but no sign of Bruno Mars or his makeup….
    the Juicing stuff is new tho(up until now…lol)

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