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Supernatural 6.15: IT’S AN ALPACA, DUMBASS


Ok, well that happened! LOL I have to warn you that this will probably be my worst recap ever because it’s really hard to make sarcastic humor more…well…sarcastically humorous. That being said, the amount of sheer giffage in this will hopefully make up for anything lacking. Oh and this as well:

  was at home sick with the flu, so no commentary from him this time. It’s a good thing though, because he hates You-Know-Who with a fiery demonic passion and would probably have turned off the TV and went to go play Plants Vs. Zombies the minute she walked on LOL. Anyway, bring on the comedy!

So I see my darling Meg Masters in the previouslies and get irrationally excited. Could a spoiler have gotten past me??? Is it possible? Alas. Ah fuck, season four flashbacks. I’m mentally preparing myself for the trauma I’m sure to feel LOL.

We open up on a dark and stormy night at BOBBY’s house. He’s gone into town to get some “hunter’s helper” and the boys are left behind to ~research. Luckily, before we can get too bored BICYCLE appears! He starts into a spiel about “The Godfather” as looks dapper in his normal outfit.  He starts whipping up some sort of concoction and in a moment of sheer bliss for me, grabs the box of EPIC SALT.

If I run towards and then away from the TV very quickly, it’s almost like it’s zooming at me! Freckles is sad because he tried to get Bicycle’s attention and our hedonist angel ignored him. He tries one more time, voice lower this time. Bicycle throws him a bone.

He raids BOBBY’s house of supernatural horrors as he continues on his rant. Looks like the SassyGayArchAngel is after him, ruh-roh! Even his doucheneck suffered:

Luckily, the velveteen blazer remains unscathed. We get a flash of light, which means  angels are a’coming and just as Bicycle gets thrown across the room he sends the boys hurtling through the window he marked up with the contents of his spell.

….right onto a soundstage full of impressed crew members.

The stuntmaster gets in a freebie, because there is not an older, slightly skeevy man alive that can resist the lure of fondling and/or looming over Dean Winchester.

The boys are confused as hell and assess the scene:

Meanwhile, our director BOB SINGER (c’mon, you knew he was going to get honorary OLD CAPS membership) is conferring with who I’m assuming is supposed to be Serge Ladouceur, the erstwhile and stylishly French Canadian director of photography. And YES, the fact that I got every single reference and in-joke in this entire episode makes me fear for my own sanity LOL.

They confer as this pops up on our screen:

LOLOLOL gurl. One year later. Subtle.

Meanwhile, the boys discover over things that aren’t real (oh STOP, I kid, I kid)

The long-suffering assistant director suggests  cutting out the scene were they “sit on the impala and talk about their feelings” and BOB says only if he wants to “answer the hate mail.” OK GUYS, seriously, how do I recap this? The whole thing is a collection of super fast and funny lines. I’m close to saying fuck it and just spamming a string a gifs, so prepare LOL.

Long-Suffering suggests a freeze frame and BOB goes along with it because it’s “season six.” He calls cut and the boys get separated when a perky reporter takes “Jared” off for an interview and a dastardly makeup lady take “Jensen” off to do whatever dastardly makeup ladies do.

Dimples comes back and explains that they are on the set of a TV show (that not many people watch, per the interviewer lol) and they are named Jensen Ackles and “something called a Jared Padalecki”

Awwwww Polish jokes! I like to think they threw that one in there just for Loghorea, although she’s going to have to pretend that Freckles said it without scorn. They head outside and I notice the “KM Studios” which makes me choked up a bit since it’s obviously a tribute to Kim Manners.

They see the Most Important Object in the Universe and Freckles is filled with glee that his “baby made it” until he sees the seven other most important objects in the universe right next to it.

They continue their way through the lot and we get this episode’s Edlund-speciality rapey joke.

They decide to put a prayer in to Sparks, which is always awkward, and then spot him in the parking lot.

They run over to him and demand to know what Bicycle did to them. Sparks gets a super srs biz look on his face and then starts speaking in the most batman-y of all batman voices.

It kind of sounds like the guy who does the announcing in movie trailers LOL. Misha always has a career backup if this whole acting thing falls through! Anyway, he explains that Bicycle sent them into a parallel universe to hide them from SassyGayArchAngel’s minions. He gets the key that Bicycle shoved into Dimples’ pocket and tells them that it opens the room containing every weapon stolen from Heaven. In other words, all the good shit. Freckles seems suprised he would give something so important to morons like them, but Sparks confirms it. Dimples tries to be proactive.

Suddenly Sparks’ voice goes up about eight octaves and he starts paging through the script he’s been working off of.

The boys soon realize that this is nothing but a squeaky voiced imposter who looks nothing at all like the Chryler Building!

They scorn him and take off as Freckles throws in a few insults for good luck.

I want just one person to call them Jenny Doll and Jare Bear, just one! Not you Kat, you don’t  count.

Meanwhile, AU!Misha (unlike my delightful co-host of last week) turns out to be a rather hilarious dork who just wants to belong.

Best part? Real!Misha tweeted the exact same time as AU!Misha. The fourth wall is cruuuuuuuuuussshhhiiiiing meeeeeeeeeeee!

And yes, he called them J-squared. Like together. You mean together-together?

Freckles’ spots “fake me’s” trailer, which contains a 300 gallon fish tank, a helicopter, and some dog figurines which will make no one but Kat laugh because she’s the only one that will understand why I’m bringing it up. MOVING ON.

Lots of mockery in this scene and all of it makes me laugh. I wish I had something more to say about it but let’s just go to the gifs LOL

LMAO I feel psychic on that one since I used an Eric Brady gif like 2 recaps ago! Really though, was there a prettier twink than Jensen Ackles at 20? He makes Disney princesses look like Cameron Diaz.

Hmmm so ~Jensen sits in his trailer and watches clips of himself and Jared. GEE I WONDER WHAT HE DOES WHILE HE WATCHES.

Luckily Freckles is super smart and remembered to watch how Bicycle created the spell. They head back to the set to try and recreate it, but find that everything is, indeed, fake.

BOB and Long Suffering AD are just happy that they “are talking”….seems our AU!J2 are riddled with such intense UST that they can barely stand to be in the room together and have to go back to their trailers to…play with their dog figurines.

They try to book it out of there with the impala, but she is of course fake as well. Some poor PA tries to stop them before he gets terrorized by BOB.

Since they can’t drive themselves they have to reply on Fake!Clif. OK guys, if you don’t know who “Clif” is….well, remember how we talked about “normal people”? Not knowing who Clif is makes you one of them. Embrace it, revel in it, live it. Normalcy is good for your soul, kids. Let’s just say that Fake!Clif is way more attractive and has a hell of a lot more hair.

Yes, I said way more attractive. Think about it.

“Jensen” decides to get dropped off at “Jared’s” house and that earns an eyebrow squiggle from Attractive!Clif. And people wonder where he gets all his ammo for his hostage videos! Back seat baby, back seat. Freckles is too disturbed that they are in CANADA to realize he’s about to be chained to a radiator in Clif’s basement.

They get dropped off at the Padalecki Mansion, where there is a tanning bed in the foyer. Dimples is like “what am I, Dracula?” and Freckles is like “George Hamilton Dracula” and I can’t be the only one that screamed “The Gay Blade!” at the TV (anyone? Kat?)

Look behind you Dimples! ABORT! ABORT!

Freckles of course heads straight for the bar, until he peeks out into the back yard and sees what he believes is Bicycle’s camel (remember him? so lonely without Sparks).


Number Two:


OK so, here’s the thing. You all know how I feel about season four in general, and Ruby: Version Kat Just Slit Her Wrists in particular. It’s safe to say that she was without a doubt the worst actor/actress to grace the Vancouver soundstage and I thought that way before I knew what a Jared Padalecki even was. I know it’s not PC to say this nowadays, but fuck it. Her face always looks like a variation on this:

And the line readings. Oh how they burn. Imagine if Ruby 2.0 had been played by my darling Beautiful Demon Princess Casey. Stop and picture it for a second. Season four gets much better, doesn’t it? Oh yes, yes it does. Srsly, I would be writing Ruby porn right now if this was so.

OK, OK, enough about this. “Gen” is confused about why “Jensen” is at the house, considering they usually use their trailers to get togeth…..I mean, they hate each other. Freckles tries to work out who she is and realizes that “Jared” married “fake!Ruby” (Katie Cassidy is at home somewhere nodding knowingly).

Let’s forget about how tacky using a real wedding picture is and concentrate on the star of this scene:

Freckles assures her that now that he knows about the Padalpaca he’ll come around much more (mmhmm, I’m not saying anything *cough*kinkmeme*cough*)

With that, she heads off to the “International Otter Adoption Charity Dinner” with some serious kissy noises and a flash of her white bra against her Crossroads demon black dress (really costume people, really?) Dean…Jensen….oh god, whoever, can’t watch.

Well at least the artwork was fun!

Speaking of artwork, we head to “Jared’s” study….

LMAO, needs moar:

They use up all of “Jared’s” credit line buying obscure ingredients for the spell and have a grand ol’ time doing it. Highlights include Dimples using his one year of college Spanish again and some good old fashioned eye crinkles.


Freckles decides to sleep on the couch….because I guess the Padalecki Mansion doesn’t have a guest room or 12.

Mrs. Padalecki is back from the Otter dinner and Dimples grills her a bit on all the apocalyptic shit that went down pre-cage dive. Of course none of it happened and she tells him he’s working too hard. With a super obvious flash of her real life wedding/engagement ring (shit is huge, srsly) she leads Dimples upstairs.

OK no, just no. Let’s stop for a moment. I know that Ben Edlund, as good as he is (I’ll be forever in his debt for The End, On the Head of a Pin, and I’m Batman/I Lost My Shoe) is notorious for writing waaaaaaay out of character stuff for a cheap laugh or gimmick (see: the fairy episode and the horrendous monstrosity that was the Brady retcon). If we are supposed to assume that Dimples had sex with Gen, then this is another one of those times. First of all, after all of the angst caused by Robo!Sam’s indiscrimate actions in the past few weeks, do we really think that  REAL SAM would have sex with someone else’s wife without her even knowing who he is, hence not being able to consent to it? Secondly, where are the emotions from Dimples about this person who looks exactly like the demon who manipulated him, ruined his life, destroyed his relationship with his only family member, and helped him, oh yeah, START THE APOCALYPSE? Yes, she’s not ~Ruby, but shouldn’t there be some kind of visceral reaction/struggle? I mean, think about it, how would Freckles react if this guy came up to him and was like “Hey, I’m Christopher!”

I doubt there would be cuddling.

OK rant over. She does have the best hair. And Dimples’ face is hilarious.

Next morning Attractive!Clif takes the boys to an airstrip to pick up all the illicit shit they charge to poor Jared’s credit card. He asks if they are doing anything illegal but let’s it go regardless. More blackmail material the better, amirite? They head to the set and Freckles tries to get BOB to “clear the set” for a hour or so.

BOB basically tells him they should go to their trailers if they want to do “actor stuff” (code!). Meanwhile, Dimples and the box of goodies is hanging out over with a curious Misha.  Freckles comes over to tell him that they are going to have to actually film a scene. Yes, they have to act.

OK putting aside for a minute the fact that they basically *are* actors and pretend to be other people (FBI agents, teddy bear doctors, etc) on a daily basis……THIS NEXT SCENE IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THIS SHOW. There is so much second hand embarrassment, but I literally CRIED during the entire part. Funnier than “I’m Batman” or “well I say….Jackpot” or the slowdancing alien. I can’t even recap this shit, so prepare for a gif spam.

Without a doubt, the absolute funniest part was this:

Runners up include BOB’s face:

And Freckles’ voice, which sounds like Christian Bale got stabbed in the throat with a icepick covered in arsenic.

Serge sums it up best for us:

The boys go back to their chairs, where Misha is waiting to get some good ammo for the joint J2 tell-all he’s co-writing with Clif:

Freckles sits there, unhappy with his motivation in that last scene.

They split and Misha takes the time to send a message to his Mishamigos

And yes, Our!Misha tweeted it as well:

Interactive fandom fun, weee!

The boys start putting together the spell as BOB gets on the phone with our dear Sera (played by, yes, dear Sera. Finally, someone with worse line readings than Padalpaca’s mom!) BOB tells her where the terror level stands (FYI, we’re at orange) and although the boys are actually talking to each other (Sera wonders why that’s not a good thing) BOB points out that “Jensen is living at Jared’s house!” (Misha and Clif just added a new chapter to their book) and they seemed to have lost any and all talent they might have had. Also, they might be dealing in black market organs, you know. No big!

They crash through the window and still end up on set, so they go back to Jensen’s trailer to figure out what went wrong. Dimples theorizes that there is no supernatural elements whatsoever in this universe, including magic or angel mojo. He also says he was up all night looking this stuff up online and he seems sincere (i.e. no telegraphed “oh sure you diiiid” from Freckles’ eyebrows) so maybe we can pretend that he told Gen he had a headache and didn’t non-con her ass.

While they are doing that, our angel assassin Javier Bardem comes busting through the window and into our parallel world.

Soon enough Javier finds the boys but his Super Angel Strength doesn’t work so the boys take advantage and go with their fists.

They are soon spotted and I LOL that it takes four crew guys to pull them off of Javier. He is a sneaky little angel and grabs the key out of Dimples’ pocket before he runs off. DIMPLES ZIP YOUR POCKET. When will he learn this lesson??

Next up is damage control by BOB on a conference  call with Ms. Gamble. It seems that J2 were seen “beating an extra to death” but it’s ok because it wasn’t “all the way” and:

I admit, I LOL’ed out loud.

BOB thinks it’s merely an “extended psychedelic acid trip” but Sera offers to come up to Vancouver and handle it anyway. The other producer doesn’t think that’s the best idea, considering that she’s “new” and the boys don’t actually “know who she is.” Lulz, if it’s any consolation Sera, I BLAME YOU FOR EVERYTHING this season. BOB says they need the Kripkeeper to come up personally but he’s in a cabin somewhere writing his new pilot.

Back to Misha, who is heading off home in the most delectable sweater.

He gets in his car and for someone I start laughing because he is smiling to himself  FOR NO REASON and I’m sitting here wondering why.

Are seatbelts that funny?


He starts tweeting a psychic vision out to his Mishamigos:

And sure enough, Javier is!

My former co-host is the most ridiculous man alive LMAOOO. The only question I have is where was this part????

Back to the set, where BOB is sitting at his namesake’s desk. He asks them if they will stop trying to kill extras, stop dealing in black market organs, and stop playing with each other’s dog figurines if he can get them a raise from Dawn Ostroff. They, however,  take this moment to realize that BOB’s name is….the same as BOBBY’s.

As Dimples is realizing he’s an idiot that doesn’t zip his pockets, BOB tells them they can’t “come to work on poppers.” LMAOOO. Dimples promptly quits the show as Freckles gives BOB a hell of a goodbye speech about how they are the Winchesters, dammit, and where they come from people don’t know who they are, but they matter to them.


It’s about fucking time you realize this shit, dumbass.

BOB says he can work with their “psychotic break” but Freckles says they quit.

Back to Misha, who has been forced by Javier to drive to a dark alley.

He throws Misha up against the wall and starts pontificating on how he can stand to live in a world with no God, where there is nothing but dirt when they die.

Now I would go into some deep meta about how we could turn this into a debate about how atheists see themselves and the world, but I’m too distracted by Misha’s utterly ridiculous crying face.

Javier then slits Misha’s throat and uses his blood to call SassyGayArchAngel. Wait a minute here, is he using Meg’s Demon Phone cup?? Have we ever seen an angel use it before? We’ve seen Meg and Brady use it, so maybe this is something else Edlund pulled out of his ass for the episode.

Oh and BTW, people who are getting crazy upset because Misha died: IT’S NOT REAL. You would think the alpaca in Jared’s backyard and the, oh, ANGEL ASSASSIN would have given that away lol.

The Boys head back to the Padalecki Mansion, where Gen is hysterical over Misha’s death.

I would like to present to you this week’s…

LOL BACON Gif Of the Recap:

Lmaoooooooooooooooooooo GURL. This is some Bloodstone Diaries quality shit right here! Princess Adorable is off somewhere getting nervous.

Hey wait, why is she so upset over Misha? Hmmm, I guess we know what(who) she’s doing while the boys are touching each other’s dog figurines.

Off to the scene of the crime, where even the police tape is canadian!

Luckily, a nice homeless man saw the whole thing, and tells the boys what happened:

Sure enough, the Blood Phone worked and Sassy tells Javier to meet back at the set the next night with the key. The boys are like hoooshiiit, Apocalypse Again!

Meanwhile, Javier is at the local gun store buying weapons like he’s in the Montana militia or something. He reminds the Very Attractive Storekeeper that he is “the weapons keeper of Heaven” before knocking him out and going about his business.

Back to the boys, who are realizing that they might be stuck in the AU if the angel mojo doesn’t work. Freckles says that Dimples wouldn’t mind too much if they never got back and goes into a speech about how Dimples’ been fucked with his whole life and here he’s a rich dude with a wife with great hair and an amazing alpaca. It’s a classic Dean Winchester “how can we make life better for Sammy, even if I have to sacrifice everything” speech, but Dimples shuts him down quickly:

My OTP heart swells as Dimples reiterates what we all know. Better to be together in their hard, sucky lives then comfortable and domesticated apart (see also: What Is and What Should Never Be)

OK, any excuse to use this gif, why pretend?

Next up, guess who’s here? It’s Kripke! LOL or AU!Kripke anyway. For a minute I really wanted it to be Rob Benedict playing Kripke, but that would be almost *too* meta. The guy they did cast is perfect however. He and BOB discuss the attractive crying man’s untimely death.

Suddenly, Javier comes down the lot and Krip goes over to talk to him about not pressing charges for that little “beating to death” thing. Javier, however, doesn’t want to talk.

Whoever picked the TERRIBLE MUSIC last week must be off because the music is glorious. It’s like a mexican standoff old western Robert Rodriguez mariachi type thingamajig, and it’s beautiful haha. Krip goes down like the Christ-figure he thinks he is. Oh, and notice the Mama W/Jessica bloody stomach. No white nightgown though, sadly.

BOB only takes one shot to go down and then Long Suffering AD is next. Serge, being a stealth and magical French Canadian, dodges bullets like the Gabester playing Neo.

The boys come in and manage to get the guns away as they start wailing on him. Dimples does manage to knock over his brother at one point, however lol.

Suddenly the red symbol appears on the mirror and that means Sassy is on the way! The boys jump through the window and since this is season six, we get a FREEZE FRAME before the break.

We’re back and look! SassyGayArchAngel is….still sassy, but no longer gay.

Damn look at those cheekbones! I need hers to mate with Jared’s so they can have a giant cheekbone baby. Chick is fierce, I love her. Also love that the angels (and show) are embracing gender neutrality in their vessels (see also: Claire Novak). I’ve always seen angels as genderless beings, so I love it when they switch it up.

Freckles is dumb enough to make a dude looks like a lady joke, but she shuts him up quickly.

Sassy is like “got the key, gonna go restart the apocalypse now, kthxbai” but Bicycle shows up just in time to tell her the key is actually to the Albany bus station (ewww. No srsly, ewwww).

She demands the weapons, but he says that he needed to collect them and used the boys as bait (as usual) to give him time. She’s about to smite his sexy ass, when SPARKS shows up and says *he* has the weapons now. Then, he gets all BAMFy and shows off.

Then he goes over to eyefuck the shit out of his ex-boyfriend Bicycle.

How can anyone deny this coupling?? I mean Sparksicle are made for each other, in a totally celestial way. This is angelcest at it’s finest here, people. They have quickly moved up into my Top 10 OTP(3) List, which currently looks like this:

1) Me/JDM
2) Salt/Bacon
4) Robo!Sam/DON DP-ing AU!Jensen
5) Kripke/Meglomania
6) Freckles/Wall
7) Gen/Misha/Padalpaca
8) Sera/Sledgehammer
9) Dimples/Freckles
10) Sparks/Bicycle

The UST is too strong, so Bicycle bops out. Sparks angel zaps the boys back to rainy South Dakota.

The boys are pissed that Sparks knew about the plan to use them as a diversion, but he reiterates that he’s fighting a dirty war that would affect all of them if he loses. Freckles yells at him that they know the stakes but that he hasn’t told them shit about what is really going on. Sparks looks really tired and miserable and I feel bad for the guy. I’d like to point his voice has returned to its normal lower eight octaves and I realize what a great actor Misha is.

Sparks zaps out and Dimples goes to check the walls to make sure they aren’t made of plexiglass. He also has really pink lips. Hmm, trailers….

Freckles says they’re back to “home sweet home” full of “crap that want to skin ya.” That’s looking on the bright side, honey! And they’re broke, yay. But, as Dimples points out, at least they’re talking. Amen, brother.



OK, here’s my problem with the Ruby joke…..they didn’t go for the joke! It was like a total half-assed effort, and I don’t just mean acting wise. What would Freckles’ first reaction be? Go at her with the knife! Any knife, the plastic one, who cares? It would have been hilarious if he went at her with the fake one. Or the wedding pic. Why use a real one? If these two are supposed to be vain pretentious actors, then why not stage a hilarious fake wedding pic where they are in an alpaca-drawn carriage or something ridiculous like that. It felt too “gotcha, haters, look at my man!” as opposed to “OMG SAM IS MARRIED TO RUBY WHAT HILARITY WILL ENSUE??” Somebody wimped out on the whole point of having her on. The crying part though, that was bacon-level gold.

I still feel good about the brotherly relationship. I admit to being a liiiiiittle nervous about the kind of ambivalent facial responses Freckles has given to Dimples’ episode ending reassurances the past two weeks. It probably doesn’t mean anything negative but I’m so used to conflict at this point that I’m hyper-sensitive. I still feel, however, that they are working together and seem to be (relatively) on the same page. That’s the best we can hope for at this point, right? *shakes fist at Sera Gamble’s disembodied voice*

I have to say though, what was the point? Meta episodes like Monster at the End of the Book or humorous ones like Changing Channels usually have some plot movement and relevance to the mytharc. That felt tacked on and not organic in this one. But you know what? I laughed a good 75% of the episode and no one died (for real) so I’m not going to complain! Besides, Edlund got to kill Kripke. I’m impressed.


Matt Cohen’s Thighs Hotness Scale: Padalpaca +100,000

Old Spice Clouded Hinky Meter: Possible squicky sex -50,000

XX Chromosome Factor: Sassy +50,000

Wincestosity: Choosing togetherness, always +1million

Gifs by [info]fiercelynormal [info]vt_graphicsand tumblr

Caps by [info]true_fellings

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  1. banjomary

    I stopped my phone from loading this page cuz, hello there million gifs. But OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS LATER!!!

  2. charlotte

    “Not knowing who Clif is makes you one of them. Embrace it, revel in it, live it.” I remember those days so fondly HAHHA

    “It’s an Alpaca, dumbass.” I agree. ABSOLUTELY, the best line every hehehehehehe. Well worth having her back!

    I actually had to take a break from reading the recap half way through the “acting” gifs HAHAHAHHAHAHA Oh the humanity!

    HAHAHA in that fight scene when Sam slammed into Dean I thought the poor guy was going right out the door hehehhe

    AWESOME recap :) hehehe oh man.

    I need a nap now.

  3. Kat

    This was not the best episode ever; there wasn’t enough plot advancement for that. But there were definitely some of the funniest MOMENTS of the series in this episode. I was close to crying watching the acting scene. Even though it was pure fanservice I loved it!

  4. Hollowdoll

    Considering what you had to work with, your recap is especially awesome this week. Aces baby, Aces!
    IDEK! I agree bottom line a lot of missed opportunities and no plot movement. Still the show is more amusing than 98% of the rest of the crap on tv.

  5. Vee

    The acting scene! I could watch that scene 10 times in a row and laugh out loud every single time. Other moments that make me laugh …Misha Tweeting, and Jared sitting under that giant cowboy picture….really there were tons of funny moments, too many to relist here. Not the best episode, but I loved the comic relief and blatant fanservice in this ep even though I agree they missed the mark on the Gen/Ruby angle. Whatever, I enjoyed this episode and needed a good laugh after the last couple of weeks.

    1. Vee

      PS: Your crying Gen and Alpaca Avis made me laugh yet again ladies. Haha. Thanks for the re-cap!

  6. MoonDance

    I’m a really BAD fan. I have fallen so far behind, but I did watch this episode on Saturday and your recap, as always, was HILARIOUS as was the episode. I couldn’t stop laughing. “I feel like this whole place is bad touching me”…Jensen could not get any cuter! And the bit from his earlier soap opera days…OMG…see, I am a really BAD fan…I didn’t know he was on soaps. I learn so much here, JC! How can I ever thank you? Oh, and I remember seeing Misha’s tweets, and wondering, WTF??? Thanks for brightening my Monday!

  7. Pinkwood

    OMFG! Thank Chuck for you JC. SO MUCH THIIIIIIIS. I feel like I can breathe again. You said everything I was thinking so perfectly that I swear I might actually tear up with relief. It’s like ‘when you’re stuck in a car and you’ve been needing a wee for ages – like HOURS – and then you finally get to have one’ level relief. THANK YOU. There was so much to love in this episode (which you’ve just reminded me). Misha – how do I love thee? I can’t even count the ways. Cos there are so many.

    But I just really felt it was all over-ridden by the debacle that was the Sam/Dean/Fake!Ruby dynamic. I am prepared to forgive Show more than most, and even overlook Gen’s ‘acting’, but this was fundamentally getting the boys’ characters wrong, and more than that, seemingly for some kind of smug Het Parade PR op. Then I was all like ‘AND IT’S THEIR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND IRL’ and starting feeling all conspiracy theorist and clubbed over the head by whole thing and having a bit of a meta fuelled existential crisis. I practically smooshed my head through my lappy screen trying to motivate Dean to grab something sharp and put us all out of our misery. Then I realised I was still drunk from the night before and considered going to the kitchen to fashion myself a tin foil hat and taking a long, hard look at my priorities. But then I just went back to the pub instead.

    I just want to say for the record, that THERE IS NO WAY IN ANY FUCKING UNIVERSE that Sam and Dean Winchester would stand there checking out someone who was the image of (and therefore a constant reminder of) the demon who tore them apart and caused them to start the frigging apocalypse. Especially when she is an otter-loving dick. And Dean suggesting Sam might prefer to stay there with her? OK, there was a slight echo of the Metamorphosis jealousy in his voice at first, but lest we forget, the last time he thought Sam might choose Ruby over him he punched him twice, tried to leave him, cried and smashed up a room! And AU Gen was an otter loving dick!

    OK – I’ll try and let it go and move on with my life now :D I forgive you Bedlund, if only for your obligatory Dean rape jokes. You know I can’t stay mad at you.

    Next time I feel like re-watching this episode though, I will just read this recap again. But probably not in front of my boss (you try explaining what you’re laughing at when it’s Robo!Sam/DON DP-ing AU!Jensen).

    I’ve watched LOL!Bacon so many times that I swear Ben is actually saying LOL!Bacon. Look at his mouth!

  8. Heather

    I loved this episode, I loved tweeting with you guys about it while it was happening, and I loved this recap! I love the gifs, and the inside jokes (which I thought I would have caught more of since this was more J2-y than Wincesty, LOL but I actually do know who Clif is and about the “blackmail” material so that’s bad enough, LOL) and most of all, I’d call you the BEST REVIEWER EVER but ~someone might get upset and declare me DEAD TO THEM again.


    Okay, question: Why do you call my lovely Sebastian “Bicycle”? Because we all want to ride him so badly? Erm… what I mean is, because he’s such a hottie? I have to dig up my photo with him from the GH fan luncheon. I wonder if he and Jensen ever exchange soap stories? ;)

    I loved the little snips… like the fact that Jenny was so offended to be in CANADA (don’t think I didn’t catch the radiator comment, LOL!). I don’t think our police tape has actual maple leaves on it. I hope I haven’t missed that all these years!

    I think Ruby should have been played by Cheryl Cole!!! How about that???

    The ‘acting’ scene was the best part of the show. I was crying I was laughing so hard at Jensen. And then Jared with his hands… OMG.

    I want to be a Mishamigo now!! I love this dude. The fact that he tweeted those things for real… ha! Even though I’ve worked with actors for years, and am happy to tell other people that “they’re not their characters” I still find myself doing that with Castiel. Misha is freakin’ hilarious and so CUTE, but most of all, he’s a fantastic actor! When he was “himself” there was such a change in everything about him – his speech, his demeanor, all of it.

    Oh, that brings me to another question: Why do the Winchester boys act like angels are a necessary evil (pardon the pun)? It seems that the angels would help them in their quest to rid the world of demons, no? And yet they’re always rolling their eyes or making comments about them.

    I LOL’d too at the stuff about them beating up the extra. “It wasn’t ALL the way” – best line after the Alpaca one.

    Okay, am I the only one that picked up on the poppers line? If I didn’t know better, Bob was suggesting the boys were up all night having copious amounts of buttsex!!

    1. JC

      When they first introduced Balthazar I said he was such a slutty hedonist that I wanted to ship him with everyone. Hence, he is my fandom bicycle.

      When they introduced angels into the show (season four) they were found to be complete assholes who tried to smite everyone and manipulate the boys and start the apocalypse. In this universe they are not very nice creatures LOL (besides Cas…most of the time).

      And yes, that’s why I LOL’ed at the poppers line. BOB KNOWS EVERYTHING. Total king of the tinhats, that one lmao.

      1. Heather

        Bob is a hero! LOL

        I can’t wait for the fic to be written about this episode. I could even go for some RL Gen-bashing. *evil cackle*

        I concur with shipping Sebastian with everyone. He actually ended up with about five different women when he was on GH – he’s just that kind of man! ;)

    2. Pinkwood

      This! I thought poppers must be something different in the US! Interesting choice of words :D

  9. Alen

    I loved this episode! It had the most funniest moments ever on the show!!
    I don’t know why all of you say there was noplot movement? I disagree with you cause I think this episode was relevant to the mytharc – angels and their weapons and the civil war are a big part of this season ;) But you shouldn’t try and find relevant plot in every episode cause this is SPN and a lot of eps are standalones.
    JC, do you realize that you said Gen had the best line ever? Are you feeling feverish, dear?

    1. JC

      I know, crazy right?? The greatest line reading she’s given in her career. I’m going to have to give credit to Edlund though, to be fair.

      Sigh, imagine if she had been eating bacon while she said it. It could have been glorious…..

    2. JC

      OK forgot to respond to the first part of your comment yesterday regarding how this episodes doesn’t feel relevant to the mytharc…..

      This episode feels more in line with an episode like The Real Ghostbusters (the convention epi) versus something like Monster at the End of the Book. The difference is the convention episode was filler with a tacked on ending relating to the plot (i.e. Becky telling Sam about Crowley having the Colt). It doesn’t mean that the episode isn’t hilarious or that I didn’t like it a lot (because I did) but the meat of the episode had nothing to do with forwarding the arc. Monster, however, while both cracky and funny, introduced us to the explicit SPN conceit of destiny. Whatever you think about the Winchester Gospels idea, you can’t deny that the episode was important in establishing heaven’s idea of fate (what is written shall be done).

      And since we are talking about alternate universes, another good comparision is Changing Channels. Gabriel specifically put them into that world to teach them a lesson about playing their roles. They could *not advance* further into the world without doing what they were fated to do. The universe in this episode, however, meant nothing to either of them. It was, in Bicycle’s own words, nothing more than a diversion. Hence, the importance of this journey is nothing compared to prior meta episodes that actually meant something to the overlying mythology.

      Didn’t mean the episode wasn’t entertaining as all fuck or that the Padalpaca isn’t totally awesome.

  10. CC

    ok so take this with a grain of salt zoom, but i heard that in a version of the script gen was originally only suppose to be in one scene and “jensen” was suppose to try and stab her so idk what happened, but personally i think gen needed more fine italian boots and purses ;P

  11. Watchtower

    the day after the episode I spent the entire afternoon cussing on Hollowdoll’s blog coz i was *a bit* pissed off about several things (that u mentioned here), so im just too tired to say everything i think about the episode.
    I actually laughed a lot during the first part coz it’s really hilarious. Funny lines and scenes, i really enjoyed them. The second left me seriously peplexed.
    Why they had to show the boys like superficial douchebags (who live in houses bigger than Luthor Manor, btw) surrounded by excess? it’s such a clichè.
    And then, SPN had things that werent exactly “normal” (Alien dancing just to say one LOL) , they were surreal but they were still ‘plausible’ in their own madness, while this episode showed totally unreal things imo. i was like
    Huh? Samn'Dean Pictures, Images and Photos
    WTF ? Pictures, Images and Photos

    “wth was that?!? it doesn’t make any sense!”
    WFT Pictures, Images and Photos

    But okay, as usual i tend to be a little “fiery” when it comes to this show :) and as usual these recaps calm me down and make me see positive things that were in the episode, so thanks.

    ps. as i said to Hollowdoll and Pinkwood, im glad about the choice of the title…of all the meta- references in history of literature/cinema, they pick the one where gay men are playing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMK6lzmSk2o
    Buttsecks Pictures, Images and Photos
    Subtle and incisive guys, clap clap!

    1. Watchtower

      (grrrrrrrrr, bloody Photobucket with his bloody crappy gifs)

      1. Hollowdoll

        FAIL! I feel your pain! :-( Frowny Face.

      2. Pinkwood

        The beautiful alpaca gif has just overtaken LOL!Bacon for me. That alpaca has mad acting skillz and beautiful comic timing. It could teach certain humans a thing or two :D

        1. JC

          I’m thinking about putting the Padalpaca in my banner. I mean, he’s a canon character now, right?

          1. Pinkwood

            He’s as canon as Don and bacon, bb *nods*

    2. Alen

      Alien dancing – plausible; boys in a manor – unreal.
      I don’t get it.

      1. Watchtower

        because in a paradoxal situation, with a Trickster involved and so on, a thing like a dancing Alien fits, if not with logic, certainly with plausibility.
        In a world that is supposed to be ‘real’ , accurate and as conforming as possible with ours (using a real wedding picture is the most evident example of this intention), some things were totally nonsense imo. Im not talking about the Manor, i said that is an annoying clichè not a nonsense. Im talking about Sam’s and Dean’s reaction and behaviour towards GC, or Kripke’s death scene, and stuff im not going to explain here&now in detail since mine wasn’t a conviction campain about the episode.

  12. loha

    first, my computer made it through the epic gifs-yay me lol. jc, i just want to live in your mind for a just a day-like get real comfy and just observe ’cause these recaps are a major win,”bacon level gold”, and i so approve of sparksicle (glad it was gif-ed)-love those two together on the screan-i think misha needs to start wearing that little ski cap along with his trench coat lol

  13. irina

    the recap killed my computer so i had to explain to husband that i need to take over his computer ( well, it’s racist anyway that he has a better laptop ).

    this ep was very funny for the most part so i decided not to overthink it and just go with it and enjoy it.
    and also to enjoy the recap

    and who the hell is cliff? now i wanna know.

    1. Kat

      Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

      Clif is a friend, a bodyguard and a family man!

      1. JC

        LMAO you bitch, I knew you were gonna bust that out. Hahaha.


        1. Pinkwood

          KAAAAAAAT! I was just about to go to bed. Now I’ma hafta gouge my own eyes out sleep with the light on :(

  14. meggin lane

    Ohhhh boy, I guess I must be sadly normal because other than Freckles, Dimples, Misha and Genbender I didn’t know whotheF*** anyone else was playing in this Episode…and it made me so mad because I couldn’t get the jokes-sheesh! It was like the whole Epi was this big inside joke and without a program the viewer wasn’t gonna get it. Did I mention it made me mad? It felt like Ben Edlund had taken me on a first date then it turns out we went to HIS class reunion and then he ditched me by the punch table to talk to his friends!

    And while I didn’t laugh at all during the show, your recap had me ROTFLMAO, it ‘read’ so much better than it did for the actual visual funny.

    Even the angel assassin didn’t scare me coz I thought he looked a lot like Ray Romano and I was expecting to hear that Everyone Loves Raymond voice (LOL) “oh..look out…I…gotta…stab, hurt you…coz Ima mean angel…boo!’

    Totally agree that the reactions of Dimples and Freckles were way off to Genbender Ruby, and the product placement of the real wedding photo WAS done on purpose to rub it in the fan’s noses that hells yeah she got the big guy on his rebound bounce-MUuuhahhhahh!

    And why not have real Cliff play fake Cliff if real Genbender gets to play fake Ruby…or do I mean real Ruby? I gots confused.

    High points for me were Freckles getting his ass smacked by the Stunts director, did Edlund mean to imply this happens a lot on the set? Coz I want that Job!!!! And your gif during the extra’s beat down scene had the spotlight Juuuust right to highlight Freckles o-so-smackable tushie.

    And I’m surprised you (who see all and hear all) didn’t pick up on the most glaring inconsistency of all: Meg’s Gobletphone still getting mad bars even in the parallel universe where there is no magic! Can U hear me now?

    Not one of my faves, it was a train wreck but your recaps make the bad taste in my mouth go away so thanks!

  15. LordAniline

    “Not knowing who Clif is makes you one of them. Embrace it, revel in it, live it.”

    I’m embracing it, reveling in it, and living it. Now, who’s Cliff?

    Writers and producers can laugh at themselves, who would have thought, and then give themselves awesome death scenes. Guess that AU universe is out of Supernatural and has been denied Octobra.

    Misha? Biggest wiener in an ugly sweater in the AU universe.

    Castiel? Biggest dick in the supernatural universe. I swear Dean’s IQ falls 50 points when he’s around Castiel. When is Dean going to grow a brain and realize Castiel is not a friend and gank him with that angel sword.

    1. Kat


      1. LordAniline

        Sorry Cas, but Sam has the legendary sad puppy eyes, so quit it, you ain’t fooling me.

        I just re-read the above comments and I see that Cliff is a bodyguard to the stars, well, just stars of Supernatural.

        As my boyfriend once said to me, writers need to do to Cas what they did to Jensen on Smallville and drop a meteor on him so that Misha can go off and have his own show and leave Supernatural the hell alone.

  16. MJ

    Loved the ep and the recap and the PADALPACA.

    I loved the “Jensen is living with Jared” bit. Didn’t Jensen actually live with Jared at some point? I remember in a few interviews. Yeah, cause they are NOT a couple.

  17. MonsterFan

    So pleased to see other fans ranting about a sincere misuse of Ruby/Gen. The image of the ginormous ring (must have gotten it in Texas) taking Sam’s hand to lead him upstairs was seared into my brain all weekend and left me feeling so down that I had to marathon Arrested Development all weekend just to get rid of my weekly fix of incesty overtones (not counting angelcest, which was awesome this week).

    New rule: I’m now going to substitute the word ‘brothers’ for ‘lovers’ in every episode. Should keep me calm.

  18. MonsterFan

    So pleased to see other fans ranting about a sincere misuse of Ruby/Gen. The image of the ginormous ring (must have gotten it in Texas) taking Sam’s hand to lead him upstairs was seared into my brain all weekend and left me feeling so down that I had to marathon Arrested Development all weekend just to get rid of my weekly fix of incesty overtones (not counting angelcest, which was awesome this week).

    New rule: I’m now going to substitute the word ‘brothers’ with ‘lovers’ in every episode. Should keep me calm.

    1. MonsterFan

      Wow, I’m just full of suck today. If I could get images to work, I’d show me as Sam in Bad Day at Black Rock, falling down and skinning my knees. I’m turning my computer off now.

  19. angelscratches

    Ok I’m so far about 5-10 mins in and i cant stop saying WHAT THE FUCK?

  20. Lori

    The gifs are eating up all my resources but this was sooo good.
    You make boring episodes great and great episodes awesome.

  21. smalltrolven

    Just discovered your recaps and have now inhaled *all* of them. I love your take on just about everything and your gif usage is spectacular (even though it makes my computer have a hissy, ’tis worth it!). Thanks for all the time you spend on these recaps, they are completely enjoyable and hey even thought-provoking too.
    Thank goodness you included the skeevy older man butt pat gif, because my dvr did the digital hiccup at that exact moment and I’d missed it! Jensen looks so truly surprised, I wonder if it was actually scripted?

    1. JC

      Welcome to the madness! Just getting your computer to load ALL of the recaps is a huge undertaking, so THANK YOU haha

  22. CARE


  23. CARE


  24. reliand

    I want your children and stuff! I can’t handle how funny you are! This was possibly one of my favorite episodes ever, and I like how were still able to hold humor against their humor. Pure gold! (also, your tags are making me laugh so hard.)
    This was my favorite part of your recap:

    Freckles tries to work out who she is and realizes that “Jared” married “fake!Ruby” (Katie Cassidy is at home somewhere nodding knowingly).

    I was also vastly disappointed on the lacking amount of what they could have done with ‘Ruby’. I’d imagine that the boys would both want a second round of stabbing through the stomach, but I don’t know. Maybe their cool with doppelgangers and stuff :/ I’d be extremely weirded out, and not so accepting of the situation

  25. CEOriginal

    So I just started watching Supernatural last month and I’m already on season 7.
    In the beginning I was just watching it, but then I got obsessed with finding gifs of my favorite parts on google. Then I started clicking through to find related gifs and I found these awesome recaps. Once I found the dictionary to find out what the heck you were taking about, I couldn’t stop reading them after watching each one. I mean everyone should have a folder of Supernatural gifs lying around, right? I love the recaps even though I’m still trying to figure out some of your references…must go back to the beginning I think…Keep up the good work.

    Side note…
    Does anyone know what con this gif is from and if I can watch the scene online somewhere?

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