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Supernatural 6.6: Dean Winchester and the Lying Liars Who Suddenly Can’t Lie

So, believe it or not….I kinda loved this episode. It didn’t make me feel GOOD or anything, but for the first time in a while I felt like perhaps we were getting somewhere. I also didn’t want to chase after Sera Gamble with a pitchfork this week either so baby steps!


We open in another non-descript diner in ILLINOIS and jesus, I’m already worrying about Bushy. A elfin looking waitress is on the phone bitching about some dude, even in front of what looks like her manager. The professionalism is astounding. We get a closeup on her wee mouth as she tells whoever is on the line that all she wants is “the truth.” This is the first of many extreme closeups in this episode, and as a loyal and unrelenting fan of Jensen Ackles face, I would like tell the director “May Chuck bless you.”

Tiny Mouth finally decides to get back to work and goes to pick up some food from the graying line cook. We continue the professionalism as he tells her that he pities her and that she’s pathetic. Well now! Don’t hold back, gramps. We then get this:

Well, that’s apetizing. Tiny Mouth shrugs it off and goes about her business until she is stopped by her manager. He tells her that the new waitress is way hotter than her and I’m giving a side-eye to the TV because he looks like he’d appreciate ol’ Misty’s boobs about as well as the Sassy Gay Archangel, if ya know what I mean.

That makes Tiny Mouth’s tiny mouth turn down at the corners, but she perseveres and attends to a lovely old lady…who admits that she “killed a homeless man once”. Is it wrong that I snorted at this part? It gets even better when TM starts hearing the random thoughts of other customers, including a little girl (Evol SPN Child Alert!) who wants to “burn mummy in her sleep.” TM is not having half as much fun as I am and goes to the drawer to take out the handy diner gun (whaaa?). She  calls up her sister to complain about all the newfound voices in her head and of course sis tells he she sucks (but at least she’s not a Soulless Animatron Luciferian Douchebag!) Her tiny mouth wibbles as she ganks herself.

We pop over next to Freckles whispering furiously on the phone to BOBBY while The UnDimpled One gets them hotdogs in what I’m assuming is a totally suspicious manner. He’s telling BOBBY about UnDimpled watching him get turned but I am temporarily distracted by his extra bowleggedness. Maybe something went on offscreen in that hotel room while UnDimpled’s heartbeat was all steady and Freckles was all hungry….

(yes, I might have read a few too many episode codas)

BOBBY reminds him that they did all the back-from-the-dead tests on him and that if he *is* something supernatural, then it’s nothing they’ve seen before. Freckles retorts that it could also be Sammifer.

: Ha! That’s what I’m talking about!

BOBBY asks if he called Sparks but it looks like Angel Radio is on the fritz again and he wants BOBBY to help him instead.  Freckles is freaking out and BOBBY tries to calm him down, saying he’ll do some patented research and then tells him “Don’t shoot him.” I LOL for a sec and then I get all sad panda, because he’s actually serious and I wonder how the hell we got to this point. When Freckles says he doesn’t even want to ride in the same car as his brother, I start wibbling like Tiny Mouth. BOBBY tells him that uncovering the mystery of why Dimples Lost His Dimples is his real case and to get working. Suddenly UnDimpled sneaks up on him with Terrifying HotDogs of Doom.

UnDimples is like “RELISH???” and Freckles is all:

“Ketchup,” UnDimpled nods with Evol Glee and Freckles can barely contain his fright.

UnDimpled is like, “why are you afraid of my hot dog? You usually love my hot dog.”

Freckles realizes he can’t refute that so he stays silent instead.

And that is literally how that scene went.

We’re in the next scene and Hallelujah because the boys remembered to put actual SUITS on when pretending to be law enforcement. We’re in Tiny Mouth’s home talking to her sister. Freckles snoops around the house at the various pictures of cats (because of course all “pathetic” chicks are cat ladies *eyeroll*) and then I notice a calender on the wall that says October 2010.

Um….what?? Didn’t we skip a year? Were we a year behind to begin with? Is the Continuity Department just failing miserably again? Am I thinking about this way too hard?

(don’t mock me RUFUS, I can’t help my brain)

UnDimpled is off questioning the sister while being both creeptastic and delicious in his suit. She lies about her last convo with Tiny Mouth and UnDimpled does the Demon Head Tilt at her, with Bonus Squinty Eyes.

He grills her in an exceptionally brutal way about her lying to him and Freckles is perturbed.

(hot dog??)

The sister admits that she wasn’t exactly pleasant to ol’ Tiny Mouth in her moment of suicidal need and breaks down in grief. The Soulless One revels in her unhappiness.

: This is some sadist shit right here, babe. Bust out the whip already.

They head outside the house and I’m struck by how fucking long Jared’s hair is…and that he seems to have gone three rounds with a straightening iron.

Before we know it we are in a dentist’s office and I just know this can’t possibly end well. As the dentist starts working, his patient (who is also his friend) starts babbling about how his wife is old and saggy and how he molested the dentist’s daughter. Ladies, you know what’s coming:

I think that all new writers this season are being forced by Head Mistress Gamble to attend a class called “Introduction to Gore: A Ben Edlund Retrospective.”

We’re back to our new supercouple, Dean/Phone, as he checks that the Soulless One isn’t around so he can bitch to BOBBY some more.

BOBBY tells him that he has no idea what to tell him and Freckles gets more freaked out and paranoid. He says there could be a worse case scenario and Freckles is like “Satan is my co-pilot?”

(smirking): Mmmmhmmm.

BOBBY says no, the worst case scenario is that this is actually JUST SAM. Freckles, like me and pretty much every other single person I know, cannot even fathom that possibility. He tells BOBBY he has “a day” to figure out what’s up before he’s “handling this.” Let’s note that Freckles is drinking in this scene, as he does in almost every other scene in the episode. He starts to give Orangina a call, before thinking better of it and hanging up.

Can I point out how annoying it is that Kripke/Show spells Cas’ name as “Cass”?? Where the fuck did the extra “s” come from? His name is CaStiel. That’s like calling Sam “Samm” i.e. dumb. Hell, if you are going to give the guy a ridiculous nickname, just call him Sparks already, amirite?

(I personally wanna know who “Don” is)

The Guy Who Lost His Dimples comes back in the room then and is all excited about the Dentist Distaster of 2010. mumbles “sadist” under his breath as Freckles hedges his bets and says he’s going to stay behind to do ~research. This utterly confuses Animatron.

He goes off to check out the dentist story alone, however, and leaves Freckles to panic some more about an impending mustard attack.

Next we see UnDimpled talking to the dental assistant in a NEW suit! It’s charcoal gray and he looks delectable, even if he has straight ironed hair and no soul.

He calls Freckles to give him the scoop on the dentist and they figure out that there is some kind of truth curse going around town. He says he’s going to the morgue and tells Freckles to take the dental office. We pan back to see him researching “doppelgangers” on the laptop.

He goes to check out the office (which still bears the scars of the Edlund Seminar) and discovers both a receipt from Harry’s House of Horns and a snazzy picture of Kenny G on the wall. Lulz.

He flashes back to Tiny Mouth’s cork board, which had a magnet for Harry’s Horns on it. He heads over to the shop and meets Harry, who might actually be a dwarf.

Harry the Dwarf wants to know what Freckles is doing about his horn. Um.

He’s about to split when Harry the Dwarf tells him this stolen horn is “one in a billion.”

Seems that this special horn (which looks vaguely like this…well, I’m not gonna say) is over a thousand years old and was stolen the day that the curse began. Harry is unhappy about this.

Freckles goes back to the motel room to reunite with the laptop and his glass of whiskey (mmhmmm)

I begin to get irrationally excited because he is looking up “Gabriel’s Horn of Truth” on the laptop. OH GABESTER, MY PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL ANGEL!

(your hair’s getting a little Padalecki there, Gabe)

He gets bored with the laptop and Batman Voices for Sparks to fly on down .

He gets up from the bed and, of course, Sparks is waiting there for him. He’s all “so, you wanna do this on the counter?”

And Freckles is like, “please tell me you didn’t bring any hot dogs.”

Freckles starts railing on him for only coming when the Horn came into the picture, instead of all the days he’s been begging him to come about The One Without Dimples. He calls him a “dick” (i.e angel) and c’mon dude, stop being so harsh. He was obviously busy having a menage a douze with Bicycle. Guy needs a vacation.

Sparks tells him he didn’t come about UnDimpled because he (once again) doesn’t know anything. Freckles hands out his Sammifer theory for the third time tonight and Sparks says that’s definitely not true because Angel Radio would be buzzing if he got out of the cage.

(mumbling): Fuck.

Then Sparks refills his drink and if I was a Sparkles shipper I’d be all “d’awwwwww!” but I can’t help yelling “ENABLER!” at the TV screen LOLOL.

Sparks reiterates that he has no idea what happened to Dimples’ dimples, and Freckles asks him what happened to him. That he used to be as close to human as an angel could be. Sparks says sadly that he’s “at war” as he turns away from Freckles.

He says certain “regrettable things” are now required of him and I can’t be the only one that thought that sounded pervy. Wait, I am the only one? Shit, how does that always happen.

(Misha, I love you. CHAPSTICK PLEASE)

Freckles finds himself uncomfortable talking about all the dirty things the angels are forcing Sparks to do and brings up Gabe’s Horn. He says they think it’s in town and forcing people to tell the truth. Sparks pops off and Freckles goes back to drinking…

…until Sparks returns to tell him it’s *not* Gabe’s Horn causing the problems in town.

Freckles dismisses him and when Sparks calls his name he barks “What?” in the exact same tone of voice he used when he told him “we’re done” in the Green Room at the end of season four. Aaaaand the fact that I can recall stupid shit like that makes me scared for my own mental health LMAO.


Sparks tells him that he does want to help and that he’ll “make inquiries.” He zaps off again and Freckles keeps drinking.

We go back to The One Without A Soul or Dimples in his impeccable grey suit at the morgue. He inquires about the other bodies, not just “Doctor Giggles”. He looks at the mortician like he can’t understand why his crass Jerry Orbach impression didn’t go over that well.

The mortician tells him that the bodies are all “gone” i.e. zapped into the abyss like they were riding Angel Air. That Soulless Guy Without Bangs looks momentarily perplexed.

The writers say “fuck it” and just stick Freckles in an actual bar in the next scene. He sits watching a Fox New-ish chick on the TV and since she was also playing in the dentist’s office, its safe to say she’s involved somehow. The foxy bartender lady asks Freckles if he wants another shot and he says no because he’s “working.” Hmm, I guess the other 36 drinks he’s had that day don’t count at all. The Man Who Might Be Evol But Has Great Abs calls him then to tell him about a possible Patient Zero in the attacks. Freckles hangs up and decides to keep drinking after all.

Foxy Bartender asks if she can get him anything else and he says he just wants “the truth.” I can barely concentrate on anything because we get an Extreme Close-Up of HIS MOUTH and he has freckles on his bottom lip and I’m just totally fkdsjfadksfjksdfjas right now, OKAY??

Of course the Truth Curse is activated and Foxy Bartender starts telling all her secrets (sham marriage, snorting Oxy like Rush Limbaugh). I can’t tell you much else about this scene because the director has literally INFILTRATED MY BRAIN and is giving me images like this:

How can I be expected to recap scenes like this?!? I feel like Frizz Ease here. Holy Bicycle, help me.

He gets up to leave and a well endowed lady at the bar reveals that she wants him to look at the boobs she just bought. At first he resists.

But then the charmingly smarmy Dean Winchester we know and love returns, if only for a brief moment.

Dean/Phone reunite to call BOBBY, who starts spilling his deepest, darkest…embarrassing personal quirks. He tells Freckles he’s sitting there watching “Tori and Dean” and my first thought is that I thought his TV was broken. As BOBBY pontificates on the talent of Tori Spelling, Freckles realizes that the truth curse works over the phone as well. BOBBY continues on.

Freckles tries to shut him up….

BOBBY, however, is too busy extolling the virtues of small dainty hands rubbing his happy spots.

BOBBY wonders why he’s telling him all this and then realizes:

All at once the Samgirl Society sharpen their knives and head towards South Dakota. However then BOBBY adds that Ol’ Sam is “the better hunter” and they pass their weapons off to the Deangirl Coalition. LOLOL.

BOBBY tells him to not do anything stupid like use the truth curse for nefarious purposes but then starts to add an aside about his first girlfriend being…..

…which might just be the most adorable thing this entire season. That is, however, until the next minute when Freckles gets into the car and impersonates Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched.

Meanwhile, The Guy Who Will Hopefully Get Both His Soul and His Dimples Back One Day is talking to Patient Zero’s roommate. We discover that she is also a cat lady with man troubles. O RLY. He attempts to not look evil while he talks to her.

We’re quickly back to Freckles and Phone. It’s Gumbygirl calling and it’s really kinda rapey for him to answer this call knowing that she has no control over what she is going to say. Of course, I’m sure this is Sera’s way of getting us over the Boring Ass Suburban Hump so he takes the call. It looks like she ran out of her Mystic Tan subscription and her hair looks fab, so go Gumby! LOL

To his credit, he tries to get her to talk to him later but she says “you shoved my kid, Dean, how about we do this now.” Woot! Go on with yo bad self, mama. Finalmente!

She tells him to explain what happened to her and for some reason he doesn’t tell her. That’s pretty dumb, considering that she knows about the supernatural stuff and has been pretty damn lenient about it all so far. She asks him if he wants “the truth” and starts telling him that he buries all of his feelings deep down inside. No shit sherlock LOL. Then she basically calls him an alcoholic (ahem) and he says she knew what she signed up for. Then she says she didn’t “expect Sam to come back” and that “the minute he walked through that door I knew it was over.”



“You two have the most unhealthy, tangled up, crazy thing I’ve ever seen.”


“And as long as he’s in your life, you’re never gonna be happy.”


Gumby, my dearest, you and your Personality-less Emo Preteen Son are just  pale (orange) stand-ins for Sam and Mary.

Of course she realizes that was waaaaay meaner than she intended it to be, but it’s not her fault. She says that she’s not saying to not be close to Dimples and points out she’s close to her sister. Freckles closes his eyes at this point and it’s such a tiny but telling detail because in that moment it’s like he’s saying she will never really understand.

She keeps on trucking and says if her sister died she wouldn’t bring her back from the dead. Freckles finally cuts her off saying that he knows he and Dimples “have issues” (aka mad, psychotic, irrational, beautiful, crazy, JC-happiness-inducing obsessive loooooooove) . Then she tells him her and her kid can’t be in this with him and effectively breaks up with him. I’m super sad for him in this moment even though I can’t even pretend that I don’t want the unhealthy, tangled, crazy thing back. It’s why I’m here and I’m greedy and selfish and every other bad thing you want to say to me but I don’t fucking care because LISA KNOWS SHE CAN’T BE SAM and that makes me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The Dude That Lisa Can Never Be Even If He Has No Soul is oblivious to all the drama over at Patient Zero’s house. He does find a cat skull in a box in her room and….ew.

Freckles shows up and they pow-wow in the hallway. He basically admits that he’s under the truth curse and demands his brother answer some questions. UnDimpled is all nonchalant about it and tells him to go ahead. Freckles flat out asks him why he just stood there when Frizz Ease attacked him (although he doesn’t ask about The Smirk of Doom). The Soulless One does a modified Demon Head Swirl before answering.

Then he says…he froze. Which is a blatant fucking lie and both and I huff loud enough to disturb the dog. Jensen Ackles remains gloriously beautiful, however.

Freckles tells him that’s hard to believe since he’s been a “Terminator” since he’s been back. You can see the wheels turning in UnDimpled’s head when he realizes that he is not affected by the truth curse and makes up some story about being in shock. When Freckles doesn’t look convinced he rather indignantly reminds him that he “can’t lie” and reiterates how he would never let anything happen to him.


Freckles finally relents and apologizes (not again, ugh) for doubting him.  He says he thought he saw something but he must have been wrong (he totally was staring at Dimples’ mouth during this part, guuuuh, sorry lmao) and that it’s been a really fucking bad day.

He Who’s Soul Is Lost goes from attempted-puppy face:

to Soulless Animatron Face in two seconds flat:

which of course makes me scream futilely at the television.

Back to the motel where the Boys are figuring out that Patient Zero used the cat skull (among other things) for a spell to summon Veritas, the Goddess of Truth

(I’ve swear I’ve seen that pic before in some church in Europe lol)

Seems Veritas slams you with the truth until you kill yourself and then eats you. Seriously guys? All pagan gods are cannibals again? I fanwanked this last time, but it’s getting a little dumb at this point. Anyway, she was supposedly one of those gods that came down to talk to the people or as Freckles calls her “an attention whore.” They somehow connect that to the modern day version i.e. Television Political Pundits i.e. The Chick on the TV in the Bar with the Palin-esque styling.

They manage to bribe their way into the station and take Faux-Sarah’s harddrive. They start searching through endless stock footage when they get back to the motel. Or should I say UnDimpled does. Freckles just hangs out and eats LMAO.

(I don’t know why his socks are making me LOL)

Suddenly Jared Padalecki is on my TV screen in nothing but a gray t-shirt. I send the Bicep Alert into the night sky to Kat way over in the hinterlands of “Canada”

(you’re welcome)

Finally, as Freckles eats pizza, The Guy With No Soul But Epic Forearms spots something suspcious on one of the reels. Turns out Faux-Sarah is a little freaked out about a dog behind her (um, I probably wouldn’t be too pleased about a doberman barking directly at me, but I digress) . The eyes give it away, however, and they have found Veritas.

They follow her home and seriously, how much does she make? Isn’t she a local news anchor in Illinois, for fuck’s sake. Look at her damn house and car:

Freckles busts out two knives and his brother busts out a jar of ……dog’s blood. REALLY???? REALLLLLLLLY?????? Sammy’s off killing DOGS now!?!?!


Yeah, we really didn’t need that detail for us to realize that Dimples is ~not himself, Sera.

No seriously, her house is magnificent, sign me up for this truth telling shit. Anyway, they go creeping around the house like they usually do until they find a multitude of cats, a shrine, and, oh, some dead bodies. Veritas, however, doesn’t appreciate them not ringing the doorbell.

We come back from the break and see both Boys tied up and I’m like FINALLY! Bondage!Sammy hasn’t been around all season and I’ve been sentimental in how much I’ve missed him.

Veritas, looking mega hot in her gold gown, tells Freckles’ he’s on the menu next. There is a really easy joke in there about wanting to put Jensen Ackles in your mouth, but I’m so gonna refrain from making it. She does, however do THIS and REALLY EDLUND? I see you cackling in the writer’s room as you scrawl notes on this poor script.

Bondage!Sammy tries to ignore the Pagan-Gods-Are-All-Cannibals wank by doing one more thing to piss me off, i.e try to get out of bondage. DAMMIT dude, give me at least 10 minutes to enjoy this, will ya? Anyway, Veritas says that they are gonna be tasty morsels because they lie for a living. Of course before she does that she decides to have a little fun and have them play a game of “Truth or Truth.” Then, kneeling down to Freckles she asks him how he “really feels about his brother.” GURL, I have read this fic, give it to me!

Alas, this is the CW not LJ, so his answer isn’t nearly as fun. Freckles says that he feels better now, but that the night before he wanted to “kill him in his sleep” because he was “a monster.” The Evol Guy Who Smells Like Sunshine is like “ruh roh?”

Then he veers off into the territory I like to call The Northern Dean Province of Woobification. He tells her that The Guy With No Dimples is just acting like A Guy With Freckles i.e. himself. DUDE, when have we ever looked at Freckles and thought for one second “yeah, he would totally let Sam get turned into Vamp food to help us take down the monster!” Even in Season 1 (i.e. the “ruthless hunter Dean” phase) Freckles had plenty of empathy for people. Remember “Dead in the Water”? Episode THREE in the entire series? Look at any of his scenes with little Lucas and tell me that you can compare him to the Soulless One. Of course this is how *Dean* sees himself and I just wanna:

He continues on by saying even though he wanted out, he realized that all he was good for was “slicing throats” and that “I ain’t a father. I’m a killer.”

Dude. DUDE. I know you are having a bad day. But why are we back here again?? Yes, Dean Winchester’s Emo Man Pain of Devastating Self-Hatred is Epic and Canon, but the repetitiveness of it all is tiring. Did all the character growth just dissipate? Ok, I’m going to go with it and say that I think a lot of this goes back to feeling like he failed Dimples again. After all, he was defacto parent to him during a good part of their lives, and him only acknowledging his hunter side vs. his nuturing side can completely relate to the fact that his brother is sitting there next to him without a soul. Freckles is good at feeling like a failure. Some would call it him default mode, even if I hoped he was somehow past it.

The Less Woobie One remains stoic throughout.

Veritas is pleased with the self-hatred and moves on to him, but not before making a “Natural Born Killers” joke (and of course poor Freckles is the girl lol). UnDimpled looks over at Freckles, who is giving him the Classic Dean Winchester Woobie Look.

The Guy With No Soul But Really Terrific Cheekbones makes up some bullshit answer about them having each others backs and blah blah, and Veritas is like “oh hell no, bitch, you are a lying liar who lies!” It’s safe to say she is pissed and wants to know how the hell he is doing it.

Then she says “you’re not human” and he’s all like “shut uuuuuup”

and Freckles is all like “wooooooooooooooobie!”

and then UnDimpled is like “I’ma RABBIT!”

…before busting out of his bondage and going after her. A tussle ensues and she goes for the throat, like most SPN villains.

Luckily Freckles manages to get out of his bonds just in time to gank her with a crowbar. This brings out her pussy cat side.

UnDimpled manages to get her on the other side with the knife dipped in dog’s blood (blech) and she’s dead. He thinks all is well until Freckles takes offense with that “he’s not human” thing and holds a knife on him.

Freckles is all “you are not my brother” and UnDimpled is like “noooo, I totally am, pinky swear!” Freckles doesn’t buy it.

FINALLY UnDimpled not only admits that there is something “really wrong” with him but that he let Freckles get turned by Frizz Ease. He excuses it by saying that he knew there was a cure and that he knew Freckles could “handle it” (exactly what I said in my recap last week about his rationalization of it). Freckles literally barks out “handle it? I could have died! I could have killed Ben” and UnDimpled admits that although that should “stop him cold” it doesn’t because he doesn’t “feel it.” He says he’s a better hunter than he’s ever been because nothing scares him…because he literally can’t feel enough to be afraid. The full on Puppy Eyes come out as he says:

Ok, I admit it. My very first reaction to this little speech was tears. I suddenly felt so overwhelmingly sad for Dimples (he totally grew his dimples back for a sec!) that I wanted to hug him and sing “Hey Jude” to him and feed him tomato rice soup and cut the crusts off his PB&J. And yet. A second later I thought “my god, he’s playing him like the Horn of Gabriel.” I was completely and utterly conflicted and I literally said “Bravo, Jared” out loud. Freckles seemed to share my thought process for a minute:

There’s that moment there where Dimples is like “ok, that’s it then. Moving on” until:

He then proceeds to punch him FIFTEEN TIMES. If this was not Supernatural, where gunshot wounds and broken bones heal within 39 minutes, I would say that he went beyond a broken nose and shattered cheekbone right into brain damage territory.

Let’s talk about this for a second. The parallel that I automatically thought of was when Freckles demolished the Impala in Season 2.

Watch HERE

(bonus Bangs, Samulet, and sweaty t-shirts!)

Here you have Freckles taking out his rage and feelings of impotency on something he loves desperately, even with the knowledge that he’ll likely have to put the pieces back together again. Did the first punch make me happy? Yup. Did the third? The tenth? The fifteenth? Nah, I was too busy crying to be happy. Even more striking? Dimples didn’t fight back. Not once. He closed his eyes and took the punches with the grief until he wasn’t conscious enough to consider it.


Dimples is Dexter.

In other words, he’s acting like a classic sociopath. He can fake emotion if it relates to self preservation (i.e. looking panicked when Freckles is threatening him, looking sad when Freckles accuses him, even being upset with Sparks for not answering him, since answering him was about his own survival instinct). I think he can only understand things that help him survive on a day to day basis, and can’t feel any kind of empathy. Part of being a sociopath (which technically is a sort of biological lack of empathy and the acceptance that *doing wrong* actually means something) is that you need to understand how to act “normal” in order to survive undetected. It’s an intellectual impulse. He doesn’t necessarily get off on other people’s distress (like a sadist, for example) but he sees it as proof of their “weakness” and his own superiority. He can’t feel remorse or shame because there’s nothing in him that tells him that other people deserve it. He’s living on the endorphins of his basest instincts and the power that gives him is intoxicating in its simplicity. For someone with a lifetime of control issues, it’s probably a terribly liberating thing to accept.

Suddenly, I am completely riveted by what is going on with Sam Winchester. Damn you Sera Gamble, you got me!


I was officially riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight y’all!


Matt Cohen’s Thighs Hotness Scale: Epic Closeups +50,000; New Gray Suit +1000

Old Spice Clouded Hinky Meter: What part of  “sociopath” don’t you understand? -20,000

XX Chromosome Factor: Veritas was hot +1000; Gumbygirl became Mama Grizzly +5000

Wincestosity: Lisa broke up with Freckles because he wants to fuck his brother +1million

Gifs by [info]vt_graphics [info]squishyball and KAT

Caps by http://www.homeofthenutty.com

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  1. Not!kat

    Ok, well I admit I had to rewatch the episode a few times, because


    As you said, the episode doesn’t make you feel good, but it GETS somewhere, so I totally felt like it was a win.

    As for the beat-down, it was awful to watch, especially knowing that Dean loves Sam more than anything in the world so for him to beat him that badly really says something about his feelings at the moment. I wonder if a part of it isn’t revenge for the beating Sammifer gave him in Stull Cemetary. Even though logically he knows it’s not Sammifer, it LOOKS like Sammifer and is untrustworthy, so some of his anger may have come out there.

    On the whole, I’m happy with this episode. Though I may have to rewatch again to incorporate the hotdog story into my memory of that scene. Hee.

  2. Hollowdoll

    1st time poster here but I have been lurking for a while. I have been waiting all weekend for this! Thank you in advance! You’re recaps are hilarious!

  3. JC

    Yayaya Hollow! De-lurking makes me happy as a hot dog! Kat has to comment because it’s in her contract

    just because I haven’t used this smiley yet:

  4. chunkeymonkey81


  5. Moncitymom

    OMG! Funniest thing I’ve read in along time!! Your review was linked in the Supernatural.Tv forums by Bree. So glad I took the time to read. I laughed out loud! I very seldom do that when I read a review.

    I’m going to go back and read your other reviews and I’m going to add you to my favorites so I can read your next one.

    Keep up the great work.. You are funny!!

  6. Hollowdoll

    It’s been so rough these past few epi’s that I am having a hard time commenting. My heart is so bruised and battered. I’m hanging in to the end tho. I have buckled up for my one way toboggan ride through hell. It helps that there are people like you out there with the same sense of humor I have writing this brilliant snark! YOU’RE AWESOME!

  7. JC

    Oh my, thanks Moncity! And thank Bree for me too :D The links to all my old recaps are there, so have fun

    Hollow, keep on commenting, I love to know who is reading!

  8. irina

    i hope the plot of season six will turn out to be at least half as good as the boys look this season because seriously they look damn good. but since the plot so far does not make me happy can we get more naked boys and more castiel please?
    i loved, loved seeing the close-up gifs! it took me a long time to finish reading this recap and by reading i mean stare at the gifs. i think i stared at these ones almost as much as i did at the ones from naked pull-ups episode.

    overall i liked this episode and it also advanced the plot a little. but i am with jc on these questions ” why do we have to deny personal growth to our beloved characters?” and ” how hard is it to remember some stuff that happened in the tv series you are paid to write for ? “.

    so i hold on to see what the story turns out to be and please make it make sense, but in the meantime i am enjoying the natural beauties in natural light in close ups.

  9. Ozzie

    OMG…you are great and funny . Love your recap, and my first virgin time here.

  10. JC

    Ozzie, virgins are awesome, not that I’ve been one in a long, long time LOLOLOL

    Just the fact that you guys can *understand* half the things in this recap without ever reading any of my old ones is a miracle. I have an insane need to nickname everything that moves lol

  11. Hayley

    Great recap JC! i felt the same way, that i liked this episode, even though it was the first one all season that made me cry. and reading this recap made me cry again.

  12. JC

    Hayley we should just do big ol’ crying prayer circles where we hold hands and drink copious amounts of whisky while watching The Firework Heaven scene and Sammy’s death and Ellen & Jo blowing up and Sir being on my screen but not in my lap, etc etc…….

  13. Mac

    So I actually loved this epi ( BOBBY gets PEDICURES?!?!?!) and I was righ too! I haven’t caught the recap for a few weeks, but I was squeeing at the tv half the time (Plus veritas did look like palin…. Is she a cannibal pagan god too? O.o)

    And I got all happy cuz my school newspaper (yeah that’s right SCHOOL paper I’m in high school. Suck it) let me write a review on ten inch hero, which I only watched cuz jensen (*ahhhh….*) is in it got like 400 views. Lol apparently some fanbase found it and e veryone read it. My editor was all worshippy the rest of the day(: now she thinks i have some insane cult following me on the web. Lulz I wish.

  14. banjomary

    This comment will be a testament to the POWER OF YOUR WORDS and the OVERALL AWESOMENESS OF YOUR RECAPS because I haven’t watched the show yet, so I am reacting to this episode based solely on your recap.

    Kat, you were right – my pissed offedness is largely ameliorated by the fact that we appear to maybe sorta be getting somewhere! Somewhere that has less to do with Sera’s fucktastic ideas of making Dean “grow up” by sticking him in suburbia, and more to do with THE RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME, TWISTED, FUCKED-UP, CO-DEPENDENT-BUT-WE-LIKED-IT-THAT-WAY, WE-WOULD-DIE-FOR-EACH-AND-BRING-EACH-OTHER-BACK-TO-LIFE-AFTER-SELLING-OUR-SOULS, BUT-HEY-CUT-US-SOME-SLACK-CUZ-WE-SAVE-YOUR-NON-INCESTOUS-“GROWN-UP”-ASSES-EVERY-GODDAMN-DAY-OF-OUR-LIVES-SO-FUCK-OFF-AND-LET-US-ENJOY-BEING-THE-MOST-AWESOME-BROTHERS-IN-THE-HISTORY-OF-EVER RELATIONSHIP THAT KRIPKE SPENT YEARS DEVELOPING, MMMMKAY MISS SERA??

    Just the fact that ANY words are being said that acknowledge and define the relationship in some way (I loved, loved, loved the siren and quotes by Lisa to highlight the importance of SOMEONE talking about the boys that way), gives me 10 times more hope than all the rest of the episodes so far.

    To be clear, no matter how much better this episode was as far as plot development and hope for the future (I’m loling at how srs I’m being about an episode I haven’t even watched yet), I am still irritated by the choices the show/Sera has made this season. So there.

    Wincestocity points and summary, especially the crossed out part: A++++++

    Also, I’m totally taking the little old lady who killed a homeless guy as a shoutout to one of my favorite movies of all time, Arsenic and Old Lace.

    (I am curious to see if I’m as happy with the actual show as I am with the show via your recap, lol)

    Oh, almost forgot – Yay!Yay!Hands flailing in the air!! for the recap newbies properly loving up on your recaps!!

  15. nothingtoadd

    Irina, I second your plea for more Castiel.

    JC, you are a genius. I wish I lived in the New York so we could hang out and be best friends. There’s going to be a Supernatural convention in my city (São Paulo, Brazil), but I’m not paying 500 bucks to attend it.

    I can’t ship Sam and Dean because I have a brother and it’s just creepy (sorry), but even I can’t deny that there will never be a match for their relationship. Ever. Anyone who tries to be a surrogate or substitute for Sam or Dean will ALWAYS fall short. Lisa and Ben never had a chance.

    The reason Castiel worked so well into the mix was because he was such a distinct character with his own role to play. And how can anyone not love Misha Collins?I thought the scene between Dean and Cas was short but sweet. Come on, guys, there’s something there, admit it.

  16. banjomary

    1) I left a “u” out of incestuous – lol, if there’s a word I ought to know how to spell… (JC, your recs continue to bring me such joy *sigh*)

    2) I meant to say that I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to be disappointed with the actual dialog in the “hot dog” scene, lol.

  17. JC

    Damn I wish all you bitches were coming to Rome with me, Kat, Bev and Log. Fucking Kripke is gonna be there dudes!

    Oh and I agree with everything everyone is saying, especially Mary’s capslocked second paragraph LOLOL

  18. Mags

    Oh boy. This ep srsly depressed me. Almost as much as the recap made me LOL. So thanks for the pick-up, JC! Felt so bad for Dean as he was sort of betrayed (again) by his little brother. First drinking demon blood now no soul (albeit not his fault–but letting Dean get turned? wth?) Then the whole Lisa thing–I think I’m the only one that actually liked the set-up. It looked like a move to get a little maturity on Dean, allow him to grow in a different care-taker type of direction, but now? He’s right back to where he started, mostly because of Sam. And that speech about being a killer? He’s given up on himself…again.

    Woof, these boys got issues. Oy.

    Loved the Bobby part and Jared/Jensen’s acting was **stupendous** this episode (as were the multiple close-ups). Have these guys ever won an Emmy? If they haven’t, why the heck not?? They’re good!

  19. loghorea

    DAMN GURL!!!! I honestly don’t know what I would do without having these recaps to read through either right after watching it or before watching the epi… it’s like you’re flailing hard enough so I can sagely nod my head and murmur “WHAT SHE SAID” if I read it after watching the epi or having someone to hold my hand and make me a custom made ‘IT GETS BETTER in SPN” video – only with gifs.

    all in all

  20. loghorea

    OK, so I haven’t watched it yet, but just a thought – if Dean has always been giving Sammy what he needs and Dimples is at present a sociopath faking emotion and can’t feel any kind of empathy… isn’t Dean clubbing him over giving him overdrive of the endorphins he needs to fuel his basest instincts. they are intoxicating, they are powerful – the only question is how is Sera going to be able not to fuck it up too much and how convincing Jared will be in channelling Dimple’s response to it?

  21. Not!kat



  22. loghorea

    LMAO! Not!Kat – maybe it’s Jared, maybe it’s Maybeline…

  23. Watchtower

    Uhm, this episode was not so bad as i feared, after all. At first i was kinda angry for some scenes…for example: Lisa’s speech started good,im glad to know she was conscious about Sam’s insuperable importance in Dean’s life, but then she said “And as long as he’s in your life, you’re never gonna be happy” and i was like ‘how the fuck do u dare to say that???there are sooo many things you don’t know about their *not-only-brotherly* relationship, silly woman’. But now i’ve read this recap and as always i calmed down and i’m reconsidering many things. After all, this episode was pretty good.
    Im startingo to hope that Sera wanted exactly to freak us out so much and she’ll make things right eventually, only much slower than what we’d hope.

    Awesome recap as usual, i LoLled all the time xD

    ps.Oh, i gotta ask u something…reading the comments i noticed that u said…KRIPKE IS GONNA BE IN ROME??? SERIOUSLY??????? WHEN?? WHERE?? WHY??? O_O OMG!
    i live in Rome and i CAN’T miss him!!!!!! please, give me some informations, or a link to a web site where i can find them, or -i dunno please just gimme something i can work on!!!!
    *desperate look*

  24. loghorea

    Wachtower – watch out ‘cos we’re coming! http://www.jusinbello.it/

  25. waddlezizmyname

    I am not entirely sure, but I don’t think the ending to tv show episodes has ever made me hyperventilate like this amazing awesomeness (Well, it was…) seems to make me do. Freaking A. I had a full on conniption, and almost passed out. But may I say how EFFING HOT an evil sam is. gives me chills. lol

  26. Not!kat

    Watchtower, there are only a few tickets left, so get yours soon and come watch boys with us!!!

  27. Watchtower

    i don’t know how the hell i could not know anything of this, i just hope it’s not too late to book a partecipation or something like that….I missed the JiB 1 coz I DIDN’T KNOW IT and when i found it out i wanted to rip my eyes off and feed dogs with them..then i saw the interview that Jensen and Jared made at “Quelli che il Calcio” (oh, btw: all italian fans apologize for it, Simona Ventura, the host of the tv program, is a goat… “Jared Pada- padali- Padalishhki, and Jansen Ackliiiiiis” and we were like ‘oh god please somebody drown her’)!
    Oh god i can’t believe it i feel like im about to blow up and at the same time be launched in the space on a rocket!!!!!

    Thank you a million times, really.

  28. JC


    We will be there darling, come join us!

  29. Watchtower

    ok i’ve read the link Loghorea gave me, but…what’s about the pass? i mean, there are only Hunter passes left, what about the others? it means i can’t go in the room where they speak and so on, but only /be/ at the convention? Oh im sorry here’s 4 .30 in the morning and i’m way too thrilled to understand perfectly every single thing i read -_- look, on facebook im Charlie P. Kinney,if u wanna add me i’d be really glad so we can talk there better coz i really wanna understand what should i do and omg my brain’s gone x_x

    oh and obviously i offer tourist guide/help/everything u may need here in Rome!!!!!

  30. Not!kat

    Watchtower, all the Sinners passes and higher appear to be sold out now. BUT there’s lots of time before April, so if I were you I’d stalk the internet for people selling them. Do a google search (for example I found one in the very first search I did) and you may be able to buy one off someone. I’m sure you’ll be able to get one if you try hard enough! Hope to see you there.

  31. Watchtower

    ok, i’ll try! and even if i won’t get the pass i hoped i’ll certainly be there anyway :) thank y’all very much, i risked to miss it again (and this time nothing could have saved me from a serious nervous breakdown -_-) !

  32. Ricky

    omg you had me on the floor with the “I’ma RABBIT!” image. Great recap :D

    btw I’m thinking that “new” Sam was actually created by one of the Alphas that were introduced this season and was modeled after the real sam who is still in the cage. This new one is a monster without a soul but no recollection of where he came from, probably in testing phase. (Its going to be the whole “humans are capable of worse things than monsters” dilemma)

    I don’t know though, I could (and possibly) be wrong about it.

    P.S. I found your recaps by accident and fell in love with them, just sayin…

  33. Vee

    I’m so late to the party, that it has all been said. I agree, like many of you that at least there was a little progress in this episode. Another great recap JC, big squishy hugs to you.

  34. Patti

    JC you’re awesome! I was too traumatised by the following beatdown to process that OBVIOUSLY it was fake!puppy-ness going on in the ‘i need help’ bit, and that Dean wasn’t having any of it. I on the other hand am too easily swayed by Not!Sam’s beautiful, beautiful face to spot the Evol -yes, i’m that shallow :-D .

    Thanks for the enlightenment!

    ps Also Thanks Not!Kat for that pic of the Evol yet beautiful, beautiful face….

  35. CC

    i srsly wanna tackle glomp the director for all those glorious close ups *drool* the freckles on his bottom lip make me want to know where else he has freckles ;D

    i totally giggle snorted when sham marriage was mentioned XD o rly sera? you maybe trying to tell us something?

    yes! i’m so glad you think that why about caS, it’s just one “s” people and it really annoys me when i see the other “s” *cringes*

    btw i wanna know who don is too lol

    the bewitched lip twitch was adorable and we need more of it *nods*

    i have more to write, but i have to go so i’ll come back later :D

  36. Eisheth


    Your recaps are like pie. Addictive pie. (I was all set to call them “crack pie”, but that entendre was too double even for me.)

    You should go back and recap every episode from the beginning. No, really.

  37. JC

    I’m loving all the new people commenting this week! Makes me feel warm in my belly like Sam’n’Dean snuggling or something.

    Eisheth, I would recap every single episode if it didn’t take me literally NINE hours to do each one LOLOL. As a concilation prize, I *did* do a huge “JC’s Favorite episodes” post the week before the season premiere. Check it out!


  38. Kat

    Admit it, JC, it only takes you that long because you get mesmerized by all the beauty.

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

  39. Hollowdoll

    *** I begin to get irrationally excited because he is looking up “Gabriel’s Horn of Truth” ***
    No matter how many times I read that that sentence it is no less pervy and hot. I likes it, very much! UNF UNF UNF!
    Definitely fanfic worthy! I MISS GABESTER SO EFFIN MUCH!!

  40. Kat

    Watchtower, I have some info on Jibcon that you might be interested in. If you have Twitter, tweet me @fiercelynormal.

  41. nothingtoadd

    My thoughts on Sam is that he remembers what he should feel from the time he DID have a soul, but it’s just not there anymore. He’s a shell of his old self. He hunts because his old self would, he helped out Bobby by going to Scotland because that’s what his old self would do, but it doesn’t come from within anymore. I don’t even think he’s looking out for himself. He’s just going through the motions and mimicking human behavior. I think he was being honest when he brought Dean back into the game because it would have never occurred to him to go after those innocent people in the first episode. A part of him misses being real, having a soul. Now Sam is just lost because he’s not truly evil,

  42. Charlotte

    ok first I thought you typed “cock board” instead of “cork board” but I could be projecting HAHAHAHAH. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who checks phone screens. Makes me feel less … crazy.

    Freckles on bottom lip = *dead*

    *insert break*

    I was SO glad Lisa finally grew some balls cause really? Worst single mother in the history of EVER.

    I give up. They win I don’t want to watch next week..

  43. irina

    i feel so jealous and yet so happy for you guys that are going to the convention !!! i wish i could join your crazy asses !!!

  44. loha

    ugh, will be watching it tonight-had to tivo it. this will be the first time i’ve read the recap first-which i always enjoy

  45. Watchtower

    @ Kat: thank you so much for your availability!!! i stayed up all night and i /think/ i got something….but i don’t wanna speak too early of course :/
    unfortunately i don’t have a twitter account :( but u can contact me at [email protected] (or on facebook as i said before)!! :D

  46. CC

    ok back to comment more :D

    i absolutely squealed with delight when gumbygirl dumped freackles’ probably beautifully freckled ass, i have been waiting fo that all season. there’s only so much a mary sue can be expected to handle *nods* XD

    our show always seems to give us plots from fanfic and give us what we want without actually giving us what we really want. it’s like winning free bacon for life only to find out it’s crappy tofu imitation bacon boooo! :(

    i squeed extra loud at the natural born killers ref XD why is sam always the girl in these analogies? XD i’m pretty sure it was sam, but i’ve heard people say it both ways so idk now *shrugs* it doesn’t matter to me who’s the girl just as long as complete strangers keep refering to them as couples XD

  47. Bree

    First time commenting but I have read all your recaps and they are amazing. Best on the net. I really enjoyed your insight with regards to Sam and what he is going through, re his lack of feelings, its the best explanation I have seen for it. Back next week, your recaps are as good as the episodes!

  48. JC

    Why hello Bree! I’m assuming you are the one that did such excellent PR for me so thank you! :D It always surprises me that anyone outside of my circle of flaily friends even reads them, so it’s awesome LOLOLOL

    Please keep commenting, I love all the different points of view. This is a happy land where Deangirls and Samgirls and Casgirls and, most importantly, RUFUSGIRLS can live in peace and harmony and rainbows and unicorns and post-apocalyptic incest and shit.

    Naked Sammy for you:


  49. Lain

    @JC, This is OT but I thought I gotta ask somewhere.. that you can actually see me calling you.

    When..can we read the next part of your Tokey fic?
    I never thought I would say this out loud(not exactly…but…ya know..)
    and this is embarrassing, even tho I can’t figure out why?

  50. JC

    Lain, darling, I didn’t know anyone was still reading that! That makes me all tingly inside. I will get on that pronto. Maybe I’ll finish it and then make one beautiful post with the whole thing…with a banner!

    Oh glorious Tokey, how I love theeeeeee!

  51. Lori

    This recaps are, sometimes, even better then the episode itself. The gifs and pics are like the icing on the cake.
    Like the fact that you tell it as it is and I love your boyfriend’s POV.
    The gif that showed us ‘freckles on his bottom lip’ *is in heaven*
    Thank you for that.

  52. Ashley

    So I literally had to stop reading for a second and hold my hands over my face to muffle laughter at the whole ‘I’ma RABBIT’ bit and the couple screencaps before it. X’D And also, the last scene of that episode was very conflicting with me. My thoughts were: “DEAN, NO! You asshole! Don’t fricken kill him! He just said he needed HELP!” Then: “But was Sam LYING again? Kinda looked like it…GO DEAN, punch his brains out!…Don’t LITERALLY punch his brains out, he needs those!” ;P

  53. a

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like
    you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a
    few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog.
    A great read. I will definitely be back.

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