Dec 24

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A Very Supernatural Christmas Clusterfuck

Sooooooo I don’t have time to do a full minicap of the Christmas episode, but I figured I needed to celebrate it in some way. To me, it’s a perfect episode and represents everything I love about the show wrapped up into 42 minutes. And goddamn, the boys never, ever, ever look more beautiful. God bless the cinematographer.

Clusterfuck of caps, gifs, and random asides after the jump!

What better way to start us off than with a creepy Santa (which I think you all know is my latest fascination–points to avi)

Of course there’s an even creepier on in this episode. TWO OF THEM! It’s almost like Christmas

OK let’s begin objectifying these boys, shall we?? From the very first fucking scene, they are gorgeous. I mean, Natural Light 4-Lyfe

I even love Dimples’ hair! Yes, I see forehead, but it’s the perfect length and even the flippies are tasteful lol

The next scenes is one of my favorites for sheer aesthetic value. I mean, the catalog of Samfaces alone are worth watching the episode.

We start with the classic Upside Down Smile

Move on to a”DEAN, WHAT??” face

Followed by a momentary Deep Thinking Face

Before we get a full on smorgasbord of a Bitchface

Freckles is perplexed for a moment at the sheer epic

But then accepts it and moves on

Back outside and we are confronted with a popped collar and clear freckles. My life is made.

Dimples, however, is confronted with his doppelganger, and not too happy about it

ZOMG prepare for Weechesters!

bbColin…best casting ever on this show

I see Freckles!


Elf Girl thinks Dimples is a pedophile…




No ha, nooooo.


“But I look so pretty in the light!”

“You look pretty in the dark too, cowboy”

“Hmm, good point.”


The Boys are flummoxed as to why I love Hobo!Santa so much

Then Jensen Ackles does his best to distract me with his overwhelming and stupid face.

It sure works on DON

Although I don’t think that’s what Freckles had in mind.

Hi bbColin, welcome back! Noooooo don’t be sad!

Nooooo don’t cry!

OMG STOP! Not the Full Face of Tears!

Honey, it’s okay. One day you grow up into THIS:

Freckles is mighty pleased with your progress.

Then this happens.

Did someone say “Double Winchester Christmas Bondage??”

“Why, yes DON, I think they did!”


“You like this one, don’t you Don?”

“You know it, honey!”

“This is soooo not what I meant when I said I like things in my mouth”

“Hey stop that! Only I get to do that! I’MA RABBIT!”

“Try not to get it directly in the eyes, ok?”

“I’ll do my best!”

“Oh my”

“Isn’t she kinda old for us, dude?”

“Rude little boy, aren’t we now?”


“Can we get back to the actual storyline now?”

“But that’s just gonna make us sad, Dean”

“Why’s that, Sammy?”


“Oh yeah, that.”

“How about we just watch the best scene ever instead? Sound good?”

“Yeah, Sammy, that sounds real good”

Most content Dean Winchester’s ever looked?

Supernatural Christmas from dusky beans on Vimeo.



And then they…………..

Gifs by [info]vt_graphics

Caps by http://caps.oxoniensis.org/spncaps.html

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  1. Kat

    I just watched this last night – YES, it made me cry. It’s really a perfect episode – funny, angsty, GORGEOUS. The origins of the Samulet. Jensen was luminous, Jared was dimpled perfection. Colin Ford was fabulous. Such epic goodness!

  2. ZeeZee

    aaaww… that’s actually one of my favorite episodes ever. its got the best of pretty much everything. plus, we get a GOOD HAIR DAY FOR SAMMEH!!!!!!!!!!!! yes! it is possible! i was really happy about that. and then there’s FUDGE! I LOVE FUDGE! APPARENTLY I ALSO LOVE ALL CAPS!!! well, enough of that, ima go watch XmasSPN with my best friend over the phone. Merry Christmas Eve everyone. :)

  3. Vee

    Thanks for the mini-recap. One of my favorite episodes too!

  4. Beverly

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So much fudgin’ LOVE in this episode.

    But, oh, that Samulet composite gif is breaking my heart

  5. Alen

    This episode was perfection. Too bad we didn’t get to see what they did after the episode ended ;)
    That scene where Dean drops the amulet is probably the most emotional scene in SPN for me. I felt so sorry for Cas and Dean, they were so broken down. I remember how the music stopped when Dean dropped it. All that silence was just overwhelming :(

  6. Jada

    Merry Christmas all!

    Thank you for your enthusiastic and fun work. I wish yo to be happy, healthy and lucky.
    P.S. If you get in touch with Candy, please extend my wishes to her. I hope her life turn out great!

  7. farahlily

    One of my fav SPN eps ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes, I end up teary once I finished reading this post.

  8. irina

    aww, this is such a good way to end my Christmas evening. i fudging love this episode, the boys are beautiful and props to JC for always giving us crazy beautiful stills and gifs and i may have may or may not have had tears in my eyes when i watched it.

    A Very Supernatural Christmas to all of us :)

  9. MonsterFan


  10. Watchtower

    merry christmas! ok i’m late, but still..merry christmas :)
    This episode was perfect, i’ll watch it tonight! oooh i miss the Samulet :( and i hope we will get to see them so close again like they were in this ep!

  11. meggin lane

    (sniff..) That was the last time they were whole…the brothers, SamandDean.
    After season three the &*%[email protected]# writers spent too much time deconstructing the bond, two fudging lost seasons… then what? RoboSam-come on! (sighs-ends rant)
    But seriously Dimples does his best lines as ‘unspoken’ when he just EMO’s his way through-ya know? or when he wields the all powerful “coz…” on Freckles ( who must there fore sucuumb-hehe)
    So much in this Episode had such power, the legend of the Samulet, the beautiful natural light on Freckles the magic of gas station giftware…it’s one of my favorite moments of Winchester history ( and of course what I imagined happened after the nog kicked in!)
    Thanks for this!

  12. Eisheth

    This gif

    Is destroying my soul.


  13. MJ

    Ok, so last moments of the year have been hectic, but I’d like to drop a note because I have seen all the AWESOME SPN posts you’re making and they are the highlight of my holidays.

  14. Lord Aniline

    Love the eppie and finding out the origin of Dean’s amulet. I’m slow on the uptake when I saw your “Samulet”, I’m like, “Sam…sam…omelette …samulet…huh?” And now I get it.

    But Dean throwing away the amulet in front Sam almost destroyed my love for the Deanster, salvaged only by his finally accepting Sam for who he is as well as an equal, which of course Sam then DIES like 24 hours later. Sometimes I hate SNP writers.

  15. DON! Or Crazy-Eyed Sid. idk. Prob both.


    People are wondering why my head keeps falling on my laptop while these really loud and high-pitched tones come out of my throat.

  16. Meggin Lane

    OMG my eyes moistened up right on cue as Sam almost said, what he always almost says. “I love You”… “Don’t Die”…”I’m pudding to you’re 3.14…” ( pi)

    Thing I love about Freckles is that it doesn’t take much to make him happy, he just want’s to know that Dimples makes the effort. ( sighs) But then again knowing our significant others try to make us happy is what it’s all about- heh?

    Great one here, lots of good memories.

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