Dec 23

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Here are some random pics that have absolutely nothing to do with each other but I’m posting them anyways because it’s a slow news day and I am out the door in a few to go do manual labor at my Mom’s house for the holidays. HO HO HO!

“I was told that somewhere in the Louvre there is the key to unlocking the GlamVinci Code.”

Why should noses and hair have all the pron? Hands need love too!

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  1. sheilac604

    In the top one he looks to cool for school. lol I really like the hand pic. odd huh?

  2. Lain

    the holy glam grail in front of the holy grail.

  3. M.L.

    Wait – when did the spelling of “porn” turn to “pron”? So confused. But I do love Adam’s gloves.

    1. BlackRainbow

      Oh, M.L. I’m so relieved someone your age is asking that question! Thank you!

  4. Kosmique

    No one is better than Tommy Joe for hand/arm pron, thank you very much.

  5. elzah

    who has taken those tourist pics and why are they all over internetz? not that i don’t like looking at tourist adam, just wondering.

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