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Dancing With the Stars – Performance Show – April 25, 2011

It’s time for indulgence! Grab the junk food and pull the shades because it’s “Guilty Pleasures” night!

Last week we said goodbye to Petra & Dmitry. I wasn’t sure how the theme of Guilty Pleasures would translate as far as the dances go, but then… the show started with Hanson performing “MMMBop!” (omg Ginger, are you reading this? You’re the only Hanson fangirl I know!). I have to admit, that song was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me back when it was a hit. The boys look a lot older than I remember them. They are, in fact, young men. Boyz II Men… oh wait, that’s another group altogether. LOL Anyway, we get Hanson and dancin’ (CWIDT?) from the DWTS troupe; the guys are in black, the girls in pink. Tom tells us Hanson will be with us all night long, giving little tastes of some ‘guilty pleasure’ songs, and performing their new single tomorrow night on the results show.

For once, Kirstie and Maks are going first! Yay! I love them and have not been very patient the last few weeks waiting for them to perform near the end of the show. Guilty pleasures night to me is about getting what I want RIGHT NOW, not delayed gratification. thankyouverymuch.

They’re doing the Samba, and Kirstie tells us that this week for Guilty Pleasures, it’s all about songs we might not want to admit we love to listen to. hahaha. I get it now. For her, that song is “Hit Me Baby, One More Time” by Britney Spears. Of course I already used my Britney gif earlier today. Kirstie says she wants nines! But… we have to wait until after the commercial to see the dance.

When we return, Hanson is giving us a touch of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” to set the mood. Oh man, taking me back to grade 8 here. I totally had a friend drop an “I like you” note into a guy’s locker for me and then I panicked and wanted it back. A week later, he asked me to dance to the song “Hello” in our gymnasium, and of course it was one of those late afternoon dances that seemed so ~cool at the time.

Anyhoo… K&M are dressed in shimmery chocolate brown and they are moving well, shakin’ lots of stuff, LOL, but not as fluid as they have been in the past. They get through it without any mishaps, thankfully.

It’s Len’s birthday! He says that Kirstie has never fulfilled the potential he saw week one until today! He feels it was great technique, great choreography, right up his alley. Wow!! Bruno gets up and says, “Hit me, Kirstie, one more time!” He says it’s hard to make that dance look easy and she was great. “Your wiggly bum sent shockwaves through the airwaves.” Carrie Ann says “you’re back” and says this is the way she wants to see Kirstie dance in the finals. They get an 8 and two 9’s, for a 26 out of 30.

Chris tells us he is a lead singer in a “rock and roll band” (which, dude, kinda loses you ~cool points right there for adding the “and roll”, but whatevs) and he wants to bring that kind of intensity to the Tango tonight. Cheryl is not going to be easy on him this week, she says, because she wants them to be at the top of the leader board. LOL, the song is Don’t Stop Believin’ – another AI reference for those of us who remember the S8 idols singing this for the finale on tour!!

The dance is impressive – fast and fun; they’re wearing all black. But the judges don’t enjoy it as much as I did, apparently. Bruno says Chris was like a rock of granite – tonight it didn’t happen for him. It was “cold, uneventful and a bit lumpy.” Carrie Ann says that was a bit harsh, but she tends to agree. He doesn’t look like he’s having fun, she says. He didn’t really live up to the hype. Len thought it wasn’t too bad – he had good posture, good hold, flexed knees, good feet, but some of the intensity was lacking. Yikes. That’s almost as biting as Dadam’s tweet about Lindsay Lohan earlier tonight:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/milestougeaux/status/62672779132157952″]

Tom takes a moment to tell us about tomorrow night’s show, which will feature some former DWTS favorites like Jennifer Grey, Donny Osmond, and Drew Lachey. He tells us about some of the upcoming songs for tonight’s show, and says, “Get ’em while they’re cheesy.” heh.

Speaking of cheesy… “Achy Breaky Heart” is the song to pull us back in after the commercial. “Somewhere a mullet is smiling,” Tom jokes.

Next up… Romeo and Chelsie. They are doing the Waltz to “My Heart Will Go On“. I hope they don’t go down like the Titanic! meep. The dance is sweet and romantic and it flows really well. At the end of the performance, Carrie Ann says, “Every once in a while in a season, magic happens! That was magical.” She tells Romeo he has his own style, has a very different flavor, and she gets transported. Len is also impressed. “You dance with great maturity,” he tells Romeo. He expected Romeo to be good at the jive, the quick step, etc. but he was really good at the Waltz! Bruno says, “I say, Romeo DiCaprio, your ship will sail on and on!” haha. He could see the love story unfolding in front of his eyes.

As the couple heads back to get their scores, Tom tells us that tomorrow night will also feature New Kids on the Block, and Pia Toscano from Idol (Chunkey… more crossover!!).

Ice, Ice Baby” is our welcome back song; fitting, as the next dancer was icing his injury after a mishap in dress rehearsal. It’s Chelsea and Mark, dancing to “Walkin’ On Sunshine.” She and Mark have a huge waterfight in rehearsal. She says she just got three 10’s in that fight and tells him not to mess with the Disney kid because she’s not as sweet as she looks. ha! They finally make it to the floor, and she’s in a bright yellow dress while mark is in a tie & vest – they are playing cute nerds (‘geek shic’) with big black-rimmed glasses. It’s fun and full of pep.

Len says they managed to fuse high energy with control, and great fun! Bruno says he’s getting a suntan! ha! Other than a few minor things, it was fantastic. Carrie Ann says sometimes magic happens TWICE. OIC. So much for Romeo!

Before hearing the judges scores, they show Mark twisting his ankle in dress rehearsal, in slow motion… ouch. They get 10, 9, 9 for 28 out of 30. Same “magic” score as Romeo.

Kendra and Louis were back in favour with the judges last week, but they were still at the bottom of the leader board. Louis says the good news is that the Samba is Kendra’s dance. It’s the “party dance” and she’s gonna shake it up – her boobs, her booty, and everything that God gave her. She says “My boobs are not what God gave me.” LOL After a little convincing, Kendra realizes that this is not a week to be careful, and we (the audience) should “look out!”

The song is Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and it’s definitely got a lot of movement. They’re in yellow, and her fringe is flying! Toward the end, she gets up on the desk and shakes her booty right in front of Len’s face. LMAO!!! When the dance ends and the crowd finishes applauding, Tom says she’s gonna give Len a heart attack for his bday. Carrie Ann says she needs a moment to recover – saw a lot of things. Len is impressed. “The more you gyrated, the more I palpitated!” She fulfilled one of HIS guilty pleasures! haha. Bruno says something about her being a stripper, and “attack of the boobs part 1″…. omg Bruno…

Tom takes a moment and tells Bruno there’s something they should see. Then they show a clip of Bruno as a backup dancer in Elton John’s video “I”m Still Standing“. Check it out… he first appears at 0:35, in all black, then a few seconds later on the beach with the red pants (right in front):

Oh yeah… back to Kendra and Louis. They get an 8, 8, 9 for a 25!

Next up is the Viennese Waltz with Hines and Kym. The song is “End Of The Road” and Hines says anytime the song comes on, he belts it out in the shower. We see him practising with a pillow (don’t ask!) and they do a great job on the dancefloor.

Len says Hines has become an MVP – most valued partner. He needs to get his feet working a bit more, Len says, but he’s really second to none. Bruno says it’s pure pleasure from start to finish; the chemistry is flawless, and they’re made for each other. They’re like two birds in love, taking off and we don’t know where they’re going but we want to follow them. (LOL, Bruno’s starting to sound like Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice). Carrie Ann says  Hines looked like he was thinking too much about the dance. Len says (with just a hint of sarcasm), “You saw him thinking?” bwahaha. They get three 9’s for 27 out of 30.

Next up… Karate Kid and Karina! I saw a clip earlier tonight on the show “Extra!” where Mario Lopez was asking Ralph if he was going to do “the crane” anytime soon? Ralph says they’ve been asking for that since the ink was dry on the contract. No word on whether that will happen, but he says there will be some homages in the coming weeks (so we need to vote to keep him around!). He did say that Karina was asking about wax on, wax off; she was doing it incorrectly, and he needed to correct that.

Tonight the dramatic duo is taking on the Paso Doble! She wants him to be a handsome, sexy matador. She tries to give him a compliment, saying “There is no other fifty year-old man on the planet who can do that!” and he replies, “I’m not fifty.” ha!! (he’s 49). We see Ralph showing her the wax on, wax off moves. He’s not sure if it will fit with the other moves, but she says, “it fits YOU.” omg!!! So excited!!!!…. it starts off really strong, looking good, but….

Yikes. They messed up in the middle; Karina takes a bad fall.

They recover, and finish the dance in synch, but I think Karina is hurting a bit. Bruno says he knew there was an incident, but before that, he could feel things getting underway, and that there was a “throbbing, virile intensity; once you got back on it, there was no stopping you.” Len congratulated Ralph for getting Karina back up on her feet and continuing on without letting things slip away.

They show a replay of what happened, and it turns out Karina slipped on Ralph’s coat; he says they spent all week making sure HE didn’t slip on it, and then oops. The judges go easy on them; they get 8’s across the board for 24 out of 30. Karina takes a moment to thank Ralph for being so good about getting her back in the dance after she fell, because she was lost, and Brooke cuts them off because she has to get them some scores.

From wetpaint.com, here’s what’s up tomorrow night:

First up is Dancing With the Stars: The Road to the Finals, a live one-hour special airing Tuesday from 8 to 9 p.m. ET. Hanson will return from their Monday performance to sing their new tune, “Give a Little.” Within the same hour, the remaining seven Season 12 couples will look ahead, through live interviews and video, to what it will take for each of them to reach the finals. Past DWTS celebrities and the judges will also provide their commentary on each couple. There’s more! The cast of the five-time Tony Award-nominated musical Rock of Ages — starring former American Idol star Constantine Maroulis (more crossover, Chunkey!!!! Whaaaa!!!) and Rebecca Faulkenberry — will sing a special medley of the show’s hits created specifically for DWTS.

Then, on the actual Results Show that airs in the usual time from 9 to 10 p.m. ET, special musical guests pop icons NKOTBSB (New Kids On the Block/Back Street Boys) will perform their new hit, “Don’t Turn Out the Lights” — accompanied on the ballroom floor by DWTS pros Lacey Schwimmer & Tony Dovolani and members of the new DWTS Troupe. The pop stars will also perform a two-song medley of their megahits “Step by Step” and “I Want It That Way,” accompanied by Anna Trebunskaya & Peta Murgatroyd.

Oh, and Pia Toscano will be singing “I’ll Stand by You,” accompanied by DWTS pros Mark Ballas (Pia’s rumored boyfriend) & Karina Smirnoff.

They’re not even done! Also this week, a wedding-themed “Macy’s Stars of Dance” number will celebrate the highly-anticipated Royal Wedding with a romantic performance illustrating a fairytale love story throughout the ages. The number will be choreographed by and star Chris Scott, co-artistic director and choreographer of the acclaimed web series, “League of Extraordinary Dancers” (The LXD).

See, this is why I don’t recap the results shows… just typing the PREVIEWS for it makes me tired. So, as always, I will bid you adieu for this week and hope that your faves don’t go home tomorrow!

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    Awww, Karate Kid’s partner fell? I want either KK or Kirstie to win but it’s not looking good for either of them!

    1. Heather

      You fit right in with all those K’s!! Karate Kid & Karina, Kirstie & maKs… haha. :) I think the fan votes will be a big thing in the coming weeks.

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    Long-time lurker here, delurking today in order to take advantage of this rare opportunity to make a request that’s relevant to this here discussion:


    I am certain that these three young men would be a great addition to this already awesome site for the following reasons:
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    Exhibit 2
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    But that’s not all! In addition, there are some really awesome materials in existence involving these boys that would give our current King of Peen some serious competition on Peen Day! I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

    Oh yeah, and if you haven’t been paying attention you may not know this, but these guys really do have some serious talent, as well! There are plenty of materials on youtube that can attest to that, if there are any doubts.

    In conclusion, a word of caution…if my request is denied, I’m pretty sure that I can pull together an army of 2 that will fight you to the end! (*cough*Gingerroxxwhereareyou*cough*)

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