Oct 21

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Adam, as unfiltered as ever!

The Advocate published outtakes of Adam’s interview with Matthew Breen (“A Gay Day in America“, which Chunkey posted about the other day), and we learn some very interesting things (well, interesting to ME, anyway) like…

The “NIN meets George Michael” comment came from this sentence:

I guess you could call it electrofunk, and then there’s some darker synth pop — a little bit Depeche Mode, a little bit ’90s industrial.

Hmm… Depeche Mode, you say?

DM is one of Tommy’s all-time favourite bands. He even has their “Violator” rose tattoed on his arm.

Shame on the Advocate for almost making us miss this SUCCULENT FACT! LOL

(I’d use the tinhat justice smiley, but I usually associate it with Kradam!)

Anyway, Adam posing with a female is all about fantasy for his fans, right? Yes, but…

[…] I do believe in a gray area of sexuality. I don’t think it should be so black and white.

I’ve made out with girls, I may have done more than that too, but so what? I’ve heard people criticize that, “Oh, he’s just trying to seem bi.” No I’m just being, I’m not trying to seem anything, that’s just the truth. It’s not as premeditated as it seems, I don’t know how to do that.

 So… when did he really start to understand he was gay?

I was like any boy, gay or straight, you know, like jerking off looking at porn on the computer — you know, really slow Internet connections at the time, like in 1997. You could see like a blurry one frame per minute.

More scorn (and yes, I know he’s probably not referring to his orange-boob-painting-voodoo-NOLA-boy-toy but whatevs, it warms my heart to pretend):

Before meeting Sauli — which is a great positive healthy exciting relationship — I had some not so healthy situations.

Read the rest of the outtakes here!

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  1. chunkeymonkey81


    1. JC

      Wait a minute, I thought he was a beard for Adam and MIKE RUIZ??

      1. Heather

        No, *I’m* the beard for Adam and Mike.

        btw, My parents are in NYC this weekend, before they leave on their cruise, so it’s *almost* like I’m visiting you. bwahahahaha. Okay not really at all. But I’m still pretending like it is.

  2. Kelly-Anne

    WHOA HERE! HE MIGHT HAVE DONE MORE WITH A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear sweet Jeebuz on a pogostick….there’s hope for me yet!!!!!

    1. Heather

      LMAO!!! The chair-sliding is starting already………………

      1. Kelly-Anne

        Oh Heather, I done sliiiiiiiid off my chair and all the way down the road to Edmonton on that comment………ahhhhhhhhhhh-ahhhhhhhh-Adammmmmmmmm. Damn, the hubby might just get lucky tonight.

  3. Bbctcher

    That’s all I’m going to say.

    1. Heather

      But… you didn’t say anything! LOL

      1. Bbctcher

        oops replied below ;)

  4. Bbctcher

    LOL An Adam quote- he said that twice in the part of the interview that has the quote about Sauli. lol

    1. Heather

      Oh, duh. Sorry. My brain is on witches and vampires right now!

      1. Bbctcher

        Witches and vampires and Sauli, OH MY! LMAOOOOOOOO

  5. Caro

    The link to the rest of the outtakes takes me to tommy’s tattoo…

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