Jun 13

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The lecherous guys over at Man Hunt Daily have posted some new shirtless pics of Kris HERE.

It was with great pleasure that we were alerted pics of his family vacation on Facebook, which included several shots of him splashing about without a shirt. He’s no dummy. He knows how to keep the fans’ interest piqued. Among other things he’s piquing on us.

Oh, and Kris – who’s your hot friend? Rraow.

I really like how one commenter answered the bloggers question with:

That’s Kris’s younger brother, Daniel. He’s pretty much the definition of asshat, but years of cheerleading and gymnastics have made him ripped.
LMAO. Too true. Perhaps they read all about his virgin bride and homosexual med student bestie?

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  1. loha

    i think of adam & neil and can see how they’re family, then i look at kris and DA and wonder if they’re from the same gene pool

    1. bud

      bwahahahahahahahahaaha so true

  2. Bren

    My god, he looks good! He really is one sexy little thing. I love the one comment on ManHunt….’Still closeted’? The gay men really do like him.

  3. krisjonin

    Kris really looking hot, sooo hot. Daniel, well, body hot, face blech! Hard to tell they’re brothers.

  4. JC


    1. loha

      you mean this guy?

      1. loha

        lol! it posted twice, he won’t be denied

      2. Luna

        Hmmm…take me to your wigwam…

        1. Luna

          GAWD…this reminds me of how hot I was for Wind In His Hair from “Dances With Wolves”. Somtimes…getting captured by Indians…it’s a good thing. I was up in Quebec a few years back and went to this little native town called Kanawake but the probouce it “Gahnawagee”. Anyway, I saw quite a few white people in town and I asked someone about it and she said: “Oh, those are the ancestors of people we captured 200 years ago. When white women were taken to our village– they didn’t want to leave because our culture( Six Nations) is matriarchal and women chose their own husbands (whom they could divorce by placing their belongings outside their lodge…lol!) and they chose the chiefs. So women had it better there than in the average white society at the time…and some of them married natives and some of them married white guys and raised their families in the village…interesting.

  5. mswisteria

    This is obviously a family outing. I suspect Katy of posting these pictures.
    She’s a smart girl. She could be reminding everyone of how HOT he is.

    1. krisjonin

      No, it’s not Katy who posted the pics. It’s the fiancee of Daniel who posted these in her facebook but I guess she deleted them later on.

      1. Caro

        probably because her virginal eyes should not look upon such sexiness of her fiancé’s brother!

  6. Robert



  7. sparkly cougar

    Kris had nicer arms than Daniel. Love the treasure trail…..

    1. Luna

      Treasure trail is one of my fave things…always a thumbs up…and KRISSOFER…

  8. Caro

    OH baby yes. that’s what makes me happy after a long day in college. The Kris Allen Treasure Trail. there should be a book about it.
    but why you wearin such baggy trunks bb? missing out on the peenery to where the treasure trail is leading.
    He looks so much hotter than his brother!

  9. whatev

    He is FAR & AWAY the sexiest thing that cheese-fest American Idol has ever given us!

  10. whatev

    ….and some of the other pictures are just as good.

  11. whatev

    …and this site needs moar kris stuff. (just sayin….)

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