May 11

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Get your popcorn gifs ready; Lisa Pittman takes on the Glamberts

I have no idea what’s going on, but it seems that Lisa was accusing Adam (without actually naming him) of letting fame go to his head and being disloyal to Monte; she tweeted some snarky things (like how Adam never sees her son) and then deleted her Twitter account. Apparently Monte has defriended Adam on Facebook as well.

No clue what this is about – the new album, or Monte’s solo stuff, or the band, or something else. Maybe Adam going to the Prince concert?

Meanwhile, Monte tweeted the video “We are going to eat you” by Chris Barnes, and Adam is trying to distract everyone by tweeting old photos of him from his “club kid” days that he probably doesn’t realize we’ve all had saved in our “Adam Lambert pictures” folder for years. LOL

Adam has a gig in Russia at the end of the month (Robert, what do you know about this??? LOL); not sure if the band is supposed to go with him, but if they are, this could be verrrrry interesting.


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  1. sagitariusmoon6

    What’s happened, Jesus this is not good,where is gonna be the great trio of the Glamnation tour?(Monte-Tommy-Adam) I’m confused

  2. Bbctcher

    so I just woke up from a chemical cocktail coma, trying to beat my cold. and there is all this weirdness in the air can someone fill me in..
    about 2 hours ago via web

    so here is what I learned. Adam is playing the kazoo for the intros to slepwalker and IIHY, and stomping on the floor for drums. 1 man band!
    about 1 hour ago via web

    Perhaps there is trouble in paradise

    1. Purplegirll

      later someone tweeted:
      @WARNWILLIS Who’s going to Russia with Adam? Will the dancers also go with him?

      and he replied

      @kiwinatasja I stand by my kazoo tweet in reply to this question

      does this mean the band wouldnt go? this makes no sense and I cant beleive what happened was severe enough for Monte to be out of the band, he’s probably just fucking with us

  3. outlawbooster

    I think from the tweets of people that stay in close contact with Monte & the rest of the band that Lisa’s upset that Adam hasn’t tried to support their gigs at small venues, nor has stayed as close with them as they thought he would…true love seems to taking over old friendships…always a major problem! They were there when he was lonely….

  4. Lain

    I thought this would be some kind of an “Impostor” situation.
    but I guess not.lol
    IDK.. I mean I love Monte- and Lisa, and 4 kids..and also think that Monte is a brilliant guitar player.
    but I rly don’t think that Adam has to help him out or something or be “loyal”.. even if they are old friends or something..
    He’s been loyal for like.. 2 years now. and to be honest.. I don’t think there should be anything else HH can do.
    Monte has been working for Madonna like.. forever- but he’s not getting any help from her either. but yet Adam has been his friend, so Adam has to be supportive? I don’t get it…
    and I think Adam did not reached the level of “Helping someone” yet.
    you can not ask for help to someone or accuse someone of his lack of support when that person is not so good either…. ..well that’s my thought.
    and if this is true or not.. for Lisa, it’s not good to start this “drama” when Monte is in the middle of things. Yes, you guys are old friends, but Monte is employed to Adam… and I don’t think there was no other guitar players who were in the audition process , that as good as Monte..
    am I too realistic or sarcastic?

    1. Lain

      and in addition…
      it’s not like a middle school girl’s bathroom talking behind someone’s back situation. I never thought someone around thirties would do such things on a very EXTREMELY public outlet.
      if you guys have a problem of disloyalty. Call. Plz. Don’t act childish.

      so in conclusion. I don’t wanna believe this. (lol)
      cuz I expect more from those ppl..

      1. Meagan

    2. Purplegirll

      I agree with you on all points!!!

  5. Alen

    I don’t understand. How can Adam be disloyal to him? The Glam Nation ended, what does he want now? Does he want Adam promoting his stuff? *confused*

    1. Purplegirll

      she didnt even say disloyal, it sounded that way then when someone asked how AFL was disloyal to monte she said well basically its that Monte’s loyality was for naught (so ie: he was not REWARDED for this so called loyalty that she refers to, taking a good paying gig with your friend is showing all sorts of loyalty? ok

    2. Dilok

      Maybe because Monte isn’t playing on the new album?

      1. Dilok

        Also if the issue of Adam not supporting Monte at his shows, maybe it’s a timing thing, you know he’s recording and all, wasn’t he at Cam’s show in So Cal? How is that not showing support for a friend and someone who was in his band? I dont get it but the drama is kinda fun, just glad it ain’t mine :)

        1. Heather

          Also, I think if Adam showed up at Monte’s gigs all the fans would be mobbing HIM and not paying attention to Monte, which defeats the purpose of supporting him in the first place.

          1. Dilok

            I was just about to post something like this myself :) But your right, if it was announced that he was going to be showing up at Monte’s gig’s can you imagine how many people would show up because Adam was going to be there? Not fair to Monte.

  6. Laurie

    To be honest, Adam has already done so much for him (and her and their kids) because basically, the Glamberts have supported Monte’s solo stuff, go to his concerts, etc. He’s got so many new fans because of Adam. I don’t think Adam “owes” him anything. Adam has never been anything than nice to him, always praising him in the interviews and on stage…

    It’s been really hard time for me to understand this whole thing. I was so sure Lisa was talking about someone else b/c I never saw this coming.. This makes me so sad. I just hope there has been some kind of misunderstanding.. Loved your blog post tho, made me laugh.. :)

  7. Noelle

    Whatever happened, it isn’t good. Hope she doesn’t feel that true love is coming between their friendship. I don’t believe Adam would let that happen. All I know is that Adam deserves to have love & fulfillment in his life like Monte & Lisa do. And they’ve all been there for each other no matter what. This is kinda sad, hope they can resolve whatever the issue is.

  8. Meagan

    To be honest, I saw this coming…
    I never cared for Monte anyways… Or Lisa for that matter..
    They’ll get over it

    1. Luna

      I never wanted to say this before…but I’ve seen several of Monte’s interviews…and while I respect his talent– hot guitar skillz…I also didn’t get the greatest vibe from him…not quick to smile…not alot of warmth…kind of an attitude…like he’s “too cool for school”. I have no idea if this is the case…but it appears that way.

      …and I am far from a crazy Glambert. I don’t think HH…or anyone, including myself, is perfect. However, for all the pressure and fan frenzy and insant fame that Adam has aquired, I think his public behavior and loyalty to his friends has been about as good as it gets– especially for someone who isn’t even 30 yet.
      …and yeah LAINY…I think Twitter and all the social media can turn adults into middle school “mean girls”. This stuff is supposed to be fun. I can watch the news if I want negativity…and a trip to the therapist.

      1. Lain

        Yeah I know. Twitter is the devil. And I know it from my experience but i never madr a scene like this out of it.
        And Monte’s attitute is becuz he’s a scorpio..I know it’s kinds lame to rely on astrology this much but everytime I see him, I could’t stop thinkin tht he’s sooo scorpio

      2. Lain

        Man I need a spell check in my phone. Lol

        1. Jae

          lol! I thought that was all purposeful mispellings. :P

      3. Meagan

        Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw his odd behavior..
        I love Adam but my love for him isn’t the reason I’m taking his side on this.. And you’re right, fame and frenzies do make it hard for friendships and strains them..
        I’m a Cancer so I’m more emotional and I just don’t get Scorpio’s lack of warmth..

        1. LunaHasQuestions

          I’m a Cancer too. Do you know…that Cancer is the only sign that can tame the wild Scorpian? We are actually harmonious signs– and good mates in a love relationship. I had a Scorpio boss and I was the only employee that could get along with her and calm her down when she went cray…lol! Scorpio’s biggest issue– the cannot control their tempers!

          1. nora

            @luna: i totes second this. i met him and LP during glamnation this summer, and LP was THE MAN — so eager to take pictures with people, sign autographs, chat, just do whatever. monte, however, kept trying to pull LP away from the fans. like, i was chatting with LP in the lobby and monte came over and like… quasi-yelled at both of us and said they had to go before they “got in trouble” (????) and then actually grabbed his arm and pulled him away. and LP was like “yeah ok whatev” and motioned for the fans to follow them and stuff, but monte was just being a DICK.

            1. Luna

              Hmmmm…no surprise…did you meet my “bf”…Tommy? …or HRH Adam F. Lambert?

              1. nora

                haha! you know i would’ve said it if i did. i actually was on a quest for tommy because my GBFF and i were wasted and our plan was to attack him with our mouths and see whom he liked better… but alas, he was sick that night. sads.

                1. Luna

                  Ahhhh…good plan! Did you see them in Rockford? I went to that show and I think they were all sick that night.

                  1. Meagan

                    Ahh Luna! We’re cancer sisters! I met Tommy and LP. They are both so sweet.

  9. Meagan

    And I just realized, I look at Tommy as their adopted glitterbaby! Where will Tommy end up?! It’s like a horrible divorce between your parents and poor little kitty is stuck in the middle. Some huge custody battle will break out!

    1. Lain

      Lol so. Will it be glamily vs glamily situation huh? Just like Kramer vs Kramer. LOL

      1. Meagan

        It was 5 a.m. when I posted that haha.. I was still in a haze..
        But I wouldn’t doubt it!

    2. Purplegirll

      well hopefully it doesnt get to this level of a scenario and Lisa’s rant is overlooked somehow but if there was a serious rift Tommy is going with Adam. He has a great relationship with Monte which I think is great and he plays with him and all but before AFL Tommy was a starving artist daytime cube dweller. Now Tommy has fans around the world, his own merchandise, etc. sorry, he’s not getting that playing back up for Monte’s band……..Im sure going on tour with Adam pays well, its tiring but exciting and this is what these guys dream of growing up right? touring, screaming fans, tons of fan mail, presents, not getting any of that with Monte.

      1. Luna

        “daytime cube dweller”…lolz! Sounds like a desription from “Animal Planet”…hahahaha.

        1. Purplegirll

          not so much like the free range animals of animal planet, more like the sad, crazy trapped animals in the zoo (I should know as I am one)

          1. Meagan

            Yeah or I could stash Tommy in my closet.. Ya know..

  10. malzzza

    Not a very classy move, Lisa.

    1. Luna

  11. sparkly cougar

    I never saw things coming either! Im confused about what Lisa wants. Does she want Adam to tweet about Monte’s concerts? These guys have been friends for years. I hope it was just a misunderstanding. Adam’s fans have done so much for Monte and LIsa. Remember the baby shower for the twins? Maybe Adam’s mom can talk some sense into everyone.

    1. Purplegirll

      Adams mom can talk some sense into everyone? OMG LOL why on earth does Adam’s mom need to get involved with this now?

      and why “everyone” it seems that Lisa is the only one lacking sense here and you cant give that to someone thru a lecture you either got it or you aint and clealy she does not.

      I dont know the issue of course and she may even have a legit complaint, I dunno but taking to the public twitterverse is petty and childish and hurts her and Monte way more than Adam. Why she thinks fans will beleive that Adam has morphed into a big headed asshat that doent support his friends is beyond me. but seeming to bite the hand that feeds you, especially how much Monte has actually benefitted from his association with Adam, is never a good move.

  12. Teresa

    Oh this is ridiculous. If any of this is true I am disgusted with the behaviour of a grown woman crying and bitching on twitter like that. Why not just fkn talk to Adam about it and if for some reason she has and it didn’t end well, so what? People fall out with each other for all sorts of reasons and grown ups just deal with it. These are supposedly old solid friends! Why attack a good friend in public, even if you’re unhappy with them (rightly or wrongly)? Childish, vindictive AND stupid. I don’t see Monte running around constantly promoting Adam or any other artists. He’s busy trying to get his own stuff done. Just like Adam. WHy should Adam be obliged to do that for Monte on threat of having his “friends” spew vitriol all over the internet if he doesnt do exactly what they expect. Really REALLY saddened and unimpressed. I kinda hope this is all a horrible mistake.

  13. Jacki

    Fortunately I missed most of this but I caught the end bit where Lisa seemed to be tweeting that she wasn’t referring to Adam but had been talking about Michael Bolton ??? or someone … or something. Which is also wierd IMHO. I couldn’t verify much because her tweets started disappearing and then her account froze before it completely disappeared from the universe …? hmmm curiouser and curiouser. Maybe Monte pulled the plug LOL

    Monte is still following Adam on twitter. All he’s done is tweet a rather horrific video a few hours ago. Is there a full moon atm? Have people gone mad?

    I think there’s lots of unfounded rumours and gossip masquerading as fact sloshing around the net right now. I will wait till someone sane, objective and/or who actually KNOWS something reports back.

    1. Lain

      Oh Monte’s still following him? Last time i checked g
      He didn’t.. And Tommy either. Maybe i missed

      1. Gill

        whoa that’s the most childish thing EVER!

      2. Purplegirll

        last time I check, monte WAS still following Adam, for some reason when you click you are both following it doesnt come up but AFL is the first ppl Monte followed and he was still on that list as the first person who was followed

  14. Jacki

    PS BTW Nice pair of gifs you got there.

    1. Luna

      Jacki– omg– your avi– LOL! It has the right amount of porn for this site…lolz!

      1. Meagan

        Bwahahahaha! The Avi.. It’s too murch XD

        1. LunaHasQuestions

          Jacki’s avi has the Glamthighs!!! LMAO!!!

      2. Jacki

        bwahahahaha You got a pretty nice set of pins yerself there Luna LOL

        1. Luna

          Yeah, but you have some long, squiggly peen to go with them…jealyrious!

  15. Gill

    haven’t read the comments. I’m on my lunch break.


    I WANT TO CRY!!!!

  16. Lain

    Is it weird that I’m kinda having.. A vicious enjoyment out of this?
    I know it’s not a good news and to be frankly it’s a horrible news
    But still. It’s a news.
    Yes I’m crazy

    1. malzzza

      I don’t get it why she had to go public with it. They’re not 12 anymore.

      1. Lain

        That’s what I said!!!! She’s not a 12 year old girl chewing bubble gum in a bathroom starting all the drama and rumor like who’s the hoe and who’s the bigger hoe. Gawd woman. Grow up

        1. malzzza

          It all feels so elementary school to me. “I’m not her friend anymore because she didn’t let me borrow her pretty new pen”

          1. Lain

            LOLOL your sarcasm comes with a squicky voice and a head shaking move.
            But srsly you are so true gurl
            And I hope this whole thing is just from a childish impostor. That’s better than Lisa being a stupid bitch

    2. malzzza

      Lol I forgot to say that no, it’s not weird Lain.

      1. Lain

        Thanx hon. Lol i feel a bit better about myself.

        1. nora

          lain, i wish there was a “like” button for your comment. literally, right before i read your comment, i had the EXACT same thought. i was like “omg… this is fucking HILARIOUS. i LOVE it.”

          1. Lain

            I’m soo glad that I’m not feeling that way alone. LOL

  17. chunkeymonkey81


    Lol i just caught up with this and even tho I don’t give a shit about these people, it really irks me when famous or quasi famous, or hell even regular people, put someone on blast or air all their dirty laundry on Twitter. You are a grown ass woman who has four kids. Shouldn’t you be too busy or fucking grown up to piss and moan in a passive aggressive manner about your husband’s famous friend and then delete your Twitter account because you are too scared to be attacked by the wrath of the ‘berts? I know everyone has bad days but come on. Get your shit together. Whatever happened or didn’t happen it’s not my business and I don’t care, but this is such a blatant cry for attention. I sometimes wonder if the people Adam surrounds himself –as talented as they may be–think that he *owes*them a career or something. How about you stop whining and focus on helping your husband making it bigm if that’s all that is sooo important.

    And will someone tell me who the fuck this warren dude is? Heather? Anyone? lol.

    1. chunkeymonkey81

      At least I think she has four kids. LOL I read that on another forum. Heather would know this lol

    2. Lain

      Isn’t he the drummer of Monte’s band that he once said he knew Monte through Adam?

      1. chunkeymonkey81


        1. Lain

          Lol yeah I’m pretty sure he’s the drummer.. And i feel very familiar w his twitter acount name..
          And M and L has 4 kids. Two girls and a twin

    3. Purplegirll

      warren worked on the tour, he is not the drummer, he was some kind of behind the scene guy, after LP the next drummer was Isaac. BUT Warren is a drummer and has joined Monte’s “band” that he has formed to work on his album. There was a recent interview with them and they all are still doing other things but hope to give enough time to album to get it done. Monte & Tommy mentioned still playing for Adam and such. Warren said in the interview what he liked about playing with these guys was that he was having fun again and it was great to have fun at what had become a “job” to him.

      I only mention except that his tweets hast night mention something about going with the fun band to tour with or something and that he had been the “scapegoat” of the GNT. Then he mentions Adam will be a one man band in russia, playing the kazoo to open for sleepwalker and stomping on the stage to drum. Now was this sarcasm at ppl asking is Monte was still in the band or snark at something indeed being up with the band, there is no way to know.

  18. bud

    My speculation,”whats yours is ours” and “whats mine is mine” is written all over Monte and definitely Lisa.
    I am a fan of Adam’s.I have some of Monte’s music and Tommy’s hair is pretty but they are not necessary to my Adam adoration.
    Makes me sad though,all the public stuff is so tacky and so NOT Adam’s style.

  19. LunaHasQuestions

    So…I don’t have time to follow, nor do I care about all the tweetings and bleetings of HH’s inner circle. I just come here to play with my fwamily/glamily/…fellow Icelandians… because I love you all…and to hope for new peen pics or glamthighs or GF…and to look into Tommy’s Bambi eyes and pray for his immortal soul while running my hands through his platinum bangs during our pash since HH left me for the Fwink. (The back seat of the Mustang…and all it’s delights are yours Tommy Joe…all yours…I will convince you that Jesus isn’t that bad while you’re screaming my name…) So…anyway…I realized after I typed my little speech a few posts up– DOES ANYONE KNOW IF ANY OF THIS CRAY IS TRUE?!

    1. Lain

      My guess is.. No one! Lol cuz nobody clarified and some certain ppl saying they know them says things about Lisa tht she was feelin a bit frustrated or something… ..and.. I guess we have to wait till Moscow performance to read the atmosphere. And maybe till the contract renewing for Monte.

    2. malzzza

      LOL LUNA I LOVE YOU. Only you could’ve turned this to a talk about the Mustang’s back seat!

      1. Luna

        Well…like Bono and Brangelina…I like to think I know what’s really important in life.

      2. steelbluelily

        Luna has special skills that way. I can always count on her to bring out the fun and freaky side even in the middle of major wankadoodle hoopla. Never change, Luna BB!

        1. Luna

          “wankadoodle”…lol! Sounds like playing with yourself…and sketching at the same time!

          1. Meagan

            Ew it does haha! I’m gonna go wonkadoodle right now

  20. ComradeLunaski

    …that reminds me– I believe Heather has just blown our cover for the Moscow show. She has called upon the name of our leader…Comrade Robert…and put the fates of L3…and our mission in jeopardy. Our assignment to place a tracking device in the laces of HH’s pants is at risk. I have already contacted Gill (secretly, our master, German seamstress– Gretel Glambulgeklein) and told her to re-route the tour pants she’s been working on to Quebec. We’ll have to make the switch there.

    1. loha

      lol!! please let have the sniper rifle for this “mission”

      1. ComradeLunaski

        Well, my little Loha…I just received orders from a secret source out of Moscow…somebody called Bambinski. We have two assignments: firstly, Heather must be punished for outing us. She is being whisked away to a covert place in Toranto and forced to watch Adommy break up while listening to Celine Dion and watching the OWN network while wearing white jeans and leopard print shoes….secondly, you are to enter HH’s dressing room in Quebec City…dressed as a Quebecois twink….I will be feeding you the proper French Canadian phrases and accent….through a day-glo green monitor in your left ear…or is that Chunkey…? Anyway, as you attempt to distract BB with your charming accent and twinky beauty…Lain will start up the black Mustang with an ap from her phone and drive it around to the back stage door. She’ll distract the security guard that looks like Johnny Depp with some delicious mung beans and an amazing blow job. Meanwhile, Bambinski and I will be in the backseat of the Mustang…with the windows steamed up…to hide Gretel’s finishing touches on the lace-y crotch of the substitute tour pants. When the coast is clear…Lain will give the guard a cigarette…and she and Gill/Gretel Glambulgeklein…will *enter the back door* and make the switch…heh, heh, heh. I will keep watch in the backseat of HH’s mustang with Bambinski…I may have to blow him…and call him “Jesus”…you know…just to keep things looking legit…

        1. Lain

          I guess you don’t need to pretend the “jesus” blurting out from you pretty lips, my thorough comrade Luna.
          And don’t worry about the security guard. I’ll blow the hell outta his cockatoo like he’s been fucked by a kraken with that smooth 10 tentacles all at once.
          And altho I can not drive cars.. I’ll use my gadgets.

    2. Lain

      Spasibo for your brillient work herr, comrade.

      1. Meagan

        Oh wow….

  21. loha

    wow i’m late to post. but sorry, his wife was really low class to do that and she obvs. wants everyone on her hubs side for whatevs is going on. adam has done tons for monte-yeah the glamberts funded his album-don’t delude yourself monte about that. the wife may think fame changed him but in reality fame changes the way friends and fam. see/treat the new “famous” person. adam’s a busy person now, he can’t be expected to attend and pimp every friggin thing his friends do. stand on your own legs man. he’s a solo artist, and this was the problem with fans getting overly involved with the band members. and what’s with blaming the new bf?! monte’s married w/4 kids, he’s not exactly hanging out with adam and going to clubs with him. and in the end, i think this will reflect badly on monte and his wife for being public about it and sounding greedy and petty.

    1. loha

      i just read the what will happen to tommy post lol-he owes his fame to adam as well

      1. Jae

        Tommy has no illusions about where he would be without Adam. He has repeated said how grateful he is and how Adam is his first priority. But I also worry about him being put in the middle. He loves Monte too. They are good friends. Tommy bought Bea off of him and Lisa.

        1. loha

          huh? bought bea? does not compute, bleep, blop, bloop..

          1. Meagan

            Hence why I shall hide Tommy in my closet

    2. bud

      Maybe she was drunk tweeting?

  22. bud

    uhhhhh you think Adam tweeting that his new favorite word is hunty yesterday
    has anything to do with this fabulous display of maturity?
    urban dictionary suggests it as a honey and cunty combo.
    The plot thickens.
    After re reading all the above fabulousity Rif Cherry must be getting too much of Adam’s attention ?
    Maybe Lisa wanted to go to the Mom’sday party with Adam and his mommy and the cherry’s?
    OMG that isn’t even a reaction of a 12 yearold ,we are down to 2nd grade b’day parties now.
    Obviously,I am way to bored.

    1. Lain

      But i loved the word Hunty.. It’s like calling someone honey and bitch at the same time. Lol

  23. bud

    I know,I know,I agree…hunty is a seriously great word.

    1. Lain

      I know right, hunty? LOL

  24. Kat


    1. Meagan

      Right click, save

  25. loha

    the fame changed him comment is really sticking in my craw lol. Let’s list all those who adam has pimped: monte, the cherrys, sutan (make up guy), skingraft designer friend, allison (aka magenta), anoop’s music, alisan porter, his own bro (job for the summer), his mom, dancer/choreographer for GNT friend (forgot her name), jewelry designer friend (puja?), cassidy (took shit for posting his vid back in the AI8 tour days)-i’m sure better stans know more. and lets not forget all the celebs he praises who never give it back . and with all that, he’s to put out this phenom 2nd album, remain clean shaven, not wear too much makeup, where his hair emo, reply to all fans who tweet him, be the gay messiah (even though gays don’t support him), be a GQ fashion rep, always speak p.c., love james douchbin, and last but not least–marry a straight guy ’cause adommy cray say so

    1. Gill

      u read my mind! There’s nothing more to say.

    2. Mal

      Loha!! Well said!

    3. glammgurl

      Thank you!

  26. loghorea



    and 4…3…2…1… cue in requests she sends back the stuff they gave her for baby shower, lol!

    1. loha

      Haha, yes!! who was cray enough to do that anyway. i’m getting too old for all of this lol

      1. mystic motha

        holy crap!! Glamberts = Honeybadger!!

  27. JC

    1. bud


    2. Lain

      That is strangely appropriate…

    3. glam436

      Thank you for that!!! ♥

  28. Jacki

    I’m so relieved I popped back to revisit this post or I’d never have known about all the secret squirrel stuff going down in Adam’s lacey GPS pants! And I dunno who Jared is (I’m SO out of touch!) but that’s funny.

  29. Gill

    You know everyone is bitching about Lisa and I do agree to an extent but Monte couldn’t be that much better if it’s true that he’s no longer friends with him on face and twitter.
    I don’t really get what’s going on at all. Clearly something has happened for this all to come out. Lisa didn’t just go on twitter that think ‘oh I’ll rant about that asshole AL’. They must have had a falling out at some stage.
    God this is all getting bigger and bigger.

    Poor tommy is the divorce kid now. And Adam won’t get full custody cos he’s gay. Great he’ll only have him every other weekend. Tommy’s gonna be fucked up for the rest of his life cos of Lisa Pittman. Great!

    1. Mia

      I don’t really see him getting involved…i imagine he’ll sit back awkwardly. I can see him reverting to what were (in my head) his awkward teenage years.

    2. JC

      I don’t know what’s happening and y’all know I could give a shit about all of these people but “Adam won’t get full custody cos he’s gay” made me LOL IRL. I just pictured Gill’s face like this when typing it:


      1. Gill

        u must have a camera in my house!

  30. Lain

    Whoa. I know I was also bitching about Lisa and maybe Monte but
    We have more serious things to think about(like.. The great plan of L3 for switching Adam’s pants) the drama is geting bigger and bigger but who knows Monte is upset about this, too and Adam is just ignoring all the cray cray w Lisa? While sitting together and talking on the phone with a big bowl of french silk icecream? maybe those things can partially be true and yeah maybe they will not perform together anymore..and yeah maybe they’ll have a duel in the middle of the night on who gets Tommy.
    But I kinda… don’t wanna believe this unless I hear from HH or Monte..

    1. ComradeLunaski

      I think we can title this mini-fic– “The King’s Peach”…it’ll be like an NC17 Nancy Drew mystery.

      1. Meagan

        “a big bowl of french silk icecream?” I couldn’t read any further passed that point…. Because I ran and made myself of bowl of French Silk…

      2. Lain

        The King’s Peach LOL
        but I rly like the fact that it’s NC17.

  31. Lain

    What’s up w these awaiting moderation things going on?
    Am I commenting too much? Lol

  32. Mia

    I haven’t had time to get through all the comments yet but really, i think it’s ridiculous that a grown woman is effectively ending a friendship over twitter (or from what it sounds like). It’s not like Adam is related to her kids so really he doesn’t HAVE to see them.

    Also (i don’t mean this in a bad way as such) when someone gets that famous it’s very easy to let it get to their heads and lose touch with ‘reality’, i imagine it happens to most famous people, even if just a little, so it has to be expected that it will happen to a certain degree.

    I don’t what Lisa said really has much to do with that at all though. i think it’s all just very juvenile and silly. Face to face honesty is the best policy when you have a problem in a friendship, IMO. To do it in public is just..not the best idea. i think especially not in this situation since Adam has so many over obsessive fans.

    1. Mia

      Also i totally left anything to do with Monte out of this cuz i’ve not seen him say anything or do anything so i can’t really comment.

  33. Purplegirll

    This saddens me, for Adam. We dont know any of these people of course but it seems to me Adam has taken great pains to share his good fortune with his friends, and he does this mainly by hiring them, which in the tough entertainment business, getting good paying gigs is about as good as it gets, right?

    Lisa’s tweets are basically saying they were hoping for “support” from Adam and its not forthcoming and she’s mad / disappointed and that Monte’s loyalty was for nothing. Now we do not know what she is referring to but what should she expect from AFL? And what is this loyalty that Adam needs to reward? He & Monte were in a band and wrote some so-so songs together. They never really did anything with it, it was like a part time venture for all while they all continued “day jobs”. Monte has all these other projects & gigs while Adam works hard on his own and he skyrockets to fame.

    What does Adam do then? Hires his friend, giving Monte a nice steady income stream, its not like he passed up playing with Madonna or anything to play with Adam. Adam makes him musical director of the tour, a promotion for monte which no doubt paid well. He gets quite a few solos and spotlight moments, gets input into the show and is one reason Adam does the rocking out encores, to give the boys fun playing.

    Adams fans embrace Monte AND Lisa, they get gifts for the babies and Monte raised a shit ton of money for his album BECAUSE OF HIS CONNECTION TO ADAM.

    So we dont know what else was expected but it seems to me Adam demonstrated loyalty to Monte and Monte benefitted from it and not the other way around. Adam needs to still work on his career to be in a place to pull strings for his friends but he has done what he can for them……what more is he expected to do?

    Actually this all makes me feel really bad for Adam, that he seems to have tried really hard to be a good guy, to stay grounded and help his friends and it gets kicked back in his face and this HUNTY publicly complains about these very points.

    What I find odd is that Monte at one point talked about a friend of his in the biz that made good (some guy in a band) and this guy said that you try not to change but really what happens is you dont change but everyone around you does. This is exactly what has happened to Adam. No matter what the supposed problem, Lisa was really out of line taking it public.

    She was bitching about Adam but I wonder if she realizes that this reflects badly on Monte and if they come off as greedy, ungrateful and bitchy, the fans will not be supportive either. Good luck with your next album Monte, without Glamberts to pay for it.

    1. Luna

      You know what Purple– I think those of us “civillians”…cannot even begin to imagine the egos of all these people in the entertainment biz–even Adam. Anyone who goes on stage for a living wants and expects attention. I think a lot of performers are a weird combination of insecure…but egomaniacs at the same time– everything is about them…and if they are famous or semi-famous…this self-obsession is fed by an auddience. It’s all about their looks, their music, their needs, their wants…blah, blah, blah…now to all this…we have added social media…so now we can even get more up close and personal with celebs. Not only are they competing for fans of their work…but now it’s whose got more followers on twitter…or facebook…and again…it’s all about them. I don’t mean to imply this makes them bad people– it doesn’t. …but SOME of them…lose touch with reality faster than others. I think HH will stay fairly grounded…but who really knows?

      1. Purplegirll

        I cant disagree and unfortunately the fame acts to distance and isolate the famous even more so. Personally I think Adam has a good sense of humor about himself and this came a little older for him than many others so he’s been around long enough as a nobody to appreciate where he came from.

        and even if he did get a big head, where is the rest of this coming from? She still mainly is complaining that monte’s loyalty was all for nothing but this is just wrong too.

        I think Adam of all ppl has tried so hard to include his friends in his success and hired his friends when he can, it seems to me he has really really went out of his way to do this with so many, there’s a long list elsehwere here, that for her to complain about this very point must be particularly galling to him.

        Sadly, I think that even if this blows over, this accusation by her will really hurt and piss of Adam and even if he forgives her and moves on, like he is good at doing, he will not forget it and his relationship with Monte will not be the same (all my pure speculation of course). It will be ADAM that thinks well MY LOYALTY TO HIM was not rewarded………

        1. Luna

          I don’t think Adam has a big head…well…at least not the one on his shoulders…lol…but I think he has his pride…and his tipping point…like we all do. I agree with you– I think his behaviour has been quite stellar– he appears to be loyal to friends and family, grateful to fans, to Idol and to the people he works with professionally. He’s gotten miffed a few times– but with reason. Too bad about the Pittmans…if it’s true…even if they had reason to be upset…I would have dealt with that in private– not on Twitter. Now where’s Lain– we need some giant peen to clear the palate. Let’s get back to what’s really important in life…

          1. Purplegirll

            LOL!! yes yes yes it always has to go back to the peen doesnt it?

            1. Meagan


    2. Lain

      did you guys summoned me?

      I figured it’s a spiked cod-piece level situation.

      1. ComradeLunaski

        GAWD….that junk could rule the world…gah…fainting…

    3. Lain

      and we need another one just to make sure.

      It’s the glorious peen that won the best peen ever award. lol

      1. LunaIsBlindedByThePeen

        Oh…Lain…I love you so much…we are soul sisters… You have brought me the glorious Glamboner of New Year’s Eve 2010…the night I became a woman…*sigh*…

  34. Purplegirll

    Just to fill in, here are some of the actual tweets from last night, Lisa has (wisely) deleted her account but ppl captured them (not me, others)

    @Artistsupporter It’s okay, you have a very VALID excuse for not showing up to support, you live in Alaska! Love ya anyway

    @Cynthilu I’m just so utterly disappointed. No other word to describe it. F loyalty, right? Gets you nowhere.

    @Lisarrific Apparently loyalty doesn’t get you anywhere in the music biz. How disappointing.

    @Lisarrific @ZeppelinYankee When people become famous… I guess it goes to their heads.

    @Lisarrific @CanGal_39 Nothing specific, just a slow realization that no matter how much you think somebody won’t/can’t change, they DO

    @glamgran58 @Lisarrific Oh, God…I hope this isn’t about Adam and loyalty!!! Say it isn’t so…

    @Lisarrific @glamgran58 Hmmmmm…

    @Beliebert14 @Lisarrific Isn’t a lot of things up to the label and not the artist?

    @Lisarrific @Beliebert14 Not relevant in this case.

    @ShimmerDream @Lisarrific Who was disloyal to Monte???

    @Lisarrific @ShimmerDream More like, Monte’s loyalty was all for not.

    @Oshi4Real @Lisarrific – Could you please dispell any rumor that you are talking about a certain someone that we all love. Please address this.

    @Lisarrific @Oshi4Real No, he’s wonderful, I’m talking about Michael Bolton.

    @revid99 @lisarrific If this isn’t about Adam, now would be a good time to say so.

    @revid99 Nope, not about your majesty.

    @hayley_sparkles @Lisarrific Well is this about Adam not going to Monte’s show? Unfortunately, certain tweets have caused drama… We don’t need rumors.

    @Lisarrific @hayley_sparkles nooooo, he’s been suuuuuper-supportive of Monte…

    @luvthelifeulive @Lisarrific you passive aggressive isn’t fooling anyone

    @Lisarrific @luvthelifeulive Oh, that’s okay. I don’t care.

    @Lisarrific @tamaris1 Is there a bridge to even be burned?

    @ mtnwoman_bc @Lisarrific Please don’t air these kinds of thing in public. Stirring shit up just gets ppl mad and upset.

    @Lisarrific @mtnwoman_bc Oh… because you asked, I will comply.

    @rach_eva @Lisarrific what could you possibly hope to gain from this? Either say what’s really bothering you, or stop airing dirty laundry.
    @Lisarrific @rach_eva You’re right. I’ll stop now

    1. JC

      “Nope, not about your majesty” is fucking A+++ LMAOOOO

      1. nora

        this woman is now my fucking IDOL because of that comment. GOD, i’ve been waiting so long for someone to say something like that. I. LOVE. HER. that, and “no, he’s been suuuuuuuuuuuuper supportive.”

    2. Gill

      whoa I hadn’t read the tweets before. Never thought she was such a BIATCH. She comes across as rather sweet I must say. Those tweets are hurtful! I don’t wanna be HH at the mo!

    3. Mia

      i’d never read them before either!
      She’s really embarrassed herself hasn’t she?
      Does she not realise that the only reputation she’s really damaged here was hers?

    4. loha

    5. purplegirll


      So Lisa has started a new Twitter account, her tweets are as follows:

      No apologies from me,y’all worked yourselves into a tizzy based on assumptions.Is this really still being talked about?

      Deleted my acct so I wouldn’t completely flip out on some of you.I only wish my account was intact so what was really said could be seen.

      Chill, people. Chilllll…

      now me:
      why you are in luck Lisa, we do have the intact tweets to see what was really said………please do explain……you had and still have plenty of opportunities to clarify

      whatever, you are no one actually its true that no one should pay attention to one thing you say

      1. nora

        wait… why were you such a bitch to her?

      2. AnirakSparklechild

        Why did people assume she was talking about Adam? She never named names until asked and she always denied that.

  35. Gill

    Actually I don’t think we’ll hear a statement or so at all. It’ll be one of those things no one wants to talk about just like when some celeb breaks up with a bf/gf. I can’t see adam taking this out into the public after Lisa made a show of herself and her family for the world so read live.

    1. Purplegirll

      I agree, we will never know what this was about but she was really bittchy and did damage and that bell cannot be unrung. At least she was smart enough to delete her twitter LOL

  36. Purplegirll

    Also, I have always thought that Adam was in a tough spot with regards to support friends with appearances at shows, I mean once he shows up he becomes center of attention and in a way can take attention from the performance. I think him going to see a friend perform is just that, wanting to see them perform and also helps them sell shows if fans show up hoping to see Adam.

    In a way I fell that Adam not going to these shows is his way of saying, no this is YOUR show guys, you should be center of attention and BTW you dont need me to sell tix. Maybe he didnt sell well and they wanted Adam to promote it, I dunno. but a lot of fans follow Monte directly so those that want to go will know about it………again, I know nothing just speculation because I am so puzzled by this, it will bug me and we will never know what the real story is.

  37. sagitariusmoon6

    I’ve decided I’ll keep my emotions in bay ,and try to look at things from a logical point of view.Monte and Tommy only famous because of Adam.People gonna take Adam’s side no matter what.We shall see if Tommy gonna be the casualty of this war,because after this drama Adam may take a clean slate, and go on with a brand new band……or we shall see if Tommy has an intelligence of a diplomat and come out as a winner on the other end.I would be delighted,because this situation is a true test to the theory:***not just a pretty face**…….Regarding our HBIC,well,Adam Fucking Lambert is a brilliant ,intelligent MOFO who will go on without Monte or Tommy .And this is a gospel truth my sisters

    1. Luna


    2. Purplegirll

      Adam will not do a clean slate and ditch tommy cuz Lisa was venting. It might just all blow over.

      BUT I will say that they must have all seen what Lisa was tweeting,. Personally IMO Adam started tweeting old pix to distract fandom which was aflutter over the kurfluffle….and Tommy then replied to Adams pix, probably the green one, saying Brian Slade, which is the character from Velvet Goldmine, ie: Adam’s favorite movie sooooo he’s being “smart” already. Oh Adam you look just like the guy you love in your favorite money haha, probably not intended that way at all but it amuses me to think of TJ brown nosing the boss

      1. Gill

        HH probably had TJ on the phone while tweeting telling him to reply. LOL

        1. Purplegirll

          I dont think so, then it would been like sexy pix babyboy…..u so damned good looking, cant stand it


      2. sagitariusmoon6

        I know TJ is a smarty one and I don’t care if his nose is little bit brown……it’s a very cute nose in any case

    3. JC

      “the casualty of this war”



      1. ComradeLunaski

        I vote for de-dramadization. Just scroll up and read about L3’s mission. Gill is really a master, German seamstress…she’s weaving a tracking device into HH’s tour pants…

      2. sagitariusmoon6

        (facepalm, grinning) love you JC,I try not to give a shit,but you really don’t

  38. ComradeLunaski

    Hey, Lainy! Please get over her and post a giant bulge pic. Our talented seamstress– Fraulein Glambulgeklein…needs to make sure she put the tracking device in the right place. One stage boner…and our mission will be lost.

    1. Gill

      I think Lain is sleeping. It’s like 4 am there. Or mayby

      1. ComradeLunaski

        Gill…I hope you realize…that YOU…are Fraulein Gretel…and you are definately…up to no good.

        1. Gill

          wut? fuck I’m screwed. I do need Lainy though!

          1. ComradeLunaski

            Somewhere in the middle of this post…under my Russian spy name…you will find your assignment.

            1. Gill

              Okay I’m totes ready for this mission. I went to the gym last night, eat 5 raw eggs dismorning and bought an extra glitter shaker. Our times has come. I can’t wait to get into that mustang!
              Get it on bb!

              1. Lain

                lemme check my gag reflex

    2. Lain

      I was asleep. damn biological instincts of human body!! (I’m blaming everything on this.)
      here, Gill. for our perfect plan.

      HH is doing the measurement of his peen for ya.

      1. mystic motha

        yum. thanks, i needed that.

  39. Gill

    How many more comments do we need to break the record?

  40. Purplegirll

    the more I read the tweets the more it seems she’s upset about him not going to Monte’s show (s) I wonder if its the viper room show, thats a bigger venue than the other places and maybe its not selling well? but its just 4 days before the russian gig, who knows when they are leaving? If it really is that Adam hasnt went to a show that would be just so freakin petty, really

    1. sagitariusmoon6

      Oh man….why is it that Lisa don’t understand:little viking noises are a little bit more appealing nowadays than Monte’s???Give a guy a break and let the Glambulge indulge such delights

      1. Purplegirll

        LMAO!! haha truefax

  41. loghorea

    well, just to play the devil’s advocate here… you don’t know,neither do I, what has happened. so it’s easy to comment and make assumptions, but really… what if Monte gave up touring with Madonna ‘cos he was supposed to work with Adam? the next album was supposed to be more rock, brining back a bit of that Citizen Vein vibe and everyone and their cousin assumed Adam would be writing/ cooperating with Monte. What if Monte gave up some other opportunities because of that? I don’t know about other ppl but if I were Monte and just had twins (plus the other children to support) and I was relaying on working on a project of that magnitude just to be set aside or hearing ‘not now buddy, maybe next time’ I’d be pissed. Not to mention that they have cooperated earlier and must have had heaps of ideas to explore, so if suddenly Monte learns he’s not going to be involved at all… well…yeah….
    also please, now we’re going to blame him because ppl bought his album because he was in Adam’s band? If you bought the album you should have done it because you liked it, or because you liked the artist, but don’t spit it right back in his face that you only bought it because of Adam. that’s your problem, not his.

    1. Purplegirll

      well first its not BLAME Monte that ppl bought his album, its that these ppl were aware of him because of Adam. Lisa seems to be saying that Monte was “loyal” to Adam and what did he get in return? nada…..that’s whats being implied, right? and one retort is well what did you get, you got access to a lot of ppl who then supported you and so you have just there benefitted from your association with Adam even if it was not AFL writing the check. Nothing wrong with it but dont pretend if you were not associated with Adam that it would have happened.

      and for all the other things well, a) Madonna is not touring so he did nto give up a gig with her. b) Adam is not in a band with these ppl, he is a solo performer and they play for him, he has made this clear.

      We dont know what conversatsions they had but there was nothing to indicate that this had changed and they would all write and record his album together (maybe everyone was thinking they would do it together but not his cousin).

      And the album would bring back a bit of that Citizen Vein vibe – Adam is and wants to be POP, there was no indication of this and good thing to cuz, those songs? not that good really. certainly not top 40 hits. His management and label are arranging for him to work with other major players in the industry and friends should be glad for him.

      What did Adam do for Monte? Gave him a long standing well paying gig, made him musical director of his tour, gave him solos and spotlights in the tour and access to Adam’s fans. Fans have funded his new album, gone to his shows and even threw him & Lisa a baby shower for the twins.

      they were all on their own before, getting by, then adam becomes famous and because of that, because of Adam, they got to be together, do what they love for a living, tour the world, be adored by fans, he met new friends like Tommy and got new fans to support his individual projects.

      why even more of Adams success has to be distributed to Monte somehow I dont know.

      if he wanted to be more involved in adams album and is disappointed that he is not well I can understand that but taking to the twittervers to bitch about it is low class and will only hurt Monte, not Adam.

    2. Purplegirll

      If you read her tweets it starts with her telling someone there is a valid reason that person didnt go to monty’s shows then goes on to say how disappointed she is and how loyalty doesnt count for anything. someone asked her who was disloyal to monty and she said well its more that HIS loyalty was for nothing, ie: not rewarded. someone said well sometime the label and management have more say than the artist and she said not applicable here, so this does not sound like she is made about album related stuff but that he has not “supported” in some way, I dunno attended? monty’s shows.

      which might be annoying and disappointing but the public wank about it is just overblown and petty and completey discounts all the loyalty and support that Adam actually did give Monty

      1. LD

        Everything you just said (all 1,000,000 words) is spot on.

        Adam is fucking awesome and is my boyfriend…….check
        Monty plays guitar and has a few fans………………….check
        Lisa sucks and is a biatch and is 12……………………….check

        1. Purplegirll

          LMAO all 1mill words yes, I am horribly wordy, always.

          So you can always tell my comments by size, but its an AFL site, dont we all agree longer is better????

          1. LD

          2. Lain

            longer is better.
            thicker is better.
            Bigger is Better!!!!!!

        2. midnight

          I bow down to your greatness . . .

  42. chunkeymonkey81





    1. JC


    2. loghorea

      LMAO! Crusading Chunkey

      1. chunkeymonkey81


        1. lohahoneybadger

          funniest post and gif eva!!!

      2. irina

        all i saw in the comments was bla,bla, bla, immensely funny chunkey comment and then the best gif ever.

    3. Purplegirll

      Im sure there’s a fic about that somewhere…….

    4. cestlavie

      The shock may cause him to develop psychosis induced sensory disorders . Then he will need to become a champion pinball player. But how can he do that when everyone plays video games now? :(

      Tommy, can you hear me? :(

  43. bud

    Adam Lambert is a solo act with a support band. Its not Citizen Vein #2. Frankly,it wasn’t Monte that dealt with American Idol to get himself out there to finally find a real fan base.The same fan base that has been supporting Monte’s new album.
    I hope Lisa was at least drunk tweeting because if she wasn’t,she is one self entitled HUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Heather

    LOL! I was on training all day and not able to check the thread, but I love and am slightly terrified that there’s so much discussion! Monk, your rant about custody of Tommy was hilarious. I was seriously laughing out loud. Warren was one of the sound techs on the GNT and plays drums for Monte.

    Damn, I should have made a cut so the hits would count! bwahahahaha

    1. chunkeymonkey81



      1. Heather

        Warren plays drums for Monte – that’s how I found out he was a sound tech, cause he talks about it when they do their shows and interviews. LOL But I kind of like scaring you into thinking that I research all the roadies and stalk their twitters. bwahahahaha

    2. chunkeymonkey81


      1. Heather

        Hits to the home page (people not commenting) don’t count. But I guess everything else does – those who comment, and also hits from Twitter count since they go direct to the post, not to the home page, right?

        1. chunkeymonkey81


  45. bud

    completely off topic
    GaGa wore shoes with dildo heels to tutor the AI munckins
    AI requested she take them off.
    OMG just because its Idol,I find this totally hilarious.

    1. chunkeymonkey81



      1. bud

        I am so jealous

    2. AnirakSparklechild

      I WANT TO SEE!!!

    3. Lain

      I want those shoes!

      1. AnirakSparklechild

        These ones?

        1. Lain

          hm. I think I imagined more realistic ones. lol
          cuz I don’t.. rly see dildos in those heels.
          (love the shoes tho..and I don’t think I can pull that off.lol)
          and Gaga wore those to AI, huh? and AI asked her to take them off, huh? I mean.. who watches her shoes when she’s mentoring these.. Contestants.(I never watched s10..lol)

  46. lking

    This all sounds like Lisa having a bad moment due to what, we don’t know. Since the issue would be between Adam and Monte, we probably won’t know, nor should we. Like this is the first band to have problems among themselves. I am thinking that Adam maybe not doing Monte’s songs for his new CD, but others, or maybe not. There are a lot of great guitar players out there who can step in, just as Issac stepped in. This might be a big to do about nothing.

    1. sagitariusmoon6

      “there are a lot of guitar players out there who can step in”–yes this is the reality…the only thing is I’m emotional about is the great bass player as soooo many of us.Funny shit,joking about adoption and tv. dinners aside,we like TJ Ratliff and we want him to stay around.Monte????Quite honestly I don’t give …..if he can’t control his wife emotions

      1. BlackRainbow

        Exactly. But, Sag, Tommy’s tumblr post in the middle of it all makes a lot of people think he was saying not to worry about him. He once again stated he wasn’t going anywhere. If there is friction or a falling out between Monte and Adam it does put Tommy in a bad spot. Don’t worry. Tommy’s got Raja’s song about boy on boy sex stuck in his head not Monte’s music.

  47. Meagan

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    1. LunaIsBlindedByThePeen

      Yikes Meagan…I LOVE this! I sound so pervy…but it’s like peen in 3D…like it’s coming right at my face…lol…such a delicious thought!

      …and it seems bigger as it gets closer….NICE!
      …now you and Lain have given us what we need …that’s what I’m talkin’ bout’!!! Let’s get back to basics!

  48. Meagan

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  49. Meagan

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    It fucked up

    1. Lain

      I was just scrolling down and

    2. LunaIsBlindedByThePeen

      OMG!!!! PEENORAMA!!!! You and Lain need your own post!! Somebody please post this glory on the top of the page…lol!!

      1. Meagan

        1. mystic motha

          oh yeah, baby, that’s the spot, just a little moar, right there, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, unfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, pirate peen is the bitchin best.

  50. dilok

    WoW that’s a wholelotta peen!

    1. Meagan

      It’s what I do

  51. chunkeymonkey81


    1. bud

      much more fun?

      1. LunaIsBlindedByThePeen

    2. LD

      PEEN Baby! Just in the nick of time too……….

    3. candygirlxoxoxo

      Ha, it will always and forever come back to the peen!

      1. shirl

        God I love this place!!!

        1. candygirlxoxoxo

    4. dilok

      It’s all about his Peen now :)

  52. BlackRainbow

    I bet Adam is laying out by the pool, cocktail in hand, saying, “oh, baby, don’t my fans get all wound up over the silliest things?” And Mike Ruiz just nods knowingly.

    1. ebbtide

      Oh, that’s right. Mike Ruiz – the rest have all been beards.

      (oops, sorry, I know “beard” is a sensitive topic for some of you.

    2. Lain

      why is Mike Ruiz in the picture?!? lol

    3. Luna

      Hahahaha! So true!

  53. AnirakSparklechild

    Oh dear. It’s probably just that time of the month :/

    In all seriousness, there’s probably more to the story, but I still hope it gets figured out.

  54. Lain

    whenever you think that a post is overheated,
    here comes the glambulge.
    Every time. LOL
    I love our repetitive pattern.

  55. Lain

    and I just read M’s tweet.

    Monterrific Monte Pittman
    Ah. What started it all… — Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton) youtube.com/watch?v=GI6CfK… via @youtube

    Monterrific Monte Pittman
    Just got off the phone with @adamlambert (we have each others numbers) and are excited go kick some ass in Moscow Montsters Of Rock 91 style

    Monterrific Monte Pittman
    I also want to say that I love and appreciate every one of you and want to thank you for your support

    Monterrific Monte Pittman
    also, this may be shocking to you, but sometimes people do and say stupid things. Or things they say “maybe I shouldn’t have just said that”

    Monterrific Monte Pittman
    come out to the Viper Room May 22nd and we can talk about the rest over a beer…or we can go across the street and get a sandwich.

    Monterrific Monte Pittman
    Just to clarify: If there is a show coming up with Adam- I am there, baby! That has ALWAYS been the case. Now go watch Michael Bolton again

    Like I said.. I didn’t want to believe all that unless M or HH clarifies.
    and M clarified.
    now lets have some peenery fun.

    (yes, I’m using this bouncing peen gif again.. but I think it’s the best.lol)

  56. Lain

    IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?(there…..ere….re…)
    and why am I posting things all alone? lol
    thru this lil happening, I realized I do love drama. lol
    and I was soooo thirsty for news, and I got a news..
    I sparkled a lil..

    and now I have to work..

  57. Jacki

    Ahhhhhh. Now IC!! Having watched the video Monte tweeted it all becomes so terribly clear. (NB you have to know the secret code tho)

  58. AnirakSparklechild

    Wow, 200+ comments. Is this a first for The Home Planet?

  59. RandomMedley

  60. ali

    Hunty likely happened because Adam’s been watching and hanging out with RPDR & company. It’s a constant expression on there. Also perhaps because Lisa was being very cunty.

    LMAO at her twats bitching that Adam hasn’t/isn’t attending Monte’s show and she herself indicates maybe SHE can’t go. wut?

    @loghorea No, Monte did not turn down a Madonna gig in fact, his manager said he was only staying with Adam through last spring because he was PLANNING to go back with Madonna.

    Lisa Pittman has been bitching and whining about Monte being away etc since she got pregnant even in press interviews for her pregnant -model- on the -cover -job. So don’t get pregnant, bitch.

    LMAO that she actually thinks Monte Pittman will have any sort of ~solo career off that folk crap he writes and records? ok hunty.

    1. loghorea

      LOL! dear ali, I really really have no interest in this case whatsoever. I’m here for the drama and the gifs…

      1. chunkeymonkey81

        It’s ok because Ali and Gorie are THE SAME PERSON!! WOOO! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those!

  61. gorie

    OIC. ALL his life, poor Monte wanted to be a solo artiste and singer but was held back by that no talent bitch Madge. That’s why he went looking for “the best singer” for The Citizen Vein and found that awful unappreciative Adam Lambert thanks to Alan Louis. THEN, just when he for real wanted to break out solo he goes on American Idol and gets overshadowed by His Majesty. Oh wait. Sorry, I’m getting the bitchy wives mixed up.

    1. chunkeymonkey81

      *adjusts mod hat*

      Haay Ali/Gorie–While we appreciate having new posters and we want you to speak your mind, we don’t want this to become one of those things where one person spams the thread with comments from “different” posters. I know you are the same person so you have been warned. Feel free to keep joining in the convo, but if you are here to spam us with negativity under the guise of being different people then you can just find somewhere else to spam and your comments will be deleted.

      *adjusts mod hat*


      1. JC

        I think gorie is Michael Bolton

        1. chunkeymonkey81


    2. Jacki

      Madge? Madge? WTF is Madge?

      1. AnirakSparklechild

        Madge is Madonna’s fan name.

        1. Jacki

          Oh okay – THAT madge LOL Sorry – head full of peen – hard to think. So waddid she do to deserve a pasting? I’m sure it was Bolton’s fault too.

  62. loha

    nothing to see here people, just negativity, move along-that’s right, keep movin

  63. truelove

    221 !!and counting!..I think that’s a record huh!?i agree w/ the comment on AFL! ( i have to stop and think what it meant!lol!!Adam Fucking Lambert)..a solo act!he’s always said , back when he was in AI, he will be a solo performer!. it’s not like he’s “Daughtry”, so if it’s about that i don’t get way she’s disappointed on AFL!even if it’s about the 2nd album if he wont be playing in it! coz wouldn’t that be up to AFL and his producer!? just speculating!
    who ever taught of tommy being the divorcee child was although sad but funny at the same time! and the animal planet reference divine! your all funny as hell!
    by the way i also get the ” your comment is /on moderation”

    1. truelove

      i meant..” your comment is awaiting moderation” maybe coz it a busy right now?

      1. Kat

        It’s just the way the spam filter works. Big blocks of text or lots of links or smileys may trigger it. No big deal, we approve them ASAP!

        1. truelove


  64. AnirakSparklechild

    Soooooo, has this issue been put to rest on Lisa’s new Twitter?

  65. Lain

    I didn’t think this post would be still alive…
    Drama Llama has gone back to its cage.
    then why are we here?
    oh yes.
    the peen

    (I’m acting like a maniac running all over the building screaming “Penis!! Penis!!”..LOL somebody just lock me up.)

  66. mystic motha

    this was the best fan fix EVER!! i feel so complete and yet so depleted all at the same time. HONEYBADGER GLAMBERTS FOREVER!!!!! poor lisariffic, she should have known.

  67. mystic motha

    urm, i meant fan fic. the damn spell check got me.

  68. glambert-jo

    What makes me sick is people ASSUMING she was talking about Adam. Nowhere was his name mentioned. I would never believe that Lisa would say anything like what was alleged.
    I hear you saying about not supporting Monte and his shows, come on ffs.
    Did you all forget that both Adam & Monte are both working on new albums?
    This does take a lot of their time, so accusing people of not doing something for one another is just fking stupid.
    Don’t assume anything unless you know the damn facts of the matter.

    I am appalled that people could stoop so low as to blame a person for something without knowing what the truth is.
    Not one of us knows these people personally, and it’s about time people pulled their heads in about the whole thing.

    1. chunkeymonkey81

      FUCKING MICHAEL BOLTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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